General Motors Corporation2017 corvette grand sport

my name is gilberto, I buy this car march 2017, three month later the car star making a noise on the bottom center, after few visits to a dealer service department they found a problem with the transmission bar and replaced, when the car was 5500 miles the engine freeze, they told me it was cause by the main bearing and the motor was replace for a new one, in the process I visit the shop at coral gables auto nation a saw the car was complete a part including the hole suspension and steering component, they finish the work and I have my car back every thin was ok until now that I took the car for oil change they recommend me to replace the front tires, both were ball with the cords hanging from the tires, then I ask how is possible that a car with 9000 miles can wear the front tires like that if the tires on the rear are still new, I ask if they did alignment of the car when they finish with the engine work, the answer was, of course we did, they took the car immediately to the alignment lift to get it check for impacts and realignment and came back with the news that every thing was correct, them I request the replacement of the front tires because I believe it was they mistake not align the car correctly at that moment, the answer was, there is nothing they cant do. with those tires in that condition if I drive the car I may end into an accident . I request new front tires.
incident date 11/19/18
Repair order 810558 bin # 1g1yw2d75h5115978
service advisor 3493 Auto Nation, Coral Gables FL.

Nov 24, 2018

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