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I purchased my GE Profile convection microwave mid September 2016. While using the convection feature on December 20th the whole thing died. I called GE and they sent a contracted service provider AID SERVICE of Fresh Meadows, (Queens NY) out to my home on December 23rd. The repairman told me that I needed a new computer board and it would take 10 days. I have a problem with a brand new (120 days old) product already broken but GE's policy is if it can be fixed they will not replace it, rather repair it. By about January 12th i called AID SERVICE and spoke to a woman who answered; she said my part was not in yet, when I mentioned the 10 days I was promised, she said well it had been holiday season. Finally someone came on Jan 21, changed the board it still did not work, said he'd be back the next week end January 28th. I happened to be speaking to GE on the 25th as i had already filed a complaint and I mentioned that the repairman was coming that Saturday the 25th and they told me no, he was not coming. GE said they spoke to AID SERVICE, Rick, and he said that they have no record of another service call and that as far as they were concerned my product was fixed and my file was closed. Rick (nasty beyond belief, and a liar) didn't want to have to make a third call as I'm sure it was not financially beneficial to him at this point) so he lied to GE and said my product was fixed.

GE promised to send another repairman out; he came this past Monday or Tuesday. Meanwhile through a lot of hard work and determination on my behalf, I found an email address for someone higher up in GE. They are very good as insulating themselves from the public so you cannot file a complaint. I got a hold of Kim Freeman who is in media relations, and she passed my email on to Gary Mantooth. I spoke to him three times after the GE repairman came to my house earlier this week and he said they will get the job done. They needed two men to come to my house and twice he changed the time for them to come. I work in New York City and could not miss work. This was my FOURTH service call that either I or a family member was going to be there for. The repairman called me at 10:40 this morning and said he'd be there in a few minutes, at which time I told him he had to be gone by 11:40 as my mother had to be at work, he said no problem. By 11:10 I received a call from my mother stating that the second repairman had not yet arrived and now they were not promising that they could be done and out of the house by the time I stated.

At this point I contacted GARY MANTOOTH and I expressed both my desperation and anger and he had the audacity to state that i was the problem, that GE was trying to accommodate me and that I just seem to have one catastrophe to deal with after another. Yes GARY MANTOOTH this is absolutely true, and as of late they have all had to deal with YOU and GE. I cannot believe that someone would speak to a consumer of their product in them manner of which I was spoken to.

Finally my appliance is fixed, we shall see for how long. After hours of going through remote calling with GE, dealing unsuccessfully with AID SERVICE (a company that GE continues to deal with and represent as a repairer of their products), speaking to several people at GE, browsing the web looking for someone in GE to contact, and writing to numerous people, I cannot stress strongly enough to please DO NOT PURCHASE ANY GE PRODUCTS as they will give you the run around when the product does not work, and will treat you poorly.

Feb 3, 2017

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