General Motors Corporation2012 sonic sirrus radio, blue tooth but otherwise basic won't cut off kills battery

We bought the car new and saw some major problems but with 11, 000 miles on the car we've dodged them so
Our radio comes on after you turn the car off the whole audio system comes back on. cut the radio off and it comes back on. The on star comes back on and and dash lights, just like I turned the car back on. Of course we come out the next morning and the battery is dead. The only fix is to take out the audio fuse to keep it from running down the battery dead.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Evans, GA
reading the complainst over the radio, about 700 of them, they say the dealer says they don't have a bullentin on it yet from the manufacturer so there's nothing they can do. Everyone of them just say "there a ghost in your radio" while thats a funny saying they can't fix. seems like to me there has to be a censor that disconnects the radio and that switch ignition is no long killing the signal to the audio system to the radio. Right now the dealers arent' knowledgeable enough to fix it. It's suppose to be the same problem in the other soniuc models, the cruze and impala

Dec 05, 2018

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