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Father died a little over one month ago. I am my mother's only child and her only support system. She is living alone about 2000 miles away. Try as i might, i was not able to travel to her home to spend mother's day with her. Thus, this mother's day my mom would not only be grieving the loss of her husband but be spending the day alone.

I decided to try to cheer her up a bit and send her a bouquet of flowers. I ordered the flowers on the Tuesday before mother's day and requested that the flowers be delivered on Friday. I did this so if there were any problems with the delivery that there would be an additional day available to correct the problem and get the flowers delivered.

The flowers were not delivered on Friday as scheduled. I received no notice from ftd that they did not fulfill the order as promised. I find out on Saturday that no flowers have been delivered to my mother. I call and stay on hold for 35 minutes. While on hold i listen to a message over and over again telling me that it is not too late to get flowers delivered for mother's day, they can deliver on Sunday, etc, etc, etc. When i finally get someone to answer the phone the ftd person tells me that my mother’s flowers are "scheduled to be delivered". And that's all she says. I inform her that it is already getting fairly late where my mother lives and “dale” (the “customer service” person with ftd) says that she knows this and that my mother’s flowers will get to her “sometime next week”.

I explain to dale that this is not acceptable and that ftd needs to make this right and get flowers to my mother for mother’s day. Dale refuses. I inform dale that this issue needs to be resolved, i explained to dale the circumstances regarding my father’s death, etc and dale states “don’t get no attitude with me”. I had not had any attitude, had not raised my voice, i had simply stated that i required that this issue be resolved.

I asked to speak with dale’s supervisor. She argued with me for over five minutes and then finally put me on hold for another 10 minutes. Then tiffany the supervisor picked up and said that there was nothing that “is willing to do” to resolve this situation. Tiffany said that “all florists nationwide are working tomorrow” and that she will try to get someone to deliver. I explain to tiffany that my mother lives in the bible belt. Florists there do not work on Sundays no matter what day it is.
Tiffany informed me that i did not know what i was talking about and continued to tell me that this was not ftd’s fault, it was the fault of the people who were supposed to “mail” the flowers. I informed tiffany that i did not order flowers that would be several days old after being “mailed”, i ordered “fresh” flowers for my mother. Tiffany then stated that she would refund my money and that i could just “figure out something” myself as to how to get my mother some flowers for mother’s day. I asked to speak with tiffany’s supervisor and she said no.

At this point i was so upset i had to let my husband continue with the conversation because i was in tears. My husband then began to speak with tiffany who told him that she could find a florist to get flowers delivered to my mother. She makes an attempt and then comes back and tells him that no florists are open for deliveries in my mother’s area. This is the same thing i had already said to her but she never bothered to apologize for arguing with me about this. Tiffany then states that she is authorized to do nothing but refund our money. My husband asks to speak with tiffany’s supervisor.

First tiffany states that she is the only supervisor in the building. Then she states that no supervisor can do anything more than she can. Then tiffany says she doesn’t have a supervisor. Suddenly she puts my husband on hold and miraculously her supervisor, a person named vicki morgan, is on the phone.

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  • Ft
      17th of May, 2007
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    Hello, I am a Customer Service Representative at one of the Call Centers that is operated by FTD.COM. I wanted to apologize about the mistreatment of orders, and explain some of the business practices that they (managers) require the CSR's to process... First to explain the services charges...Thats FTD's take... Its a [censored] amount as far as i am concerned, but the amount is a flat amount as long as its flowers that are ordered...When Valentines Day and Mothers Day hit, it will go up...Based on the delivery date selected by the sender. The closer your delivery date selected is to the holiday, the higher the charge goes...While the CSR's cannot give information about any florists they contract with, the way to complain and get a refund is to threaten to contact corporate and if the manager does not bother with it, then do it anyway, they'll apologize and refund you. If you get any names of higher ups, the email they can be reached at is their first initial then last name then VP of operations (the [censored] that usually assigns some of the BS rules that the CSR's are forced to follow) is Michael Dorian, so his email is If you would like to harass him, then by all means, do it, he deserves the harassment for pissing off some of the staff... Unfortunetly where i am, there are no companies that pay better or offer better benefits yet... As soon as i find one, i am quitting working for FTD.COM... Hope this helps anyone who is having any issues with them.

  • Jc
      2nd of Oct, 2007
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    FTD - Hillside flowers poor service!
    United States

    Totally disappointed!!! I located outside of US, so I needed to order a flower online for a friend who lives in US.

    (1) I paid for a deluxe order but it seemed that my friend just received a regular one (from the photos she took; guess they thought the buyers would never know) (2) When I placed the order, it said there will have a card accompanied with the order, but apparently there wasn't any because my friend did not know who sent her the flowers (3) the delivery date was wrong; it was 5 days earlier than the day I requested.

    They were uncountable after I placed the order. It's like they took your money and gone.

  • Va
      18th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes - Do not do business with
    United States

    These people sent my sister wilted flowers. When I emailed them to let them know that I would not pay for the flowers due to them being wilted, I received an automated letter telling me that they will responded to my inquiry within a certain number of hours. I never heard from them and decided to contact them again after receiving the charge on my credit card bill. Following numerous telephone calls and repeated emails I have still not received a resolution. Do you want a similar experience?

  • Gi
      30th of Apr, 2008
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    CALL 630-724-6200. FTD CORPORATE. GOOD LUCK.

  • Da
      4th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    FTD online dropped the ball

    I ordered a dozen roses – next day delivery –guaranteed- for my mother in-laws 70th birthday. The flowers never arrived. I called “customer service” and they said they would “Make it right” first thing in the AM (the day after her birthday). I got home at 4 pm to find out that the flowers were still not there and that nothing was done. I called them a second time and the woman on the phone said, “sorry, … I could call your mother in law and let her know that you did order flowers”
    Never again will I use this company or their web site. Find a local service and save your service fees.
    FTD very bad service and no follow through!

  • Rh
      8th of Aug, 2009
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    I used to work in a call center, and have experienced more calls like this than you could possibly believe. Seriously, every other call was either non-delivery or the flowers were DOA. The rules they have us bound to were idiotic and the hours look like they were thought up by a bloody random number generator.

    I wouldn't recommend FTD to ANYONE. You'd be better off going to Kroger.

  • Ma
      18th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes - Never use them
    United States

    In sending a FALL COLORED cornucopia to my mother for Thanksgiving, I found that (when she sent me a photo via cell phone) that the colors were in fact various shades of pink, purple and yellow daisies - NO SUNFLOWERS AS DESCRIBED in the ad.NO FALL COLORS - NO husks or goards... I was sorely disappointed when I contacted customer service and sent PHOTOS of the VARIED subjects and was never given ANY consideration. THREE calls, 3 emails. NO SATISFACTION. NEVER USE AGAIN!!!

  • Ft
      21st of Feb, 2010
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    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee NEVER ORDER FLOWERS FROM FTD!!!

    I was billed for flowers that my wife never received. The florist that they use are liars. FTD charged me for floweres that were never delievered. After many complaints they refunded me the money. Then one day checking my credit card statement I saw that they charged me again for the flowers. They never called me to authorize this. I am calling the better business bureaus about FTD.
    I will NEVER use FTD again.

  • Ra
      6th of May, 2010
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    Ok Folks after careful research of FTD, first and foremost, they had me on the phone for almost 2 hours. Wasted time. But, I wanted to make sure the individuals that took my call was being taken care of. First and foremost, I found out this FTD has a call center that takes their calls. I found out the name of the Call Center is Florist Transworld Delivery CM working for FTD. They took my call and hung up on me twice, had a supervisor by the name of Cathrine from the Assist Line being rude, unprofessional and at one point said' OH GOD", when I asked for the corporate's address. She ended up giving me 40 Main Street Centerbrook, CT with the zip code 06331. In actuallity I looked it up and the correct zip is 06409. I also found out, that they hire anyone off the streets. That is way we are getting the service we get when we call to cancel because our flowere were not delivered. I also have the direct number, after which time after speaking to 4 different reps. who would not give me information what so ever. I got 860-767-6200 and if you wanted a job you would have to call 860-767-6208. Here is one of the advertisement I found Job ID 8995410414275165354
    Company Name FTD.COM
    Job Category Customer Service
    Location Centerbrook, CT
    Position Type Full-Time, Employee
    Experience Unspecified
    Date Posted April 18, 2010

    View FTD.COM profile and job listings

    Come join the team at FTD and help make this Mother's Day special for thousands of people around the world! Now hiring Full and Part Time Seasonal Customer Service Reps! Flexible scheduling and immediate openings. Start at $10/hr, earn up to $12. Make money while making a difference!
    Call now for more information -
    860-767-6208 -
    or apply in person at 40 Main St, Centerbrook, CT!

    JUST TO MAKE THIS CLEAR, I AM ONE MAD CUSTOMER WHO DOES NOT LIKE BEING HUNG UP ON, HAVING RUDE COMMENTS FROM WHEN I CALLED IN. BEING LIED TO AND BEING TOLD THEY COULD NOT GET MY MONEY BACK UNTIL THE NEXT DAY BECAUSE THEY HAD A PROTOCOL TO TEND TO. These are the names of the individuals who I spoke too. (Not sure if that was their real name) Mrs. Glenn who said she had a supervisor named Christian, Katherine from an assist line (this lady was very rude and irrate.. I actually told the last person to pull the recording on that call to hear her talk so rudely) then there was a girl who hung up on me, who I managed to get her supervisor name "Berry"... then we have the last person who transferred me to his super. He was a NEW HIRE and actually was very decent.

    Final CASE.. DON"T USE THEM !!!

  • Mg
      7th of May, 2010
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    I was treated with such recklessness as to have all the customer service representatives laughing in the background as "Maria" translated what I was saying to spanish. I think she thought it was on mute. Miserable experience. It would have been fine except by the time they told my flowers weren't delivered, I had no other option. I complained and complained and finally got transferred to the US call center... Stephanie said they would call me back as soon as their computer system came online... still waiting. The apologies flow like water because the last time I ordered from them (anniversary) the flowers showed up two weeks late, dead. whatever. this company shouldn't be in business, they offer no competitive advantage above calling a local florist. Just google for a florist in the city you want delivered, the local florist actually cares because they are a brick and mortar business. FTD is just a money sucking middleman of disappointment.

  • Ch
      12th of May, 2010
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    I have sent my Mother flowers on Mother's Day for as long as I have been old enough to hold a job. It is the least I can do for the beautiful lady that raised me with love and respect. This past Mother's Day was no exception. Typically I shop for a florist simply by looking at floral arrangements and seeing THE ONE that I know will give my Mom the biggest smile. (Something different, happy, and lovely - just like her.) I found what I was looking for at and quickly ordered the arrangement for delivery to my Mother's house the day before or ON Mother's Day by noon. I was surprised when my Mom didn't say anything about her flowers when I spoke to her on Mother's Day - but thought she was just forgetting to mention them. On Monday I asked her if she liked her flowers and found out that she never received them. :(
    I called FTD and was on hold for over 30 minutes. Finally a lady answered and I told her that the flowers had not been delivered. She told me she would have to call the floral company to verify. (This burned me. What if they lied and said they HAD delivered them?!?!) She told me she would promptly call me back. This did not happen. I called FTD again on Wed. and again on Thurs. and I kept getting CSR's that barely spoke English. I couldn't understand a word they were saying!!! (Talk about making a frustrated customer even more irate...) Finally on Thurs. I was transferred to a Supervisor named Mary Jo that seemed to be truly apologetic and offered me my full refund. I thanked her for doing the right thing and hung up.
    THIS DID NOT MAKE UP FOR THE FACT THAT MY MOTHER DID NOT RECEIVE FLOWERS ON MOTHER'S DAY!!! FTD ruined the perfect record I had for always sending my Mom flowers. They take absolutely no pride in what they do or whom they affect with their lack of service.
    I WILL NEVER USE FTD AGAIN - Nor should you...

  • 34
      17th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes - FTD just ruined my 90 year old mother's mother's day
    United States

    I have a receipt from FTD showing the promised delivery date: 05/09/10. I paid $56 for a bouquet of tulips to be delivered on Mother's Day to my 90 year old mother who lives alone. She never received any thing or heard from anyone. I am her old child. Today is 2 days after Mother's Day and nothing!! I have requested that FTD reverse the charges. They have not done so yet. I don't care for late delivery since it has now lost its purpose. What I am the most sad about is that this past Mother's Day might be the last that my mother spent on this Earth. And she spent it waiting for the flower delivery that never happened.

  • Gj
      31st of Aug, 2010
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    Ok, so I am an employee at, and although things like this happen, It is not as often as you all think. The amount of complaints received are around 1% of all orders placed. The main story sounds completely crazy. Either the people at FTD she spoke with were TERRIBLE reps or there is some exaggerations. The flowers ordered sound like vendor delivered flowers. They come from a grower and are shipped directly from the fields via FEDEX or UPS. This person ordered for friday delivery. FEDEX/UPS only DELIVER Tues thru Sat. Sometimes, and it is rare, the vendor items will be left by the Truck driver, a simple no scan of the package. There is NO way for us to be notified of this mistake until the customer calls in claiming non delivery and we track the package to discover it was never scanned. At this point, on Saturday, the next available delivery date would be on Tuesday. The next option would be to find a local florist to fill an order. It is not our fault that the Florist's in the area are closed on Mother's day. We can only do so much. This was a unfortunate situation that was NO ONE's fault except that truck driver who didn't scan the package who isn't even part of, he works for a carrier. My only advise for holiday deliveries that are important, choose an arrangement that is LOCAL FLORIST delivered.

    I take alot of pride in my job, and I do everything I can to help people who have problems, and for the most part, the staff carries this feeling. It's the few employees that don't care and don't really know anything that screw things up for our customers. Then the good reps like me and my co-workers are left to clean up the mess. FTD as a whole values their customers. We have been in business for 100 years.

    As for the employee above complaining about the company, quit your job. Your heart is not in it to help people with that attitude about the company. You must be one of the reps that screws orders up that we have to clean up. True there is only so much we are allowed to do, but that is because of stupid customers trying to scam us, which happens VERY OFTEN.

    As for the service fee, what do you think pays for a 7-Day freshness guarantee, 24 hour customer service and the fact that we do all the leg work with the florists? Who do you think negotiates with the florists when you call in and complain that the flowers were not what you expected? We do. We have to try and get them to agree to compensate when USUALLY they think NOTHING they deliver could be anything less than amazing. And if they won't offer any compensation, WE have to pay it. So go ahead and go through a Proflowers, or Teleflora, 800 flowers ect, who have poor quality, a weak network of florists, and no guarantee like ours.

    All you are just mad that something unfortunate happened to YOU. and the people who helped you are terrible employees that don't care like the before mentioned.

  • Gd
      21st of Nov, 2010
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    I ordered ONE time from FTD and now my email is bombarded with stupid offers. I have requested many many times to be taken off the list, but they do not listen - you are a victim of e mail attacks from these people. So if you like annoying e mails for stupid offers, then by all means sing up with FTD, if you don't then AVOID them totally! I have contacted the corporate office several times and they ignore my requests. THEY ARE NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE FRIENDLY.

  • Pi
      5th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Reading through these complaints - it amazes me! I too ordered some flowers for some special people in my life and 1 order made it there just fine! The other order wasn't as lucky! The flowers were totally late and when they did arrive they were DOA! I too called customer service and was told they would make it right! Which I assumed meant they would "resend" another bouget to my mother in law. Well, when I checked my credit card - it unfortunately, meant they were going to credit back my original purchase and charge me for another purchase that was more expensive and deliver that as well!! I NEVER authorized that charge so I tried calling FTD AGAIN to no luck - they refused to credit it back because the shipment had already been sent and delivered. I said - fine I will dispute it through my credit card - as my credit card company has a thing called "CUSTOMER SERVICE" and THEY truly value their customers!!

    @gjfiegmvifngi - In response to your post - here's the deal! 99% of the time - you guys do great work! And 99% of the time everything goes smoothly - but if the 1% of the time when the process fails - and you can't respond to it appropriately and "TRULY" make it right with the customer - then you are a company that NOBODY wants to or should do business with!

    It is human nature to talk about "bad customer service" - it is a very rare find to have someone talk about "okay they did their job" because that is what is expected and what you are being paid to do!! So unless you have a "WOW" experience - nobody is going to hear about it! And it takes 10 "WOW' experiences to offset the 1 bad one. Even then it will never offset the 1% of customers you are losing by just not accepting responsibility and "messing up" gracefully! Nobody is perfect - but if you take the time to make things right for someone - its priceless and you will have a yourself a loyal customer!!

  • Ma
      17th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I ordered specific flowers to be delivered on Valentines Day and with a certain message card to my wife at her job, but the flowers were never delivered. I called that night and they stated that they would look into it but they told me that they couldn't do anything at the time because the florist was closed. The next day I never received a call so i called myself and after 3 hang ups from your reps "accidentally" and 2 supervisor calls...they finally explained to me that the florist had sent FTD a message stating that the vase requested was no longer available and wanted confirmation to use a substitute but FTD never responded so the flowers were never delivered! If I had not called, who know how long it would of been before someone would of noticed and attempted to rectify the issue. After speaking to the "supervisor" I was told that they would redeliver the flowers on the next day (Feb 15th 11') and all that was offered was a $5 discount that basically made up for the $5 up charge I already had paid to have them delivered on Valentines and not on a regular day! I asked for free delivery but was told that they couldn't do that and would also give me a 20% discount (that i have yet to see. So we thought the issue was fixed but it gets worse...they finally delivered the flowers to my wife's job but she had to stay later than her shift waiting on them till almost closing time at 5pm (she gets out at 3pm). when they finally get there the flowers were nothing like I had requested and seemed to of been put together by a 5 year old...the vase also was not the correct one but I must say that it was a decent one but really small. It does not stop there ...the card message that i had personally wrote and verified 5 times with the FTD reps was totally chopped up and made completely no sense. Needless to say that this was the most horrible experience yet in buying flowers and I will never buy from FTD again.

  • Ad
      22nd of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    FTD is THE WORST possible site to order flowers from. I ordered some flowers at 9am today to be delivered today and I continuously went to there website to check out the status of my order and there was no status what so ever. Were I work, the status of our customers jobs are constantly updated as soon as they are received. I contacted customer service 3 times. Once at 1pm another at 3pm and then again at 6pm. Each time I called they said that they could not get a hold of the florist that was delivering the flowers. I asked for a refund and they refused to do so until 72 hours.

    When it comes to customer satisfaction and timing FTD is the worst possible company . They are tardy(thats being nice). I feel for every single one of you on here that has had problems with this company. This is absolutely intolerable and unprofessional.

  • Mu
      3rd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    On February 20, 2011, I placed an order for birthday. However when I hit the button to submit the order, the item I had chosen was switched to a much more expensive item, and that was charged to my account. Within 5 minutes, I contacted FTD via telephone to request the order be canceled. I also went online to to cancel the order. I received notification that the order was cancelled.

    The order was placed online on February 20th, canceled via telephone and online on February 20th. The money was then taken out of my bank account on February 23rd. FTD failed to ever issue a refund when the cancellation was processed, as I was so informed by the customer service agent that I spoke with on February 23rd. This was an illegal unauthorized debit from my account as I called to cancel the order within 5 minutes of placing the order due to FTD's website changing the product in my cart to a more expensive one when I clicked the link to confirm the order.

    Allowing a company to get away with unauthorized debits, bait and switch tactics, and illegal and unauthorized charges is harming the public, including myself. Their response to my BBB complaint, "we apologize, the refund has been issued." Keep in mind the BBB response was by a person who never contacted me, she must have had one of her underlings contact me. DON'T USE FTD and if you have already DON'T USE THEM AGAIN!

  • Ju
      15th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes - Never use them again
    United States

    I will never use I ordered an upgraded flower package, which included roses and lillies, as well as two Valentine's balloons and a card. This was our first Valentine's day together as a married couple and I wanted to get my wife a really nice flower arrangement. I ordered my flowers on Feb. 9th 2011 and to have them delivered to my wife's work on Monday Feb. 14th, 2011...Valentine's Day. In the past my wife would normally call me (when I sent her flowers) around 12-2 PM to tell me how happy she was to receive her flowers. Around 3 PM I have not heard from her, so unfortunately I had to ruin the surprise and call her and ask if she received anything. Much to my surprise, I she had not received anything. I called and had to wait on the phone for an hour and a half, when I finally got through, they informed me that their computers were down and could not look up my order.

    The next morning, I called to complain to and they were very nice and even offered to take 40% off my bill. As nice as that may be, our Valentine's Day was ruined and it looks really dumb to receive flowers the day after the holiday has passed. To the rest of her office, it looks like her dumb husband forgot to send flowers on Valentine's Day and now I'm going to make it up the next day. Thanks The lady on the phone told me that my wife will get her flowers today (Feb. 15th). At 3 PM, my wife still has not received her flowers, so I called once again and the lady on the phone told me that the driver was on his way and had the flowers in his truck. A few more hours passed and still no flowers and unfortunately my wife's office had closed. That night I was furious, so I called once again and demanded my full refund. I could not believe what they offered me: they said that they will make sure the flowers are sent the next day and I will get 10% off my bill. At this time I was really confused, because earlier that day, they were going to give me 40% off my bill and now that the day has passed, I'm going get only 10% off. I told the lady to forget the damn flowers and to give me a full refund in return. At first the lady was not going to do a full refund, so I asked to speak with a manager and finally the manager said that I should receive the refund in 5-8 business days.

    Now this is where the story get's really good. The next day (Feb. 16th) I get a phone call from and the man said that the florist does not have the vase for the arrangement that I ordered and they will have to give me a different vase, however they will be willing to give me a $10.00 upgrade. Now wait a minute! First off, how the hell could the driver have my wife's flowers in the truck on Feb. 15 and was on his way to my wife's work, when in fact the next day I'm informed that the florist did not have the vase for my wife's arrangement...basically I was lied to!!! First of all, why is it 2 days after Valentine's Day that I'm given this information? Secondly, if the florist didn't have the vase, why was I not notified days before Valentine's Day. Of course I would have said " problem, just go with a different vase." But what really pisses me off, I was lied to by Don't tell me that my wife's flowers are on the way, when in fact they were never even arranged. Think about it, if the florist didn't have the vase I ordered, that means that the arrangement was even started until 2 days after Valentine's Day. It's not like I ordered these flowers the day before Valentine's was 5 days before. I will never use ever again and I urge all of you to just go to the local florist yourself and have them delivered. Take out the middle man and go straight to the source...after all, uses all of your local florists anyway. The best part; while I'm on hold (on the phone) I keep hearing an advertisement about same day

  • Az
      29th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes - Doesn't deliver - but they say they did
    United States

    I sent a get well gift to a friend and paid a huge premium for Saturday next day delivery. I was charged and I got a confirmation email saying that my order had been received and later delivered. I didn't hear from the friend but I don't like to hound people for thank you's so I didn't find out until months later that she never received the gift. FTD says they deliver, but if you utilize their services, you better be prepared to follow up on every order. I called to ask what had happened and what could be done and was told that after review with supervisors that it was too late. They did agree to issue a partial refund for the product, but in this case shipping was more than the cost of the gift. And what had been intended as a gesture of good will and cheer totally failed. Had I mailed something myself I'm sure it would have gotten through. Very very disappointed with the service. Based on my experience, I will avoid using FTD in the future.

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