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Recently I was in a small fender bender in a parking lot. I was backed out of my spot about to turn out of the parking lot when a gentlemen decided to back down the aisle. As he backed down the Aisle he backed into my car. He got out and apologized, was very nice and gave me his insurance information and admitted fault. He wasn't looking. We both have Geico. I thought this was perfect, simple, I could get my car fixed no problem. Boy was I wrong. First they said it was dual negligence. That I should have been looking, which I WAS! Then they said I need a police report, so I obtained one which again clearly stated that the other gentlemen backed down the aisle and into my car. Geico said that's not enough information to prove he was at fault. Now I can make it a claim but on my own insurance causing my rates to go up or I can suffer with a damaged car. Needless to say I am contacting an attorney because despite my best efforts of dealing with them they refuse to treat me like their client and instead like their opposing side. Your insurance company is supposed to help you when you are not at fault but because we both had the same they would rather raise both our rates. You can bet we will be switching from Geico and we will NOT settle for being 50% at fault for something we couldn't have prevented.

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    Geico — raising rates for no reason

    I have had insurance with Geico since April of 2014. I received my new policy information from Geico and...

    Geico — screwed me

    Claim 03913434601xxxxx I was rear ended in my pristine classic mustang, fully restored, while stopped at a...

    Geico Insurancegoat commerical

    Geico, insurance company commericals are hilarious. I'm offended by the recent one i seen. With all this racial bias going on, why would they make such a bias commerical. "The goat yells out and the black women takes off her glasses ready to fight". Like all black women get rowdy and act in such a matter. I need to know why is that commercial ok but Mary j blige BBK comerical was pulled because of similar situation. Im so offended, and yes im black.

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      • Bi
        Billy_Goat Jul 10, 2015

        As a goat, I am offended by this commercial as well. People now think that all goats yell and scream like this and it is simply not true. I completely agree with the comments made by the black female human that this commercial is offensive and needs to be pulled. Goats deserve equal rights as everyone else.

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      • Mk
        MkStItCh Jul 10, 2015

        Why are you offended by this commercial? Is there something about goats and Black women that I do not understand?

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      Geico — cancellation

      I have Power of Attorney and am Co Executor on my elderly Parents Living Trust. On October 2nd of 2014 at the...

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      on 6/15/2015 Geico withdrew my monthly policy agreement, For some reason without my permission on 6/23/15 geico withdrew the amount again for the second time in the same month creating and overdraft charge on my account. I have spoke to Geico employees as well as supervisors and have gotten the same response from them.. its my problem, even after Geico has called my bank on a three way conversation with myself and had my bank explain to them that the overdraft was created strictly because they withdrew the money twice. According to accounting it is my problem and Geico will not refund me for the overdraft they created. When I asked the supervisor to explain to me why they couldn't fix this problem.She refused and hung up on me.

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        Geicochanged policy on my car illegally

        My wife caught a few months to change the policy on her 2003 caravan to A liability because she was paying too much for her van. The 2009 Nissan Altima was also on the policy which had a full coverage policy on it at the time, Geico took the liberty of changing the policy on the 2009 Nissan Altima as well. All this time we were thinking that we had full coverage on the Altima. I just recently had an accident and my car was totaled loss...,

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          Geicono notice vehicle taken off policy by current spouse illegally

          My husband has been living with his mother since I threw him out for smoking crack last July. Shortly after he moved out he called OUR joint Geico policy and had a passcode put on OUR account so I could not access it and had ALL statements and notices mailed to his mothers home. This was after we went back and forth with the MAILING ADDRESS being changed 7 times prior to him locking OUR account with a passcode. I called last weekend and spoke with a representative who removed the passcode from the account because I told her that I call weekly and he has me locked out of OUR JOINT ACCOUNT and I do not have cards for MY CAR, MY KIA. The rep was extremely helpful in giving me that option to remove it and was the first person at GEICO who had even tried to help me in 11 months. When I received MY CAR INSURANCE POLICY ID CARDS I got a card for HIS CAR with MY name and HIS name on the card as the JOINT POLICY HOLDERS. There was no card for MY KIA. I called immediately and was told that in March he had called and removed MY car from the policy but because we ARE STILL LEGALLY MARRIED he cannot take my name off. I was advised to start a new policy or faxed notarized statements as well as registration and title for MY KIA to put it back on with HIS CAR. When I opted to get MY OWN POLICY I was advised that I had to pay a penalty for being uninsured for 4 months. I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED THAT MY CAR WAS NOT COVERED. IN FACT I HAVE MADE PAYMENTS ON THE POLICY AS WE SPLIT THE INSURANCE SINCE BOTH VEHICLES WERE ON IT. When I called my Husband about it he told me MY KIA was still covered. When I spoke with a Supervisor today she told me that HE called and notified them that WE DID NOT LIVE IN THE SAME HOME TOGETHER and to remove my car. She informed me that I WAS NOTIFIED BY MAIL (AT HIS HOME, HIS ADDRESS WHERE HE INDICATED TO HER THAT I DO NOT LIVE) and that being notified by mail is all they have to do. SO AGAIN HOW WAS I NOTIFIED BY MAIL IF I DO NOT GET MAIL AT HIS HOME. I HAVE CALLED SINCE AUGUST 2014 AND TOLD GEICO THAT I DO NOT LIVE WITH HIM, I NEED MY CAR INSURANCE INFORMATION MAILED TO ME, NOT HIS HOME. I HAVE HAD MY ATTORNEY CALL. I HAVE FAXED AND MAILED NUMEROUS DOCUMENTS TO GEICO TO SUPPORT THE LAW, THE LEGAL STATUE SAYS THAT HE CANNOT REMOVE MY CAR OUT OF SPITE OR TO HURT ME. I was going to have to pay $947.60 every six months. OUR JOINT POLICY WAS ONLY $560 FOR 6 MINTHS. So my car alone caused my payments to double due to the fact that I have not had coverage unknowingly since March 2015. My email address was removed from the policy information, my mailing address and I have called numerous times and fought with Geico about this. I will file complaint with the insurance commissioner today.

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            Geico Insurancenot completing claim payment

            My son and I were in a car accident over a year ago in Kentucky. The fault was the other driver who rear ended us on the highway because he wasn't watching the road. Geico was his insurance company and there has still been no claim resolution or payment of over $1000 of out of pocket expenses due to no fault of ours.

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              Geico Insurancecustomer service and billing

              I've been a Geico customer for roughly a decade, and their service has become progressively more and more rotten. I only had filed three claims since I signed up with them-one was a result of a deer hit in New York, and another was a request for a windshield replacement due to a rock strike (I was led to believe that Geico offered windshield replacement at no extra cost, similar to other insurance companies in my area), and a third was a motorcycle accident where I got hit by a semi-literally, and was fortunate to survive.
              The first time I filed a claim wasn't all that bad. It only took three days for them to complete the initial investigation. I was surprised, however, when some upstart, stuck-up, rude little snot called me as part of a "follow up" and requested that I surrender the carcass (I am being serious as a heart attack with this) to the company for "examination" and to "confirm that [I] didn't hit another car and leave the scene. Now, by this time the deer carcass had most likely become rancid. I offered to retrieve the carcass, but I wasn't certain if the postal system frowned upon shipping decomposed animal corpses through their system. The aforementioned upstart snotbag shot back "there's no reason to be rude, buddy, " (called a PAYING CUSTOMER "buddy"), "just do what I tell you and you MIGHT get paid for the damage to your vehicle." Three weeks after filing a formal complaint with the higher-ups within the company, I finally got my check.
              In 2009, I was in a very serious motorcycle accident and sustained nine broken bones. My motorcycle was completely destroyed. The "claims adjuster" I called proceeded to interrogate me (on and off for three days) over the phone when I was hooked up to a heart monitor and being given every painkiller (including Percocet, oxycontin, phentanyl, morpheine, vicodin and cumadin. On the first occasion, I was asked if I was on medication. I gave her the list of meds. "I know you're lying about that", the woman said "because if you were hit by a truck, you'd be dead, and if you were on that many pain meds, they'd probably conflict and you'd be dead. You're trying to lie to your insurance." Fortunately, my doctor was nearby and had the heart to spend 45 minutes ripping the claims adjuster an additional orifice. I was then accused of staging the accident to collect a claim for a bike I owed money on- I in fact owned the bike outright. I was, in the end, deposed without an attorney present while still being medicated. I was then accused of not making any sense during the deposition. The adjuster didn't even bother to take a look at the remains of the bike.
              In 2015, after being told that my policy included free windshield replacement (perhaps by some lying, commission-hungry sales slob), I filed a claim to have my windshield replaced. The long and the short of it is that Geico wanted me to pay them $500 to install the windshield, and even then I "should expect to pay for any additional charges if the windshield isn't installed properly, which, given the company (the adjuster was referring me to), it won't be." I had the windshield installed for $100. Geico tried to steal $400 from me to have a windshield installed.
              Then, four months after this happened, Geico tried to double-bill me, to cover the cost of a current month of insurance (which wasn't even due for 2 weeks by the time the notice had arrived) and for the first month of the NEXT policy period. After I had already called to cancel the premium, all I got was "we'll make a note of that, thanks!" and, voila, THREE WEEKS AFTER THE POLICY WAS CANCELLED, GEICO IS TRYING TO CHARGE ME $108 FOR A MONTHLY PREMIUM OF INSURANCE I DON'T HAVE AND SURE AS HECK DON'T WANT.
              I'd rather drop dead of starvation during the coldest part of winter in an open-air a North Korean prison cell than spend another dime paying for insurance with this gaggle of con artists.

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                GEICO/ Auto insuranceunable to get ahold of a rep in claims department

                I've been trying to reach someone in claims department and no one seem to not want to answer the phone. Ever scene I got an auto policy geico has been a big headache. I'm going to switch insurance companies!!! GEICO needs to go out of business!!!

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                  Geicotheft of property indirectly by geico

                  I was involved in an accident on i94 (Michigan). My vehicle was the only vehicle in the incident, it sustained front and rear damage. I have a dash cam and reviewing the incident it is obvious that it was simple bad luck that I hit a patch of black ice. But that wasn't the issue, in fact the Geico lady to whom I spoke was very professional and very kind (I'm sure that it is part of the training but nevertheless it was welcomed). Sadly the good part ends there. I was recommended to take my car to CDE in Canton Michigan, a drive (in the damaged vehicle) of some 40 miles, however, I was assured that by doing so I would be in a better position to have the damage estimate taken care of quicker and it would be done in one place.
                  When I arrived I was told that I wasn't scheduled to be there until the following Tuesday, anyone watching the news would have seen the i94 disaster that involved 100+ vehicles, I was at the tail end of that, it was on Friday the 9th of January 15. Thus I was not eligible for a rental vehicle until the night before the appointment, four days later! This alone is a ridiculous scenario to find yourself in but since I was committed to being somewhere that evening I rented personally. Both the people at CDE and the representative from Geico were there and I informed both that I could not return until the following Saturday (17th) as I was traveling. I stated this to both them and the Enterprise rental representative that I would be back on Saturday 17th.
                  My week passed and my wife told me that the Geico estimator had stated the vehicle was 'a total loss'. My wife even told me that she had been told what the insurance claim would be. I should mention that literally at the end of 14 we had decided to increase my deductible to $1, 000 to reduce insurance costs since I had not had an accident in 40 years of driving, that was bad luck and a temptation that fate had to jump on, but that is life!
                  When I returned on the Saturday AM (vehicle was to be returned before noon), I was greeted with; no representative from Enterprise to receive the rental car, even though he said that there would be someone there and worst still; no car! The insurance representative had authorized the removal of the vehicle without consent. I was fuming, but there I was with no car, and no chance of resolving it until the Monday. Yet again I am in the lurch about the time.
                  Monday came and I was on the phone the moment my eyes opened. I spoke with Geico (HQ) and was greeted by a very friendly young lady who is the supervisor of the total loss department. She gave me the contact names and numbers of various people that could help me resolve this situation. The real issue was that I had personal property in the vehicle that I wished to recover.
                  Eventually it was arranged that I could drive (94 miles round trip) to the 'salvage' yard to recover my property. I did, and then I waited 40 minutes while they obtained authorization from Geico to allow me access to my vehicle. I should note that at this point the vehicle was in my name, I literally had the title in my hands, and I had received nothing from Geico. Finally I was allowed to go to the vehicle and recover my property, however, this involved going into a greasy, muddy and miserable yard to my vehicle was unceremoniously presented to me on a fork lift truck.
                  Just in case you think this is bad, when I got into my car, the only things that were still in there were the things that were literally bolted down, everything else had been 'stolen'. I use that word because I had left my car in the care of CDE and Geico and now my property was gone, and I still held the title. The contents amounted to about $500 in my estimation, I have since remembered that I also had an OBDII device in one of the rear door pockets that I cannot account for and that alone was $300. But the real complaint is that Geico said that they could only cover up to $200 for personal property. Which I have since been paid, as well as the total loss payout.
                  But, forget all of that, pay attention to the fact that they were placed in the care of my vehicle, CDE and Geico, and that removing someones property without their consent is theft, they broke the law. As the owner of that vehicle I should have called the Canton police and reported it stolen, something should be done about a company such as Geico, in cooperation with CDE, effectively stole my vehicle.
                  As a result of some black ice on the i94, and yes I was driving carefully, I am happy to show the dash cam video, along with the Geico, CDE and an unfortunate decision to have a large deductible, I am now out of pocket to the order of nearly $2, 000 (not including the difference between the KBB value and their payout ~$1500 less than KBB) and it involves a theft that never was.
                  I can only hope that Geico begin following the letter of the law and abide by the legal requirement to actually seek the owners permission before disposing of their personal property. Noting that actually paying attention to the customer in this case ("I'll be back Saturday"), may improve some impressions that people have.

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                    Geico Insurance — steering customers

                    I own a collision repair shop in New York and I have problem when my customers are told that they need to...

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Geico — rates

                    Summer M Hobik 4707 W 89th Place Hometown, IL 60456 [protected] October 30th 2014 To whom it may...


                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Geico Insurance — geico insurance fraud charge michael krashner

                    On the 16th of June of 2014 at 4:16 PM I was quoted a 6 month policy at the rate of $189.79. They the charged...

                    Geico Insurance — fraud: adjusters committing fraud in arizona

                    I was a loyal customer of geico for 22 years, as of today, I am divorcing geico because they decided to rape...

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Geico Insurance - Texasraised rate for no-fault accident

                    I was rear-ended on December 23, 2013. I called 911 first, then Geico. I was shaken and had substantial damage to my rear end (car!). They asked if I could drive it and I said no. They called a tow company and 4 hours later I was on my way. A couple of days later I was in terrible pain. I called Geico medical claims and asked how to get help. I had lost a job and had no means to pay. She tangled my 2500 PIP policy in front of me but said she can't just "send me money". I have to borrow, beg or pawn to get the money to pay it and she'll negotiate on my behalf. Well, that wasnt' an option, so I called Texas Farm Bureau. He cared even less about my injuries, so I sat in pain unable to move or drive for weeks. I called Geico back and begged them to help me. Nothing. Then I asked the big question: IF and when I can get to a doc, are you going to jack up my rates? No, I called a couple days later and asked the same question. No. So i found a doc who would work with Geico as a 3rd party, and before I went I called Geico again - Are you going to raise my rates if I go to see this doc? No.

                    Well guess who just got her new rates in her inbox? Yep, and is anyone surprised they jacked my rates? Probably not. I'm in a special category now, and they decided to go back 5 years to see what other secrets I had and they found (which they already knew and old claim I made when I jack-knifed my moving trailor into my truck. Self-claimed and self admitted blonde moment, but for some reason it's relevant now? They said they HAD to put me in a "different category" because of the 17 year old who hit me the day before Christmas...but we're sorry, we know it wasn't your fault...still you were a driver in TWO accidents. Honestly, shouldn't Snowden have caught this horrid act that I committed before Geico??????

                    Bottom line, insurance is a necessary evil. Geico is evil... but maybe they all are. Just remember this story. Watch your back and remember - EVEN IF IT"S NOT YOUR FAULT...SOMEHOW, SOMEDAY, SOMEWAY...You're paying for it. Be careful out there and check your dang rearview mirror!!! Avoid right turn exits on streets where there is no yield sign also. They are all over Texas and dangerous as heck!

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                      Geicoclaim not paid

                      back in oct there was an accident with my vehicle- i filed a claim and was told the claim was denied because i had no coverage. i got online and they had a wrong vehicle on my insurance (2nd time this has happened) i let them know what the problem was. and they assured me that it would be taken care of and the wrong vehicle taken off my insurance. fast forward to today- i have tried numerous times to reach insurance co as the incorrect vehicle was not taken off my policy, and they still expect me to continue to pay for this vehicle (LOL).. WHAT? and not only that.., they arent covering the correct vehicle that was in the accident. I refuse to pay them another dime in insurance and not only that.. i will have to hire an attorney to get any of my money back... horrible horrible customer service... I will never get insurance through this co again... nor would i ever recommend to anybody. Something has to be done to stop this kind of practice... oh and also- they made sure they took a payment out of my account today...which i did put a stop payment on as well

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                        • Rk
                          Rk04ew Feb 06, 2014

                          I f*****g hate geico commercials so much that I had to cancel my cable. Geico might as well have it's own f*****g channel already!! Re f*****g diculous!!!

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                        • Fy
                          fywajon Dec 21, 2013
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          quotewizard.com - where the big boys go for auto insurance.

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                        • Fy
                          fywajon Dec 21, 2013
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          use a good auto insurance company next time, something like quotewizard.com

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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Geicogeico refusing to pay

                        Got struck by a motorcycle driven by a Geico customer, and Geico refuses to pay because their policy holder told a different "story".

                        Damages clearly show that he was at fault, yet Geico is trying to get out of paying. Avoid Geico at all cost and I will be suing them.

                        geico refusing to pay
                        geico refusing to pay
                        geico refusing to pay
                        geico refusing to pay

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                          Geico USAslander

                          I just had this happen and wrote this email today to/with Geico.

                          I saw the claim person today, I understand that insurance companies have to deal with a lot of fraudulent claims. And in my circumstance I understand I forgot to include a major detail that happened after the first accident. Because not only was there a lot of things going through my mind to keep me from thinking properly, but I just wanted to get my vehicle off the road before it got hit again. But I found it abso---------lutely offensive when I was told, that the claim person felt I made up a hit and run story to claim hit and run. Had he talked to my manager, my manager would have confirmed after the accident happened I told him I only had liability and was going to have to repair the damages myself, even if I had full coverage I don't trust you or any other insurance company to take care of any of your drivers.

                          I know you people have not received any messages from me about payout or vehicle repair, because after I was even called by Geico and informed that the other thing I had on my insurance covered hit and run, I knew since I forgot to inform the police about it I was going to have to pay for it own of my own pocket still, and I HAD NO --- ---- PROBLEM WITH THAT until this ------------- basically said I was lying. Is this what I should expect? Do the right thing, report the accident, get ------ up in a another accident and be told, your a liar, the second accident was bull---- and never happened? I don't know what part about "I didn't file the claim right away, instead I got online to find out how much it was going to cost ME to repair this vehicle, since I thought I was only paying for liability" he did not understand. I have never been so utterly ------- insulted in my life.

                          ---- YOU VERY MUCH GEICO.

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