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I would just like to note that while I've seen quite a few people who get irritated with Gamestop employees, the company itself is much worse. Until recently, my fiance was employed full time with one of the local Gamestops. When he was "terminated", the reasoning was understandable--but not strong enough for someone to lose his job. He made an honest mistake. Since when is it ethical to fire someone for making a mistake? I can guarantee that if you watch anyone close enough, he/she will make a mistake of at least the same caliber if not worse. The problem with this company is that it's stated in their handbook that they can fire someone anytime they want, with any reason. But in the paragraph just above that, there's mention that if there are any problems, the store manager should address the associate and attempt to get the issue resolved. But again, a couple lines below, the handbook reads that there is no guarantee that the associate deserves such treatment.

This was just my own personal experience. Gamestop goes out of its way to fire/screw its associates. I know a guy who used to be a Gamestop SM for years. Gamestop has this little incentive that they promise to their SMs; if they have a low turnover rate for associates, they get a bonus. Money. A check. Etc. This guy had absolutely no turnover for three straight years, and for three straight years Gamestop told him that he wasn't going to get his bonus that year and that it would be added to his bonus that he would get next year. Year four came around and he had an associate that he had to fire. Gamestop denied not only his bonus for that year, but the bonuses that he had previously earned. That money was his. But they didn't give it to him. Needless to say, he quit shortly thereafter.

Another situation of ignorance: there's another SM who walks up to his store one day, just a normal day. He sees an eviction notice on the door and immediately calls his DM. What did his DM say? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this. We're closing your store; you should receive your severance package shortly. If you have to close a store, you have to close a store. But at least have the decency to let your associates know. He could have been out at least looking for another job while they dilly-dallied.

These are three examples of how Gamestop runs a business. I don't know about other people, but if this is what it means to be one of the Fortune 500, then America is a lot worse off than anyone thought.

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  • Sr
      19th of Jul, 2009
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    i worked for gamestop for 16yrs they fired me for a simple mistake i didnt thinks so much of and neither did the rest of my staff.
    funny thing was they didnt even have the nerve to do it in the store they punked up and did it in the food court of the mall so i could not go back to the store .
    they treated me like i was a theaf and the only thing i did was roll over my familys store resavation credit to another then they trumped up the charge of me ringing up my own trade-ins wow they realy know how to ### up someone life i was getting married soon too and i have a 11yr old son now im going to lose my car my home and maybe my future wife and kid. ### GAMESTOP AND I HOPE THE ### GETT SUIDE TO MAKE THEM GO BANKRUPT!!!

  • Fo
      27th of Sep, 2009
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    The eviction story and the turnover rate story are pretty bad...that's the fault of the district managers - incompetence does run rampant in that company. But what was the mistake your fiance made? You didn't exactly specify..while some mistakes are harmless, and easy to rectify, there are some that are not so easy to overlook, anything involving money, poor customer service, or any other thing that could cost the company money (unfortunately) is always terminable. You could always just chalk it up to poor training, but for the most part, everyone gets warnings up to first and finals, and only really serious problems are cause for immediate termination, tenured or not.

  • Fl
      30th of Sep, 2009
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    I think that some of these stories are a little fabricated. I know plenty of Gamestop managers, they get together every year. EVERY single one gets their bonus. No questions asked. They don't get a promise for next year.
    Your fiance was probably lying to you about the raise and didn't get it because he didn't meet the criteria. That's just my personal opinion.

  • Ca
      22nd of Apr, 2010
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    I work at Game Stop currently. I am married and the mother of on.. I was unemployed after the birth of our son and after he turned two I started to get cabin fever. So my husband pointed out a job listing for an Assistant Manager at a Game Stop in our area. It was right up my alley since I had been the manager of a restaurant for years before our first child and was an avid gamer. So I sent in my online application along with my resume and called the next day. The manager automatically knew who I was because I was the only woman to apply. She set up an interview with me the next morning. I went in dressed for an interview with a copy of resume in hand.

    We went through the interview and she asked me all the questions on a worksheet specifically for interviews and then asked me a few of her own. She then told me that the reason they were hiring a new Assistant Manager was because the previous one was responsible for "bad inventory". She said that I had interviewed very well and was looking forward to seeing me again. She had other interviews to do later in the week and would contact me the following Monday. The following Monday rolled around and no call yet, so I called her at 3pm to ask about the status of my interview. She said she had not yet talked to the District Manager and that she would contact me when they reached a decision.

    That following Thursday I had not heard anything so I called in. She told me the District Manager was at a conference and she would not be able to talk to him until the following Tuesday. So I waited out the weekend and on Tuesday I again called later in the afternoon. She told me to come in for a second interview. The next morning I came in and she informed me that due to the previous incident that she and the District Manager did not want to rush into rehiring someone as an Assistant Manager and that instead they wanted to train me as a key-holder and then I would be competing with their current key holder for the Assistant Manager position.

    So the next week I started a schedule of 6-9:30 in the evening for 4 days. I learned very fast and worked hard. The next week I was given 2 days of 6-9:30. Also the schedule did not come out until the last minute. The last day on the one week schedule was Friday and the new schedule for the next week came out Friday morning. So I wasn't able to make any set plans for the weekend. I worked my two days and then was brought in on the third day to cover an 11am-2pm shift. Which I was thankful for. The co-workers I had during my shifts said I was a hard worker and a fast learner. I completed all my tasks with time to spare. The next week's schedule came out (at last minute again) and I was given 2 days of 6-9:30 and 2 days of 11am-2pm. On the third shift of my work week I was working directly with my Store Manager. In the middle of my shift the current key-holder arrived to start his shift. Much to my shock the Store Manager informed him right in front of me that he would be training for the Assistant Manager position on today's shift. I finished my work and when it was time for me to clock out I was barely acknowledged and neither of them even looked up when I said good-bye. On my next shift I received the new schedule, which I was not on. I asked my Store Manager what was going on and she told me that she would contact me for shifts if someone called off. I was furious. Currently it has been 3 days and I have called in every morning just to be told i was not needed that day.

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