General Motors2012 buick lacrosse

D Nov 27, 2017

Since December of 2012 my car has lost power at least once a year. The dealer claims that it is a faulty battery and replaces the battery. This has happen five times. On Wednesday, November 22 the stability track service light came on, there was a clicking sound, the car lost power, and grinned to a halt. I immediately called AAA however they determined that the battery was at 100%. On Friday, November 24th I took the car to a GMC dealership and they concluded that it was a faulty battery. However they we were the team that installed the faulty battery. As a result they replaced the battery for free. Today, Monday November 27th the car stability track service light came on again, the car clicked, and lost power.
I need some assistance with solving this problem clearly there is more to this problem than the battery.

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