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Hauppauge, NY, United States

Two weeks ago my 6 year old ge refrigerator was not cooling. The freezer was cold but no refrigerator. I called the ge service number and they sent a service man to my home. He pulled out the refrigerator and vacuumed the filter and told me all was good. He charged me $225.00. One week later this past Saturday 9/16/17 I noticed the refrigerator temperature was climbing. It started Saturday and by sunday The temperature rose to 55 degrees. (9/17/17). So first thing Monday I called ge service again and told them what happened over the weekend and they came to service Monday 9/18/17. By the time the ge repair came to my home the temperature was normal again. He asked me if the first service man hooked my refrigerator up to the computer and checked the compressor etc... I said no, so he proceeded to hook up the refrigerator and said it was in defrost mode but saw no problems. He told me the next time it happens to call it has to be happening when he comes so he can see whats happening. So yesterday 9/21/17 the same thing started happening. The refrigerator climbed slowly thursday and by this morning 9/22/17 it had reached 55 degreed again! So once again I called ge and told her what was happening and that I needed a service man to come today because it was warm and this is when they had to service it to find out what is happening. She told me she contacted the dispatcher and told me someone would be out to service my refrigerator between 1&5 because I was a priority. At three o'clock today I thought I better see when they were coming because the temperature was starting to drop. I was told when I called that I was scheduled for service Tuesday and not today so that was useless...I have lost 3 days of work and that's all i'm going to lose! I insisted the lady told me I'll have service today & I HAD to have service today I'm home waiting for the repairman. The woman told me to hold and she would contact dispatch. I held and held and twenty min later I realized she had no intention of helping me. She never came back on line. So I called back again and told the woman of my problem again and said I wanted to speak to a manager. She proceeded to connect me to a voice mail. I left a message and no one called me back. I will never buy a GE product again! Nor will I recommend GE to anyone. I intend to connect to every social media outlet I know to tell them of the horrible customer service dept!! So what do I do now??? Throw this refrigerator out because I can't get it serviced? Or call a local refrigerator repair man??? Obviously GE can care less. So thank for the useless service calls and inept service department. I also intend to contact the CEO which I just found on google..
Regards, A very unhappy GE customer!!
Christine Esposito, 204 Northfield Road Hauppauge NY 11788. [protected] email address [protected]

Sep 22, 2017

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