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Horsham, PA, United States

OKAY, where do I begin. First in early December 2016 our refrigerator began having cooling issues. After the 3rd attempt to fix it, GE did approve the replacement of the refrigerator at no cost to us. The new replacement refrigerator, less then a week old had a problem. A technician came out and it was diagnosed with a none repairable problem. REALLY? We are currently waiting on the 3rd refrigerator to arrive. NOW our dishwasher (Model: GDT580SSF4SS / Serial: AF773474B) is going BELLY UP, LEAKING. WHAT GIVES GE. A technician came on 1/27/17 and replaced the inner rubber seal gasket and the upper and lower spray arms. He said the spray arms have been know to expand causing the water to spray out incorrectly. Our bill was $226.77 WELL GUESS WHAT GE, IT STILL LEAKS and on our hard wood floors. You ask what our desirable resolution is, BUY IT BACK! If we had an out option it would be to exchange all the GE appliances for another brand. This is totally insane. These are less then 2 years old. Today I was told we would need another tech visit to determine if the dishwasher was none repairable by the GE engineers, before GE will make a decision on what to do. The new case # is [protected]. Our appointment is for 2/8/17. If GE will not buy it back or refund us the value of the dishwasher then WE DO NOT WANT A DISCOUNTED new model. WE WANT AN EQUAL OR NEWER UPGRADE MODEL AT ZERO COST TO US. I believe we have suffered enough. We have two other major GE appliances (Microwave and Range) that we do not feel confident they will last.
Would YOU??

Feb 1, 2017

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