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I've been with Geico for 6+ yrs. for the first time my policy cancelled. I hav had 3 major changes this past 2.5 weeks. Address change because we had to move. Policy change twice. Removed my son which then they sent me a cancellation letter and a week later I added my daughter. And bank info has changed.
When I got the cancellation I remembered him telling me they have to cancel and then start it over so I didn't realize mine was getting cancelled because I just got new insurance over the phone with you.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bakersfield, CA
So now you want me to pay 700$. ????
You won't reinstate me because of a one time lapse in payment and in life ### happens. Really??? I can't pay 700$. I told her I have to leave Geico and all she said was sorry. You guys don't care about your customer at all??
I will report to the bbb if I've been treated unfairly.
Please consider reinstating me. I was an excellent customer. Doesnt that mean anything? I just told your last rep how much I loved Geico. Now I'm in disbelief. I just moved I don't even have the mail. Ugh. HELP PLEASE

May 17, 2017
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  • Zh
      May 24, 2017

    I had the same issue with you. They raised my amount about 50%, and after I paid that price 3 months later, they told me, I still owed them money, because I didnt signed the waive form! I have with them for 7 years, I always have the same coverage, even the time I paid 50% more, I called them and told them I want the everything same! And they never mention about any waive form... So if I need keep my policy, I will paid double compare to what I paid before... If I cancelled, I only get 30 bucks back, because I already use my "more coverage" policy for 3 months, I owed them the money...

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  • La
      Jun 26, 2017

    @Zhao Xu Well I took everyone off and found an awesome new place and I'm happy. But I will tell not use geico!!
    There's a story out there about a couple that had their car die so they pulled off the side of the road and onto the dirt. When geico tow truck got there they said they aren't allowed to tow a car that's parked on dirt. True story!

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