Geico / disrespectful manager and deceiving policy

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In August of 2016, I purchased a brand new Subaru WRX STI. Gieco was my existing insurer so i decided to continue with them. I received a quote of 252.62 which I was comfortable paying because i figured Gieco was a good insurance company. Several months later, I received a notice from Gieco that my insurance will be increased to 362.69 as of April 2017. I called Gieco to figure out why my payment will have such a major increase, especially when there was no recent activities that would warrant them to raise the payment. Such as an accident or violations. I spoke to a female manager named Jordan who was first off very disrespectful. I even tried to be respectful and say miss "I don't understand why" and she replied "don't call me miss its very condescending". After trying to figure out why my insurance increased, she finally came up with a reason that Gieco was not notified of all the specs of the car. And that they have recently received the full specs and this has caused my payment increase. I personally feel Gieco deceived me. When I began the policy, Gieco never warned me of such an increase. Or that they did not have the full specs of the vehicle. This really inst fair because I budget myself very well and this puts a significant change to my finances.

Mar 15, 2017

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