General Motors2015 2500 hd

The passenger wheel fell off and the whole suspension came off, GM denied my warranty due to my torsion bars being adjusted. I've spoke with several mechanics at 2 dealerships and countless others who have never seen this happen befor. I'm done with GM forever.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Lake Orion, MII've spent 200k on GM products and this is how I'm treated😡 I've spent 3 weeks at 2 dealerships and one person seems to be in disagreement, Jay Townsend, zone manager for GM. I've had 2 service managers agree this should be warrantied. I do not understand why I've been mistreated by this individual. The resonong doesn't make sense to anybody I speak with. My future purchases will be with Dodge or Ford.

General Motors

May 02, 2017

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