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Ge; Hh Gregg / bad customer service

1 Knoxville, TN, United States Review updated:

We bought a 46" LCD HDTV with HH Gregg for $4,000.00, were talked into buying extended warranty from GE for $499.00; so that we could be "rest assured" if anything happened to our TV we would be covered. Our TV completely quit working 13 months after we bought it; we were then passed around through four different companies to try and remedy this problem (HH Gregg, GE, local electronic company that works for GE, and the actual manufacturer Samsung) - all of which had NO idea what the other company was doing or had done. Our TV quit working in 9/07; it is now 11/29/07 and STILL no TV with no real time frame of when we will get ours replaced. They know (all four companies) that it needs to be replaced, not repaired, but no-one can seem to figure out how to accomplish this. It is really irritating to know that you have spent almost $5,000.00 in ONE purchase with this company and they cannot get on the ball and replace your television like promised. HH Gregg should not be selling a warranty from GE that they cannot stand behind. I am sorry but to me "REST ASSURED" does not mean that you have to be without a TV (which is under a covered warranty) for 8 weeks and counting. This is a big rip off. Never again will we purchase another item from HH Gregg and we will surely never waste our money on an extended warranty from GE. I hope that this complaint keeps other consumers from wasting their money with this warranty and this company.

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  • Mi
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    I am in the midst of the exact same situation although the Samsung tv I purchased from HH Gregg is 3 years old. Spent the $400 on the service agreement thinking I may need the insurance. The problem began in July, 2007 and still has not been corrected or the tv replaced as of January 4, 2008 and a total of 7 service visits. The service tech won't come out any more and says Samsung doesn't know what the problem is and they have already replaced everything possible at least once. The GE warranty people have been very rote-mechanical in their response "I have n0 supervisor for you to talk to", "There is no phone number for GE Appliance Headquarters, Louisville for you to call", "I have given you all the information I can". One lady on the phone was was actuallly nice and tried to help but the other one was like talking to a robot. Another 5 to 7 days is the standard response. We'll see...

  • Ca
      3rd of May, 2008
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    Same thing happened to us we purchased a 60" Hitachi TV and the protection plan. We purchased it when HH Gregg still had their own service department in May of 05. Everything was fine until they decided not to do there own service. We had one service call under the plan whith HH Greggs service department, we have had 3 service calls with GE. 2 of the breakdowns were the same part that costs $1700.00. There is a no lemon clause that should go into effect after the 4th major breakdown. GE states that since the first breakdown was when HH Gregg was still servicing our TV that it doesn't count. HH Gregg says that it's GE's problem. I'm just asking for my TV to be fixed. Hitatchi has the part we need in stock. GE doesn't want to get the part from Hitachi, they want to have our part taken out of our TV, sent out to be re-built, then re-installed when it is finished. Even if that was acceptable to me, they cannot give a time frame for this to happen. No one wan'ts to help, and you can never talk to anyone in management. The people that you talk to obviously have cue cards that they read from for every problem that they come accross. I'm sure they expect people to get tired and give up, but I refuse to give up. If they aren't going to honor their agreements, then they shouldn't sell them. We own our own buisness, and I KNOW that if we did business like HH Gregg or GE, we would have been out of business years ago.

  • Ch
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    I just got done going thru this whole process. It was the absolute biggest nightmare ever. I was also passed around between HHGregg, Tops Electronics, and GE. GE is by far the worst company out of the three. They could care less about the customer. HHGregg ended up being helpful, and Tops was pretty good to. I had a 37" Olevia LCD TV, and it started making turning off on me. So I called, and Tops came out, and ordered a new main frame for me. By the way I did buy the extended 3 year warranty as well. Anyway they put the new main frame in and it made it even worse, started making possessed noises. I am the type of person who will be in peoples grills until I get what I want. I think this is the only way that I ended up getting a new TV. If you are not they will walk all over you. After I called Tops to come back out the guy basically told me that they dont make the part anymore. So now I had to go back and forth with the three companies again. GE told me they could find the part, and Tops said there is no part anymore. Finally after two months I just got a brand new 37" Sharp TV. I will never buy anything from HHGregg again. YOU MUST KEEP BUGGING THEM!!!

  • La
      2nd of Feb, 2009
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    I had purchased a 57" DLP from HH Gregg over a year ago. I got the 3 year warranty. When the TV just broke recently, I contacted HH Gregg. They sent a report to Tops Electronics. Tops contacted me within 24 hours of my call to Greggs. The guy just came out today and had it all fixed up within 15 minutes. I have no complaints at all.

  • Ja
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    we puchased a 55" mitsibishi in 2004 and purchased a 5 year gold warranty, which we were told covered everything including picture tubes, which is not usually covered. In August 2008, we had lines up both sides of the TV and the number 8 seen on all channels. Called HH gregg service who called Topps electronics and they came out and said it was from watching HD channels on an "HD TV". they said the CRT parts were no longer avilable for this TV and that GE will replace it. Well GE said they would not replace it, they wanted to parts sent to a company to be "refurbished" no new. They said this was not a permanent fix and it would happen again. They replaced these in November of 2008 and in may of 2009 they are back and we called Topps again and they came out three weeks before our contract was to expire. Two weeks later I still had not heard from anyone and called and was told that the warranty contract would not be honored because this was a problem just taken care of about 6 monhts ago. We even called GE and they are the ones with teh contract and they said the same thing., they are not going to fix the TV again for the same problem. Here we are with a TV that the warranty is about to expire and it does not work. Why purchase an extended warranty if they are not going to honor it? any info from anyong would be helpful, thanks. jm

  • Sy
      5th of Jun, 2009
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    I purchased a samsung 30 inch slimfit hdtv. Also have the 3 year warranty. We had problems with the tv since day one. The first repair the guy from tops said it was an easy fix (and it was), but if the tv does that again later down the road, he would not worry about fixing it. The screen was always a little off (bowed). but the guy from tops said it was probably just the input device doing that. 2 years later we switched to dish hd, and got a 360. the problem was still there. so i called in the repair again. this was back in mid feb. of this year. tops was confident that if they replaced the picture tube, it should fix the problem. well it didn't. samsung said they thought it was a defective part. so they sent another tube. it didn't work either. samsung then said it was either another defective tube, or they said the original back on accident. well i am now on the 4th tube, the tv is in the shop still(i have a rental that GE is paying for). samsung thinks they have send 3 defective parts. if i were in charge of samsung, i would be ashamed of my company. tops has been pushing the service along as much as they can, but samsung just keeps dragging there feet. they are currently waiting for the 5th tube, which is now 5 days late on shipping. if this tube is "defective" tops is going to tell them that the tv can not be repaired, (for the 5th time). and try to get the tv replaced. Samsung/GE you should be embarrased of how crappy your service is.

  • Ap
      14th of Sep, 2009
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    Wow! All these complaints just pretty much tell my story to! We purchased a 60 inch Hitachi TV from HH Gregg back in Sept. 2005 and purchased the extended 5 year service plan with it as we do everything we buy from HH Gregg. By the way this is the first time we've had to deal with the warranty part of it, we have spent a lot of money their, it is where we by everything from. (Not anymore lol) Anyway on 5-28-09 I called them to have someone come out and look at our TV because it had a green tint to it that couldn't be fixed. Topps Elec. was to come out but they called and said they knew it was the light engine that needed replaced and it was on back order with no ETA. Fine we waited and waited. Then on 7-08-09 they got it and were out to install it. It was like a new TV when they put it in but only lasted like maybe 5 hours or so lol. It started freezing up the picture having a rolling screen turning colors all kinds of things. Called them back and they sent topps back out on 7-16-09. They brought out a new light bulb that goes in the TV but when he seen what it was doing he said it wasn't going to fix it that the light engine they replaced was defective! So he called and they said a new one was on backorder AGAIN with no ETA. I was really mad; at this point we can't even watch our $2450 TV. I called GE (who our extended plan was with) and told them I didn't want to wait another 2 months or longer for another light engine to come. They said we had to be without a TV for 90 days before they would consider replacing it or giving our money back. So on Aug 26th 2009 I called in and told them it had been 90 days since our first problem. We wanted a new TV or our money back. They filed the claim told us to call back in 2 days to see if they had found us a new TV. My husband called and was told it would take a few days for them to get everything worked out and find us a TV. Well two weeks went buy and I called them Sept 10 2009, they said it was still being "reviewed" to call back at first of next week. So I call them today and the lady tells me our claim has been denied! I was so mad. She said we have to just wait until a light engine becomes available. I ask to speak to someone higher up and she told me she was the highest person to talk to, come on their has to be someone higher up then the people who answer the phones! Told me I could write in a complaint if i wanted to, but they would not be replacing our TV or giving our money back. So now almost 4 months after our first contact with GE we still do not have our TV fixed. I mean why on earth pay $399.99 for a service plan that is suppose to cover everything when they won't make things right?! We will never do business with them again

  • Sw
      2nd of Dec, 2010
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    I had the same problem with a Toshiba that we purchased and the replacement parts were obsolete, the tv was 3 years old. I fought them for almost a year before I got my purchased price refunded. They wanted me to take a refurbished television, I did not buy refurbished, I'm not settling for it. I finally went onto Wikipedia and looked up HH Gregg, then GE and found a number for New York City Headquarters for GE. I figured that I would now start at the top and watch the crap roll down. Well it worked, within a week and a half I had my full purchased price in my hand. I was told they have switched carriers for the extended warranty, but, I will never do business with HH Gregg again.

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