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Fwm Laboratories Acai Berry Detox / Acai Berry &Free Trial& Scam

1 2040 NE 163rd St #305North Miami Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-866-949-0138

I ordered the "free trial" of Acai Berry Detox and shipment was received & refused on 12/22/2008. Never opened the box; obviously having the product in front of your person for ten seconds so one can inform the postman one doesn't want the product = "trying" the product for slightly less than 14 days, right? More like... I never accepted the package... so I never owned it. Today, I notice my bank account has $87.13 on hold, so I called and was informed it was the acai berry detox. I called the toll free number and waited on hold for approx 15 mins and spoke with some rep named Kyle (did not provide me his agent number) and explained the situation to him. Kyle tells me he will refund my money and this refund process will take approximately 7-10 business days. Clearly, as I never even owned the product - that was unacceptable so I requested a supervisor... and he left me on hold fifty minutes. Called back and spoke w/ Jacky ID #1027010 and she told me it was "impossible" to refund my money any faster. I explained to her that since the "free trial" is alleged to be 14 days in length and I never even accepted delivery and still *somehow* wasn't fast enough, it only follows that if one actually accepts the package - opens it - takes one pill - ships it the back within 24 hours (one day, anybody?) obviously that person would *inevitably* be charged the $87.13. Ergo, this is no "free trial" of which to speak, er, advertise. So, I asked Jackie to explain how this "free trial" were even possible, on a scientific level and... she had nothin'. I asked to speak w/ her supervisor and have now been holding for 35 minutes.

FW Lab/ Acai Berry Detox = SCAM, SCAM, SCAM and, I daresay: S C A M!

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  • De
      1st of Jan, 2009
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    I totally agree with you I never received any package that I would have to pay 87.13 for. I was shocked to find out that my bank account in which I am ready to close has a pending debit for this amount. Thank you very much for your compliant I searched high and low trying to find the phone number to contact this company to stop the payment. The only difference was I spoke to someone that I could barely understand only to be told right off the bat that the charges would be canceled the only problem I have is my bank will not release this off my pending for 5-7 business days which has now delayed me from closing my account out and it cost me a hidden fee of 2.00 from my bank to call and find this all out calling their 1 800 number. Hope your money was returned to you as I hope it will also be returned to me. I am sorry it took you so long to get your problem corrected I definately know what that is like.

  • Su
      1st of Jan, 2009
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    The free trial is a total scam. I did get through on the 800# but the refused to email the terms and conditions I agreed to. My credit card was charged $78 but I have not received the product. I cancelled any additional product being sent but I've heard some people have had to call multiple times and incurred additional charges. My credit card co. did give me credit because I have not received the product.

  • An
      2nd of Jan, 2009
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    I wish I would've known about this website before I ordered this "free trial". It's such a crock. I allowed the so called shipping fee for this product and two weeks later found out another 88 dollars was charged to my account. I'm spending my day off work on hold w/ FWM 866#. Then at my bank changing my account information. I can't believe I fell for a SCAM like this...and I'm still holding!

  • Sh
      5th of Jan, 2009
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    Thank you all for posting this to let people know! I was wonding what web sight did you order off? Do you think all the web sights that sell this weight loss pill are all in on this scam? I'm not ording anything from any web sight until I know for sure it is safe to order from them. Thanks again and I'm very sorry that happen to you.. Hugs


  • Co
      6th of Jan, 2009
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    Help! I am trying to cancel my autoship and the number 1-866-949-0138 is no longer a working number. I am not sure who to contact now. I am worried!!! If anyone has any suggestions please help!!!

  • Ja
      8th of Jan, 2009
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    I just called the 1-866-949-0138 number and it worked for me.
    Hurry and call so you can cancel the autoship.

  • Ma
      12th of Jan, 2009
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    I just received my free sample of acai berry detox and have been trying to contact them to cancel so i don't get charged the 87.13. The line is steadily busy. If i don't get through today I think i'll close my checking account and open a new one. I do not trust that I will get through before they take my money from my account. what a bummer. i will not get anything "free" anymore. I've learned my lesson.

  • Ta
      12th of Jan, 2009
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    I ordered the 14-day trial, recieved it just fine. My bank account got charged for the first 30-day supply ten day ago, and I have not recieved the product as of yet. Today I checked my bank account online and there is another charge for $87.13 pending. I called the number on my "terms and conditions" and I got a recording that they are not accepting calls at this time. So I'm out $174.26 and have not recieved anything but an anxiety attack for it. This is the first time and the last that I will ever order anything

  • Su
      13th of Jan, 2009
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    I also ordered the free trial for 3.95 shipping on dec 18 and received them on Dec. 29th. I never thought twice about being charged another fee or that this was on autodelivery or anything. Checked my online bank statement today and there is a charge for 87.13 for Jan 05th. I call the 866 # in which you have to call from a land line because it doesnt go through on a cell phone and I am waiting for a supervisor because the person I spoke to said I will cancel your order but the 87.13 is for the 14 day trial period I already received. I then asked for a supervisor because that is outrageous of course and she said my supervisor will tell you the same so i tell her to let me speak with one or I will call my bank and claim fraudulent charges and she put on hold that was more that fifteen minutes ago. I will never order anything free again this is such a rip off. There has to be something we can do to keep this from happening to other people because obviously it is and thats why you are on hold for soooooo long. If I can't get my money back I might call the news channels and notify them of this and maybe that will do something! I am very angry!

  • Li
      14th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was taken also, $87.13 was taken out of my account also. I didn't have time to see if I even liked it
    or not. I'm so mad now that I threw away the bottle after about 8-9 days of use. I won't order anything free again, ( I should have known better to start with. My dad always said "you don't get anything for free" I should have listened.. I tell my kids all the time "you don't get anything for free" I should have listened to myself. I 'll talk to news media too if it will help. It may have been a good product but how would you know if you don't get a chance to see if it works... I sure won't order it again NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • An
      15th of Jan, 2009
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    I received an email about this product and thought it would be GREAT to try something like this for virtually nothing. AFTER I was done ordering it that's when it said that I would be charged the full price of $87.13 if I didn't return it within 15 days of the ship date. I tried to return to the website and it's like it no longer existed! I just received the product about a week ago and have been trying to get ahold of someone about canceling this. I just noticed today on my bank account that the $87.13 is now pending and is really screwing with my finances. I finally reached someone after being on hold FOREVER and was informed that this charge was already billed and they didn't have the authority to refund my money. According to the date on the package it was postmarked on January 9th...don't I have 15 days from the ship date to return it? Obviously not!!
    I am VERY upset about this whole thing and think that it's such a shame that people have to fall victim to these kinds of scams. And what do they get for it?? NOTHING! I at least think that they should take some of the money they are screwing us out of and hire some people that actually speak English!!! Sorry..just a bit bitter. :)

  • St
      16th of Jan, 2009
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    I have read the complaints of the above persons and I am having basically the same problem. I ordered the Acai Berry Detox and was told that it was shipped out on Jan. 7th..well, today is the 16th and I have not received it. After calling the 866 # (which I was on hold for more than 15 minutes) I was told that it should only take 3-4 days to receive it from the day it was shipped..still no product!!! Plus, not only was the $3.95 s&h taken out of my banking account, but also an $.08 cent international shipping charge. I called back again(with an even longer wait), and was told that the product was shipped from Florida so I then explained about the international shipping charge and she couldn't tell me what that was about so I asked her what country this product is being imported from and she continued to tell me "It comes from Florida" over and over..I then put her on the spot and asked her what part of Florida to see how quickly she could tell me, and of course it took her a second, like she had to think about it and she finally said "Hollywood, Florida". My bank told me that either the product or the shipping charges ARE coming from out of the U.S. yet these reps continue to say "No, No No", it comes from Florida..and don't get me started on the accent of these people answering the phones...They need to speak clear English and not give people the runaround. She gave me a website to pull up but of course, nothing came up on it. Once I spoke with my bank, I called back a second time regarding the .08 cent charge, she pulled my information and said that my account had been cancelled from the first call I made to them (which I didn't cancel) but why should she understand English when she can't speak it and so I told her that I still had not received my "free" trial period of the product and all she could say, is that it's been shipped (several times at that).She also said that if I don't end up receiving it, that I can reorder and be charged the $87.13 and I told her ABSOLUTELY NOT. As of right now, that amount has not been deducted, but I will be thoroughly checking my bank account daily. I hate that I'm not the only person this happened to, but again, as some of the other complaints have said, "YOU DON'T GET ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD FOR FREE!!" and that's the truth.

  • Ch
      21st of Jan, 2009
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    I couldn't agree more!! Obvious scam. I ordered the "free" trial to see if it was something that I would like to persue, and for several reasons I am very disappointed. I recieved the Life Cleanse but not the Detox so was unable to try them together to get the full effect. As of today still haven't recieved the Detox. Checked my bank activity online this AM and have been charged $87.13 twice as well as an ATM fee for the automatic withdrawl. Again I say I still haven't recieved the complete "free" bottle. Yesterday I recieved the Detox that I was billed for today, but now have not recieved the Cleanse that I was billed for today. Have tried several times already to call the phone number provided for support and the line is busy, it's a rapid busy signal can't help but wonder if it's in the process of being disconnected. I went to the bank and filled out a ACH withdrawal refusal form, we'll see if that works. Very expensive free trial, one that I will not have to learn again!

  • Li
      22nd of Jan, 2009
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    Thank you all so much for posting. I ordered the trial yesterday and the 3.95 has been deducted from my account. I talked to my bank and will be canceling my debit card today. I was able to call the company and got a person right away and canceled, but I'm not trusting them with my banking info. Hope others do there homework before ordering.

  • Th
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    FWM Laboratories Acai Berry Detox - Would not cancel account
    FWM Laboratories
    North Miami Beach
    United States
    Phone: 866-949-0138

    Ordered Acai Berry Detox online for free 15 day trial Dec. 11, 2008, paying $3.95 for shipping only. Dec. 23, 2008 called and cancelled because I did not receive free trial. Received Acai Berry on Dec. 27th. Was charged on Visa for $3.95 on 12/12/08 and on 12/30/08 for $87.13. Had not received the second bottle. Called again on Jan. 14, 2009 and asked why wasn't it cancelled. Got the runaround. Told her to cancel and gave me a confirmation number and her name. Said she would refer it to billing for credit and e-mail me back. No reply as of 1-27-09. Received another Acai Berry on 1-18-09 which was mailed on 1-16-09. Then received another one on 1-26-09. Have not opened. They again charged my credit card on 1-14-09 for $87.13. Can not get through yet on the phone. Credit card company said to submit complaint though It's not so much the product but the way they operate. Will never do this again. Saw this ad when I was looking for something on Oprah Thought it would be safe.

  • An
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    I have had the same problem with this horrible company as everyone else here. I was charged the $87.13 without any notice. I just called and cancelled with the company. Tomorrow I will go to my bank and see if I can report this to get my money back. I asked what I could do to be refunded the $87 and he said he would email the refund department. The email address is After a week I will start emailing this address with my complaints and see what happens. Good luck to all of you.

  • Pj
      31st of Jan, 2009
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    I've just been had, also. I have not yet been charged the $87.13 though & I have been on hold now for 20 minutes & still counting...
    What I would "HIGHLY" recommend if you have not been credited yet is to contact the Better Business Bureau online. They are ***AWESOME***. I've dealt with them twice through the years. The last time was just a few weeks ago & let me tell you - they respond quickly & when they get involved, these companies move their butts!!!

  • Vi
      3rd of Feb, 2009
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  • Ka
      4th of Feb, 2009
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    I have just been throught the very same thing!!! UGH!!! What a mess! I have already cut off my debit card and I am going to the bank tomorrow to fill out an affidavit. I just got off the phone with the lady at the 866 number and she had to repeat herself over and over because I really couldn't understand her accent. I asked her why they charged me $87.13 for a "Free" trial and she said that I should have read the terms and conditions. I never saw any terms and conditions! Did anyone else run into this problem? Surely if they were there then we wouldn't have been stupid enough to order.

  • Jo
      9th of Feb, 2009
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    Same thing for me as you all have had with this out fix !! maybe we well find a way to get our money back. Makes you feel DUMB . good luck we all need it .Joyce

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