General Motors Corporation / credit reporting mistake not corrected

GM Financial has damaged my credit. From August until November of 2016, GMF reported to TransUnion, Equifax and Experian that I was "on time" with my payments for a car loan, HOWEVER, GMF reported I was late in December 2016 and January 2017. For a loan supposedly opened in August 2016?
Trouble is: I DID have a GMF loan in 1994 and it was paid off a DECADE ago!
I found out the VIN for the car in question. It was involved in a California "lemon law" lawsuit! GMF was forced to take it back! BUT best of all: I was NEVER in possession of the vehicle in question... EVER. I NEVER even physically touched the vehicle in the erroneous GMF report!
Plus, I NEVER paid GMF on the loan they were reporting! This was NEVER my loan! The report that I was "on time" with payments was incorrect also, again, I NEVER paid GMF on the loan they were reporting to the credit bureaus!
I did and still do have a loan from a CREDIT UNION, for a car of a completely different YEAR and manufacturer than GMF claims!
I opened that one and ONLY vehicle loan in the SPRING of 2016 with a CREDIT UNION, not GMF. I never asked GMF for a loan on my car, I applied with my credit union ONLY! I have not owned two vehicles since a divorce in 2014.
TransUnion has removed the erroneous GMF report from my credit report, however the other two "clown" credit bureaus refuse. GMF is of no help.

Aug 04, 2018

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