GDex / GD Expressabout delivery and useless lazy and unplan people

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19/05/2017 21:30:29 Outbound from OCU station Petaling Jaya
19/05/2017 18:49:09 Undelivered due to Hold for Reattempt Date Petaling Jaya
19/05/2017 09:05:15 Out for delivery Petaling Jaya
19/05/2017 07:03:36 Inbound to PJY station Petaling Jaya
19/05/2017 06:14:02 In transit Petaling Jaya
18/05/2017 17:34:57 Picked up by courier Petaling Jaya

May 19, 2017
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  • Ba
      Mar 07, 2019

    Bad Gdex delivery service. How can you call me up to tell me I should come to your office and collect my parcel after I paid you for deliver and you ain’t even made any delivery attempts. Such timerity? [protected] That’s my order number. I can’t deal with gdex. Pls send that goods back cause I will be getting a refund of my money. Rude courier unlike LEX

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