General Motors Corporation / 2017 chevy malibu

Fort Worth, TX, United States

12/23/2016 purchased my vehicle new.
2/9/17 my check engine light came on. I took the car back to the dealership and was told there was a recall. GM was aware of the issue, but they had not solution at the time.
8/18/17 scheduled to have recall service work done.
9/1/17 - check engine light came on. Scheduled appt and took car to the dealership 9/6. The check engine light had gone off prior to the appt. They checked the code. It said it was due to a misfire, possibly from bad gas. They said to come back if the light came on again.
11/29/17 - check engine light came on. Car was hesitating and jerking upon stopping or accelerating. No loaner cars available. Checked the code. Said it was a pre-cat error. They cleared the code. Retested. Car tested fine. Sent me on my way and said to come back if the light came back on.
12/23/17 check engine light came on. Car hesitating. Error that engine power is reduced. Car would not accelerate. Seemed like the car was in 2nd gear. Scheduled appt. Took my car on 12/26/2017. Had the day off from work to finish holiday shopping which I was not able to do. No loaner available. Stuck with no transpiration all day. Got a shuttle ride home, but had to find a ride to get my vehicle later that day.Wire harness replaced
1/15/18 - check engine light on again. Going 80 on the freeway the car jerked as if it were going to cut out and the light came on. I was over 1 hour away from home. took my car for service. Replaced an oxygen sensors.
1/26/18 Car hesitating, clunking and cutting out or chugging while driving. Reduced engine power message came on and the car seemed to not shift out of 2nd gear. Accelerator pedal replaced
4/7/18 check engine light on again. Took the car back to the dealership oxygen sensors replaced again. At this time I was informed only one sensor was previously replaced so this time the replaced both.

Filed a lemon law complaint. At the pre-hearing I was asked if GM could evaluate my vehicle. I agreed. Personally I feel this should have been done when I started calling GM and opened my ticket. Nonetheless, I called the dealership and scheduled to take my car in.

5/14/18 on my way to the dealership the car stated hesitating, cutting out and would not accelerate. informed the dealership of this when I dropped it off. Catalytic converter was replaced.
8/29/18 car making a loud vibrating humming noise upon deceleration as well as clunking or jerking when coming to a stop. Rear wheel bearings replaced.
9/16/18 car still making intermittent rumbling noise upon deceleration. droppe dmy car off 9/21 picked car up 9/24 no repairs made. Could not replicate
10/17/18 car making popping and rubbing type noise when turning steering wheel all the way. Can't get vehicle and and get loaner for over a week.

Oct 17, 2018

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