General Motors2012 chevrolet colorado sabili trac system

J Nov 29, 2017

The two Chevy trucks that have supplied us with reliable service without having to change anything but the oil, water pumps and starters are both over 35 years old. 1980 and 1980 3/4 ton 2 wheel drive beauties. They are truly amazing vehicles. We have never owned a new car in our 45 years of marriage but recently we sold a piece of property that allowed us to buy a new Colorado. We like the truck. Perfect for small hauling that my wife does as she accumulates trimmings and trash our of our yard and great for grand kid's transport. Then one day about a year ago the stabili trac service warning light turned on so we took her in for service. They informed us that the little computer that controls the safety feature was on the fritz and a new one costs just under 1k to purchase and install. And to top it all off, our warranty had just expired a month or two before the system failed. This has been bothering me since that day and I promised my self I would write you people a letter expressing both my pleasure of owning your products all these years as well as the shock of such an expensive part malfunctioning after such a short time. The dealer out here on Maui has been faithful and diligent in their post purchase service responsibilities, kind and considerate. We have been driving the truck around Maui with the stabili trac system warning light on believing that we don't often encounter slippery or icy driving conditions, yet it is a problem that I don't think we fully whose ramifications understand. Is there anything you all can do to help bring the costs of the replacement part down to a level that we can afford? Appreciatively Yours, James and Jane Kohler

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