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Good afternoon

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how unhappy I am about GE company, their warranty and also the service. I do understand that you may not take the time to read this email, but at least you will have received it prior of me finding the right place to make a complain about GE equipment and their warranty service. Here is the event that have taken place, and at no time as I lost control on anyone that I have dealt with during this situation.

1. First contact: Thursday October 12th, 2017 service to inform of problem with our washing machine that was purchase in June 2017 from Home Depot and here is the confirmation # [protected]. They were advise of the situation with the washer.

2. First service call was on Friday October 20th, technicians ( Mark and Cory) from Northern Electrical Service came and looked at the washer without any type of replacement parts. They have to order parts.

3. Second service call was on Wednesday October 25th, a technician, (Cory, different person) came with door part and module board, and problem wasn't resolved. I called [protected] and was informed that more parts were being ordered with a 5 to 6 weeks waiting period Ref # [protected].

4. Friday October 27th, Joy called GE service and was told an email was sent to manager at head office. No respond yet and could not be told who to expect call from. Will not give head office # to her. Joy went to Home Depot to see manager who was very helpful, she photo copy notes and said that she was going to call GE herself and see what she could find out.5. Monday October 30th, Joy called to check up on machine and was told that the file was only opened on October 26th, not when initial call was made on October 12th. Lady said that a manager should call this week.

5. Monday October 30th, Joy called to check up on machine and was told that the file was only opened on October 26th, not when initial call was made on October 12th. Lady said that a manager should call this week.

6. Tuesday October 31st, Still no word from anyone. I stopped (Normand) on my way home at Home Depot to inform them that I was ready to return both items, spoke to supervisor (Alexandra) to make sure she understood my situation and also my frustration. They send one more email to manager as they haven't received anything from anyone from GE yet.

7. Wednesday November 1st, Received a call from Jane at Home Depot. She has sent another email to GE and also to her head office. She called as well and gave them 24 hrs to resolve the issue or it would be taken higher. You, Yanic, called to say that the washer won't be replace as service company said that it was fixable. that the parts were in Ontario and will be shipped out on Thursday to be received Friday by service company. You also said that you would send a check for $60.00 to cover the expense at the launderette. And also to call you directly if anything else happen. Called the service company to book an appointment, but weren't able to have one before Monday November 13th in the morning, 12 days later, is that having a quick service?

8. I called the service company on November 2nd, asking if they could come earlier to repair the washer, they said that they would be putting me on priority list but nothing changed.

9. The technician showed up on Monday November 13th with more parts, (cosmetic parts that has nothing to do with the problem at hand) that didn't make any sense, event the technician didn't understand why those parts were ordered. After looking at the washer, he discovered a problem with the wiring harness. At that point I decided to ask him not to order the parts yet as I was going to go to Home Depot as this wasn't making any sense that I would have to wait again to have this washer fix. I spoke with a manager at Home Depot and She decided that it was long enough and replaced my washer and dryer with new one from and other company and accepted to deal directly with your company about the washer.

I am very disappointed to see a big company like GE could be so hard to deal with, also using a company that doesn't understand their equipment to be able to do proper repair. Looking back at the first time we called for service until today, it has taken 33 days and still out of a washer. Yes you have decided today that you will move forward and replace the washer, but I could tell you that this isn't a way to deal with a customer. Thanks to Home Depot, their service after sale, I will have a new washer and dryer from a different company as I don't think I could deal with GE and their service again.

Regards, a very unhappy customer.

Normand Richard
330 Bay Street
Midland, Ontario, Canada
L4R 1K2


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      Nov 14, 2017

    I'm extensively involved within the industry. I like a lot of GE appliances, but their washers are not one of them. They are nothing but problems do to poor engineering. Save yourselves the headaches and replace it now before it damages your wardrobe.

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