GDex / GD Expresscourier services bad and no responsible!!!

Dear all, I want to complain for "Gdex Kepong Branch" courier services are no responsible to call for infront when can't find receipt ppl and my thing until now haven receipt yet, the courier services are so bad for my track number is MY43045361293!! Friday (30/11/2018) i miss collect, but the courier put the slip at my house door only and mention "collect office" at kepong branch. Saturday(1/12/2018) 10am, i come office to collect . Admin told me my thing haven reach there office and say they boy just now morning have delivery again, we also miss collect, admin reason say " we miss out, and house are no ppl".
Besides, I want to complain as following:
1) Why courier boy when reach are no call to infront for us to collect.
2) My dad is at house on Saturday (1/12/2018) for all times and my dad say didn't see courier ppl come.
3) Tacking number result show on 1/12/2018 for out deliveey 9.05am, miss collect for 9.06am, it is wait for 1minutes only?
4) 30/11/2018 have infront for us to collect from office, but they sendiri out delivery and no call to infront, it is very no responsible.
5) It is courier for 2 times only when miss collect?
6) The thing haven reach Gdex office for kepong branch yet.
7) My thing very urgent!!

Please respeat for received person.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Michelle Shuan

GDex / GD Express
GDex / GD Express

Nov 30, 2018

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