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Good evening,  I'm not normally the type of person to complain about anything.  But the personal experience I had with one of your dealerships was so awful I felt the need to share.  If you care about your brand at all I think you will take my comments into careful consideration.  I shown interest in a truck at one of your dealerships approximately a month and a half ago.  I reach out via the dealerships we site.  I informed the salesmen of my interest in two trucks.  I informed him of my wants and he was confident he could meet my needs.  After he had a discussion with his sales manager he brought him over.  The manager was very rude and had zero interest to help my out with my requests.  I left that day with no deal done.  Approximately 1 week later I was called by the salesmen and he was confident the dealership could get the deal done.  Again sales manager came over and offer a deal no where near what was agreed upon.  Again was very rude and had zero interest other than making a deal that was never discussed.  Approximately two weeks later.  My salesmen say deal can be done for this a month.  Little but more than I wanted but I agreed.  I left work early and came into the dealership.  Everyone was polite.  No sight of the sales manager. I filled out some paper work than met with the financial guy Cory.  He said everything looked good.  Tried to sale me on extended warranty etc.  Overall said deal was done.  Financing was approved. Signed my contract and went on my way in my new truck.  Was very excited.  Shared pictures with friends and family.  Drove to work for the next couple weeks.  This last thursday I received a phone call from a different financial guy stating had to make a small change to the deal and need you to come back in to sign the new contract.  Again this is two weeks later.  I ask him what changed.  He says I want to discuss in person.  The following day I call in and state I can't make it in this evening can I come back tomorrow around 11:00.  He says no problem

  I call that morning and talk to the reception and ask if Cory's in.  She says he should be in any moment. I said perfect I will be in at 10.  He wasn't there.  So I meet with a different financial guy.  He says actually deal can't be done unless you put 5, 000 down.  I'm very upset to hear this as anyone would.  So at this point my only option was to take my car back.  Our original deal was no money down and was told that wasn't a problem.  So I waited out in the parking for my original car to be pulled around which took 30 min.  So now I'm texting my girlfriend that I have the car back.  Overall this was the most awful experience I have ever been apart of.  Now I have to explain to all my family and friends how incompetent your dealership was.  I hope this Helps you understand how terrible my experience was and that you wouldn't want any company like this dealership representing your corporation.  I'm from a family that has had generations of Chevy and gmc vehicles.  I hope you take my story into careful consideration.  I hope you car enough to not allow a dealership at the crooked level they are to existence.  The dealership that I had this awful experience at is

Liberty gmc

8660 W Bell Rd, Peoria, AZ 85382

Patrick my salesmen was very polite and professional.  Everyone else was awful and so was my overall experience.

Devon Davis


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Mar 11, 2017

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