Ge Adora Front Loading Washerpoor quality

Water/moisture got into the computer board which was replaced before I washed the first load.
A yellow grease-like substance started to form on the inside gasket where door closes .additionally
the letters that tell me which cycle to choose wiped off when machine was cleaned according to
their maintenance manuel.The service person advised "IT IS NOT GREASE, although it looks like grease,
this machine has no working parts that require grease".
He then said there had been some issues with this gasket and agreed to replace it along with the
upper panel (lettering Issue). The parts were sent to my residence absent the gasket. The service
person came, the lettered part was replaced. He told me to call when the gasket arrived. After 20
days had passed I called Cus Svc and was told someone would get back to me. It hasn't happened, it's
now the 48th day. I now have a washer that sounds like a bucket of bolts being shaked when it goes
into spin cycle. Could it be that the non-grease-grease has leaked out totally causing this noise. I'm
at wits end. I feel as though GE doesn't care about their customers being happy, after all they won't
go belly up because they have lost one customer.
This washer/dryer set was purchased August 10th 2007. Two people live in this household.


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