General Motors Corporation2011 suburban

My husband and I purchased our 2011 Suburban brand new from McClusky Chevrolet. We have had our Suburban stored inside the garage, to our dismay the dashboard is cracked in the left corner of the passenger side airbag. This was a $50, 000 plus car not cheap! We took it to the dealer who was quick to state the crack is not a safety hazard. However, if the airbag is deployed pieces of the dashboard will be sent flying throughout the truck. We all know the speed at which these airbags are deployed. This truck has not been off the lot for five years and the dash is so cheap it has a crack that posses a safety hazard! And unfortunately General Motors is not willing to pay for this repair! This will be the LAST GENERAL MOTORS car we ever purchase! This is absolutely appalling! These cars have a history of cracked dashboards, it is rediculous that we paid so much for this car that is made so cheap! And we the taxpayer had to bail their pathetic company out! But they are unwilling to help us due to their design flaw!

Mar 22, 2016

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