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We purchased a brand new washer and dryer back in November 2016. When it finally arrived early December - the day it arrived I wanted to try it out and wouldn't you know it- it wouldn't work!!! Not even in our home for 24hrs and I was on the phone to customer service. They sent a tech out and the water temp sensor was screwed- and the dryer door switch was broken- after waiting 2wks to finally use our machines- they were repaired yet still didn't work!!! Service tech had to come out again and repair an issue with the washer.

Fast forward until yesterday- I did two loads of laundry with out issue on Saturday. Now Sunday I do up a load of work clothes and wouldn't you know it- the machine won't work AGAIN!!! This time it will start the wash cycle by filling only then chimes like it's finished!! It would drain or spin- ive troubleshot everything in the manual- unplugged it- started over, tried the "drain and spin" cycle. And NOTHING!!! I've had to manually ring out every article and use the public laundry mat to wash our clothes as my $800 machine sits collecting dust!!! I've had it with GE appliances and will NEVER recommend nor buy another piece of crap. Oh and as for customer service? They are just as useless as the appliances sold by GE.

GE Appliances

  • Updated by T831, Mar 13, 2017

    It *wouldnt drain or spin the load of clothes.

Mar 13, 2017

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