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I am the proud owner of a GE Front Load Washer and Dryer. It has served me well of the year and I have recommended the GE Brand to my neighbors in my subdivision. Grant it, my unit is not new, things DO happen with age.

On Friday, my washer stopped draining. I called the GE Repair line and scheduled an appointment for service. ALL aspects of the unit worked wonderfully until the drain stopped functioning. I took towels to soak up the standing water and unplugged the unit until the scheduled repair could be completed.

Well... TODAY the GE Repair person came by. It was not the gentleman I am used to seeing - but a repair is a repair - or so I thought. Everything SEEMED ok. He removed the lower plate on the washer and asked for a bucket. In addition to the water that came out - it appeared to be a gain like substance similar to sand in the drain. He asked me if we had gone to the beach - while African-American's DO go to the beach I assured me that we did not have sand to recall to have been built up in the drain. He then surmised that perhaps it was a rug and the backing on the rug produced sediment. (Who knows?). I was given a bill for over $200.00 and expected "life as normal"... until after paying for the repair he said I should NOT use the unit again. I was rather confused since the basket in the unit NEVER made any noise - and as far as we could tell - except for the drain everything was ok with the washer. I asked him how long would it be before I would need a NEW washer, he insisted I would NOT BE ABLE TO USE THIS WASHER ANYMORE. Still a bit confused, I allowed him to proceed so that he could GO!!! He gave me a receipt and a form to get $50 (or slightly more) on a NEW washer and he went his way.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Taylors, SCASSUMING that since the drain was the only malady on my machine, I put two towels in the washer as I was grateful to have my machine fixed. THEN---- the basket started KNOCKING and smoke was everywhere. Needless to say, I had to unplug it and off I am to BUY A NEW
Herein lies my problems. If he knew that this washer model had the likelihood of being broken beyond the drain - I would gladly pay for his trip to my home - and NOT paid for a drain repair for a machine that ONLY had drainage problems. I went to Lowe's and recounted what happened and without stating my grief - the appliance salesman agreed with me that this repair person likely sabotaged the event in order for me to BUY A NEW WASHER. I am woefully disappointed that I need to look for a new washer POST REPAIR OF MY PRESENT WASHER. I wish I had asked someone OTHER than a GE Certified Repair person to come to my home. This gentleman is why people choose competitors - he was the exemplification of poor customer service.
I must now weigh my options in making a purchase I was not prepared to make. It is grueling to think that there was nothing wrong - although in time, the basket could produce problems as this is not a new unit - BUT it was a reliable unit that performed well during normal usage.
Back to Home Depot or Lowe's with my frustration in tow. I will believe forever that this GE Certified Repair person DID SOMETHING TO MY WASHER TO CAUSE IT NOT TO WORK. I assure you the unit worked fine - EXCEPT for the drain BEFORE he came by my home. I need to get rid of a broken washer, a pedestal (that he could not open for me) a dryer and its pedestal as I want a matching set in my laundry room. This faulty repair will go down in the record books as a lesson I learned "the hard way".
As I weigh my options in my next purchase, GE may be a favorable contender BUT relying on GE for repair is no longer an option. I am still clearing out the smell of smoke from my house!!!

May 08, 2017

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