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They gutted the good spawns because they were too hard to hunt, and had a payout equal to the hunt difficulty.

They want to have a "no child left behind" game. No change to me on RHPVP, I'm gonna spend all day tomorrow mass killing players who hunt. If they gained some exp, I'll just take that back. Thanks. I'd suggest being offline until the hunting grounds changes are permanent.

Raise the price of houses, rent, potions, runes, prey, and now let's ruin the spawns that made those things possible to use.

Actually can y'all just change it back to cheap houses, cheap pots, and keep your useless spawns? I am happier hunting mini Rosh on my 350ek. Just get rid of all price increases since Helera was launched.

Delayed service

I received a letter game in my email, saying that my account would be deleted because I was using macro/bot...

CipSoft GmbH - Tibia

Tibia Recovery Key Didn't Came - Scam

Paid for a recovery key: Mar 22 2015, 21:19:27 CET 2015-03-P-[protected] Recovery Key 18.00 BRL sent My...

Deleted character with out proof

I have reached a level that not common people do, the thing is first i get banned 30 days after that i get to play 1 month exact then after the 30 month my acc gets banned and schedule for deletion you think its fair i sended 2 emaisl with the consern and still they say iam guilty, with out proof can a person sue ? because this is getting so tiredsome they think we are just numbless personss with out a life and no intelligence .

Terrible service!

For three weeks now Cip has been able to give me a reliable connection to their server. It has greatly reduced the quality of the game play and I do not that I am getting what I have payed for. Despite having laggy servers that will disconnect me and make it impossible to play I still pay the same amount of money. Due to the way the game has been set up if you disconnect while playing and trying to gain levels your character will die and you will lose experience and character skills that are only re-attainable through killing monsters. Although there may be a few hours during which I can log onto their server and experience the game, eventually their server will disconnect me and I will die. I have not been able to make any progress on my character in three weeks, I gain back what I lost due to a server disconnection just to die to another server disconnection. Despite this I have not received any refund for the time I have not been able to use the service that I have paid for.

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Excessive lag and very poor customer support!

I began playing Tibia in 2002 and right off began to realize it had its share of problems. Excessive lag, poor customer relations and very poor customer support.

The in game game masters where rude, extremely ignorant of the English language and very poor in making wise decisions concerning the game play rules. As time went I realized that this company is about money only and not customer satisfaction. Now in 2007 the game has gone downhill. Daily the game is plagued with server login errors, website glitches, deadly game lags and the company who does their premium account signups has had its share of problems.

Peoples accounts have been drained while trying to get a 28.00 premium account which is not worth the money I may add. Some people didnt get a premium at all after paying and those who did get one lost up to 2 weeks total game time due to the login errors on the game. Here is the real kicker, if you complain about them you get banned with no compensation for what you purchased. Basically they dictate to their virtual world what you can and cannot do. Since Germany has no BBB they can pretty much do as they please however due to them having servers based in the USA there is the possibility of having them adhere to US business standards.

Overall rating: 2 out a 10
Suggestion: Play Guild Wars, its a much better and and you get more for your money.

Black Dragon
AKA Wizzard of Tohan

  • Jo
    John Gracie Oct 30, 2007

    yes, many players were duped into paying for something that was not delivered. Their attitude towards customer service was deplorable. I wish that I as a consumer was able to do something in retaliation. But I suppose I'll have to settle for a boycott.

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  • Da
    Daan Jan 21, 2008

    I bought Premium 117 times, and always received it. (Note that it wasn't for me only, also all my friends). Now I have to agree that login errors occure, and some Gamemasters are tards, but you exaggerate WAY too much.

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  • Jo
    Joxini Aug 25, 2008

    Cipsoft sucks. They banned my guild for killing ppl and we were only roleplaying badguys. They suck. They are German dictators like Adolf Hitler!

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  • Eb
    eburatti09 Jan 22, 2013

    My account got deleted, because I broke some rules, I admit, but it happened just after paying for a premium account and before even activating it (by logging in the game). Then I tried contacting the support to get my money back and got no response at all... Ignored. I have never seen such an ### company as Cipsoft...

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  • Me
    Mercykiller Jan 16, 2014

    Here we are in 2014 and it's not changed at all. The servers are constantly being attacked by DDoS making progressing in the game in possible. These attacks and the great deal of illegal software users have ruined the game completely. Cipsoft refuses to refund paying customers for the time they've paid for and lost. They hide behind their "terms and condtions" that state that because the game is completely reliant on the internet that they cannot guarantee minor interruptions and such. The thing is these aren't minor interruptions. They always say that the issue is with individual's ISP's. The thing is that all or the largest possible majority players from around the world are disconnected at the exact same time and die while disconnected. The death penalty is hugely severe, making the game fun and exiting, but dying at no fault of your own is extremely frustrating. One death will set you back several hours or even days of playing to recover your losses. These kicks are happening several times a day, everyday. Many players are dying several times a day. CIPsoft will occasionally offer vouchers for additional, paid for, premium time vouchers or double your gains for a period of time. The problem is even when you use these vouchers, the attacks still occur making them COMPLETELY USELESS. They continue to take your money. Unfortunately for me, I paid for several months in advance to take advantage of a price break. I can't get a refund for unused time. I'm competely out of luck as is the rest of their abandoned community. The customer support is non existent. Their forums are flooded with thousands of unanswered posts, email support requests get auto generated responses deflecting blame on the "INTERNET" in general. This is totally invalid as the attacks are directed to their servers. Their servers are the only things unreachable when this happens. All other sites work fine. Their latest news section offers only marketing and supported fansite promotions and nothing deemed news worthy. I recommend taking your money from your wallet and burning it before paying this company. At least this way you get the benefit of heat and maybe a little fun for you pyromaniacs out there. Also ramming your head into a brick wall is a lot more fun than playing with these conditions, being ignored, blamed, and treated as if you were completely brain dead.

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  • No
    Notrecommended Mar 19, 2015


    My account just got deleted without any warning, without any violation to their so called rules ! I did not receive a mail message, never even cheated. Most people who get deleted are even able to login but not able to play the game. All my characters vanished without any notice while I still had 31 premium days active ! My account was only 2 months old ! I played on a daily basis, respected the rules and just had fun... I have contacted support but they only have a mail address not even a phone number or an website form or anything else that is decent. This company is a SCAM they will steal your money ! They will even hack their own accounts just to suck more money out of you ! BEWARE ! TAKE LEGAL ACTION ASAP !

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