General Motorsbud clary's chevy repair department

I had towed my truck a 1995 c2500 4x4 extented cab 454 engine to the service for repair, my truck has 87000 miles when it started acting up not starting backfiring and then just not running. They took it in and a week later I went in to see about it. The guy says with all the snow we only have our b team here to work on it and they don't know what the problem is. I as so what am I to do? He said well next week the a team will be here to check it out. So I left only to return a week later ask the man is my truck ready? Well we hooked it up to the computer but shows no error messages so we don't know what to fix. I sad what! This is a gm service center and you do work on chevy trucks right and your mechanics are certified? Yes but we do know how to fix it. He said were not going to charge you for the time but you need to get it towed home. I said fine so I had it towed home. I don't know how to fix it, but I thought its seems electrical so I popped one censer off at a time took it to parts store paid 50 dollars and found out its called a map censer. I installed it and the truck ran perfect for 30 days then started doing the same thing as before so now I am broke down stranding me along side the road. Called to have it towed home again.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Longview, WA Now I have a nice truck in my driveway not running not trustworthy if it starts to get me back home or stranded. Do know why a gm service center doesn't know how to fix a truck that they are trained on and work on everyday? I don't understand. Oh and two days later I received a letter from bud clary's chevy add telling be I deserve a new truck, my truck is young in mileage and I keep up with all oil changed tire rotations and general maintenance. Any help as I am not able to get a new truck at the costs they are and if you seen my truck you would say its in beautiful shape. These trucks run easy in excess of 200, 000 miles. Not being a mechanic I did some work I thought work only to spend money for no change, one I learned how to change the computer brain in the glove box which didn't help, I checked the and replaced all fuel filters and tested the fuel pressure to see if the pressure is stable and correct. Went thru the disturber all good bought a new battery had the place test the alternator tested working fine. Took it to a local electrical store and trouble shoots shorts and such all was good. Bought a book on my truck and tested all the tolerances an vacuum lines and learned how to test electrical parts for there given ratings and all matched what was in the book. I want my truck back and dependable to use each day. Again please help.

Jan 29, 2017

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