General Motors / 2017 buick lacrosse vehicle no. 1g4zs5ss7hu164035

Troy, AL, United States

To whom it may concern

Hi have been a loyal GM customer now for about 40 years. Unfortunately the last two cars I've had have soured my opinion of the dependability of
your vehicles. The last Cadillac I had, CTS, had "run flats" and in the three year lease, I went through 14 tires.
After having owned Cadillacs for ever it seems, I decided to try something different, having always leased them through Suburban Cadillac of Troy.
By the way, I have no complaints will the staff at the dealership. They have always been more than accommodating.
I leased a Buick Lacrosse about a year ago, and during this time, I have had my car in the shop 4 times. Each time for the transmission, and computer issues. I would be driving the car, and all of a sudden, all the gauges would go crazy, the check suspension light would go on, the transmission light would go on, and I would only be able to drive my car at around 15 miles per hour. Lucky for me, that every time this has happened, I would be about 20 miles away from the dealership. I do some driving for a living, and can't imagine if this would have happened if I was w hours away I have no confidence in driving this vehicle, and hopefully, since this time they've had the car for a week, this won't happen any more?
I don't normally complain about too many things, but I just though you should know
Looking forward to a response
Pete Stava
[protected] [protected]

Oct 18, 2017

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