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General Motors Corporation / 2014 chevy impala dangerous results from poor engineering/design

1 United States

On 1/25/2019 I was driving my 2014 Chevy Impala 2G1155S3XE9160970 over the "Zilwaukee bridge" on snow covered roads with some slick spots with no precipitation but driving was still treacherous. There was no place to pull over for refuge. Suddenly every single warning light came on, the doors kept locking and unlocking, the heater kept turning on and off, all of the lights were flashing, and most importantly and most frightening - an alert popped up (one of many as they were all popping up) power steering is not working (as I was sandwiched between 2 semi's at the top of a very tall bridge). All I could do is pray. Suddenly after finally coming to an exit all of the lights stopped. I considered it a fluke. I work for hospice and continued my drive into the rural areas I had on my schedule for patient visits. All seemed fine. Until I was in the middle of farm fields and it happened again and then again. I kept telling myself it was the cold weather and finished my day and didn't drive the vehicle for the weekend. I made an appointment and dropped my vehicle off at Serra first thing Monday morning - 4200 Bay Road, Saginaw, MI 48603. Michigan Repair Facility # F167648 - F167647. There was also a light on my drivers side mirror by the way when I dropped it off. I called to check on my car because I needed my car for work and when I dropped it off they had told me I should be able to pick it up in the afternoon. I need my car for work! Missing hospice visits as a result of this! They wouldn't let me take my car because the mechanic said it was a SAFETY HAZZARD and they couldn't get the parts until the next day. Bottom line is that the mechanic said that the vehicle is poorly designed and that is the CAUSE OF THE ISSUE! $1238.82 for 2 small modules and wiring that are located in the rear bumper and exposed to the elements. My car is washed regularly and kept in the garage. He showed me the parts! The one module was extremely corroded with blue junk on it and 2 pins missing - he said that it spread to the wiring and faulted out the other 343.00 module and the issue spread through the entire electronic system making ALL of the electronics short out and that I could have potentially lost all power and crashed the vehicle! This is ridiculous! You need to recall this part asap. I had to spend $1238.82 for replacing all of these simple little parts. When they told me how much it was I thought I was getting a whole new computer system. What is going to happen next? I will take this further if I need to because this is unacceptable. The mechanic told me that he has this happen repeatedly with this vehicle due completely to poor design I am very disappointed. I had an impala before this one and didn't have this issue at all - I don't need that feature if it is going to keep breaking - never had it before. I have peripheral vision and can use my mirrors instead of having the car tell me that there is a line in the road or a mail box. It is just stupid. People are supposed to use their mirrors any ways. Please give me a refund. I can send you a receipt. I would also like that item taken off of my car at your expense so it doesn't short out again.

Jan 29, 2019

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