General Motors2015 stingray corvette

D Nov 22, 2017

Two years off aggravation. Everyday I drive car it shutter done road till this day. So many problem and repairs that I finally got car Lemon Lawed. New car was looked for and had to many extras. GM wouldn't work to help negotiate with price since I had to conform to what was available. Was offered to build car and took few days to build to be told that the color was built out! Really! Why was the color still on site? Why did I Get built Tag! Once again someone got the aggravation. Finally there was another car that was found that would work and again I wasn't givin a buying price. I need to give them may pay off info for them to give me a price to hide money? Really! Bought my car at GM price and that wasn't given either. I'm also a business owner. I also work for Ford I know. Shame on you GM for not taking car of your own.

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