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FTD / Flowers never delivered, no customer service help available!

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Ordered one day service flowers for delivery at 8am. Flowers never arrived and its a day and a half later. I used the online customer service which had a bad link. The automated mail told me it would check with the local florist. Nothing ever came of it. Their phone "service" stated due to the holiday rush, no one was available and to try at another time. They took my money and my wife has nothing to show for it. Thank you for a great Valentines Day FTD!!!


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  16th of Feb, 2008
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Same thing happened to me. I ordered on -line Valentines Day morning -for same day delivery it is now almost Sunday and no flowers --however they have taken $100 out of my account. No customer service "shut down because of holiday rush" --on line customer service nothing but a canned reply. FTD doesn't deliver and steals you cash. I can verify all this--they won't even let you cancel --FTD sucks ### so does their CEO
  22nd of Feb, 2008
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Wow shocker! You order the day of valentines day and you dont get your flowers. Its not like florists are busy that day. But im sure they would be happy to drop everything and take your order and make it there first priority. The majority of the people on this sight must have perfect lives and never have anything go wrong. wake up!! things happen. And if you order flowers on Valentines Day morning and expect stellar service you need a reality check. Of course companies charge your card before they make delivery because if they didnt people would go around ordering things with invalid cards.
  21st of Mar, 2008
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Frank, you must be one of FTD's own CSRs, I'd recognize that sentiment anywhere. To the ### who wrote this review: WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ###ING ROSES!!! You expect us to drop everything for every single one of you stupid last-minute ###s?? Yea. RIGHT!! I work for FTD and hearing people like you whine and snivel due to what your own laziness and incompetence buys you appalls me. If only you stupid customers could hear what us reps say when we hit the mute button . . . . . people like you make me sick. Oh and BOO HOO HOO, poor bubbeh didn't get his flowers for his girlfriend in the same area. WHY DON'T YOU TRY GOING TO A LOCAL FLORIST AND DELIVERING THEM YOURSELF!!! You lazy ###, you don't deserve good service. I work for FTD, and I provide the very best level of service I can. And just FYI this year's V-Day was VERY BOOKED UP. I took (in one day) over 60 calls in a 4 hour period!!! Every one of our three hundred plus reps took that many or MORE!!! So if you can't appreciate that then you deserve a big *middle finger* ### YOU!!! Oh and regarding you getting billed, would you ship out something before you got your money???? HUH??? I dare you to answer me on that one. Oh, and Ryan, here's a big canned response for you too: ### YOU!!! How do you like them apples??
  21st of Mar, 2008
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Just to note, my previous comment placed just above this one does not reflect FTD.com's opinion on it's customers, just my opinion on it's customers. However, here's a thought for you people calling up to scream out your FTD rep, just stop before you start. We're people too, yes we make mistakes, but if you can't talk to us in a polite and courteous manner, then you don't deserve the same AT ALL. That's my exercise of the first amendment. What's yours?
  26th of Mar, 2008
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I agree with the poor customer service that FTD provides or should I say the lack of. I ordered roses for Valentines Day 2 weeks ahead of time. I thought I would suprise my girlfriend since this was Our first Valentines Day together.Boy what a mistake that was.During the day I was waiting for a phone call from her to tell me "thanks for the roses".Well that call never came of course. She got off at 5 pm that day and called me to see where I was because we were meeeting for dinner, meanwhile I'm still waiting for a thank you thinking she got them late.Well as we were talking she asked me did you send me flowers and my responce was Yes baby. She tells me I didnt get any !! I then got upset and tried to call FTD AND THAT WAS A JOKE IN ITSELF. Of course they have their famous recording claiming because of the holiday to call back later.Of course I feel like crap after she tells me everyone got roses but her.Well we had a great dinner and went home.The next day we left on our planned trip for the weekend.On the way their I called FTD and to no suprise they still had their recording with the same bs statement.This is Friday and I called two more times with no avail.Saturday roles around and I finally got ahold of someone because I decided to press the new orders button because of course customer service still had their recording on.The rep who I spoke to listened to my concerns but of course couldnt help me.I explained to her that my girlfriend never received her roses and her reply was "she might get them today" I said that were out of town that wont do me no good. I told her I wanted a refund and she told me that she couldnt do that because she needed to verify that the roses did indeed get delivered.She put me on hold and tried to call the local florist with no answer. I asked her to give the florists name so I could try to call them as well to see what the problem was and she tells me she cant reveal that info, tells me I need to call on Monday to settle this. I am pissed already because of the lack of customer service. So I call monday morning and finally get someone who has some brains. I tell him my ordeal and he verifys that indeed no roses were delivered and refunds me my money. This is about noon on Monday... Oh it gets better, the roses are delivered Monday at 5pm, 4 days later WTF... and to top it off there all wilted and dying. I call the florist because now I have the phone number that is on the card but no answer of course. I leave a message and here we go again ... no answer or responce. Great customer service at its best. What really amazes me is at no time during any coversations did I recive an appology...My advice is to avoid FTD like the plague... FTD= Flakey To Deliver
  2nd of Jun, 2008
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Wow. Imagine, Valentine Day is on Febuary 14th every year. Nice to think of your wife on that day only. Maybe you should check your Blackberry or buy a calendar.
  21st of Jun, 2008
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Forgot to say: When us florist go across water we use bridges. We have not mastered walking on water yet.
  14th of Jul, 2008
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First off, I am sorry that your flowers didn't get delivered as expected. My family owns a flower shop that has been in business for 50+ years. To be honest, if we would not lose our customers we would close Valentines week. Our deliveries for that day increase 10 fold, and no matter how much we try, we cannot provide the service & quality that we offer the other 364 days a year. Order gathers like FTD.COM only increase the problem because they keep selling & over promoting the holiday & can't deliver anything because they depend on the local florist whom they gouge at every opportunity. Plus the quality of flowers we receive from the growers at Valentines is worse that the rest of the year. Some florists rely on valentines to make their whole year, as for me, it has certainly taken years off my life expectancy. I don't mean to throw a pity party, if you must send flowers at valentines, send them a few days early & your spouse will likely be just as happy & the probability of you being satisfied will grow substantially higher, plus use your local florist because you should get the best customer service & the most value for your dollar & not have to deal with a middle man whose their just to take money out of your pockets claiming they offer you a convenience. Plus tell your spouse how much you love them everyday, That's what they really want, plus a sports car & an exotic vacation - how can flowers ever live up to that!
  17th of Mar, 2010
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FTD - Communication Problems
United States

Beware of not getting what you pay for! I ordered a stargazer lilly bouquet for my wife's birthday and she received a few stargazers but mostly other flowers including 3 roses which were already browning. No communication from FTD or local shop fulfilling order.
  11th of May, 2010
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FTD - Don't order from them
United States

Ordered mother's day flowers to be delivered on 5/7. They didn't deliver. They promised to deliver (late) on Monday May 10. Didn't deliver again. Spent three 30-minute+ sessions on the phone with them and multiple emails. AWFUL!!
  11th of May, 2010
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hahahaha the above is exactly why I will neve order from FTD...lazy [censor] CSR's and flourists. What you expect us to DO our jobs?!? I guess thats why you are answering phones at FTD. Maybe your life would have worked out a little better if you weren't such a lazy [censor] loser.
  25th of May, 2010
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Never got the flowers from ftdfloristonline - my 80 year old father ordered flowers for my new wife and baby, but they never came. I found out that FTD florist online is different than simply, FTD. Try explaining that to an 80 year old!!

Alex, from 800-770-7404 was not at all helpful. I gave him the order number and he said that maybe it was a different company, even though the order number matches their inventory system. It's a joke. NEVER order flowers from ftdfloristonline.com
  29th of Jan, 2011
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FTD - bad product
United States

FTD screwed me too - I ordered nice arrangement for mother-in-law... it never showed up - sent four emails and never got a response fro FTD. Finally after many phone calls got a delivery (after her B-Day) and all I got for $65 was a shriveled handful of tea roses in a paper bag. DO NOT TRUST FTD!
  13th of Mar, 2011
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We are an FTD florist online member and we guarantee satisfaction. It means if you're happy we give refund.
We take every complaint seriously, in the event you need to address us directly, please find the contact information below:
You can reach a supervisor at Flowers LLC directly.
Alex N.
617-349-0032 or Toll Free 800-770-7404
9-5 EST Mon-Fri or at florist@ftdimail.com
Response within 24 business hours
www.ftdfloristonline.com/flowers or www.flowers.ms
  14th of May, 2013
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We are running into the same problem with flowers.ms
Mothers day flowers ordered to be delivered early Saturday never showed up at all. I have called their poor excuse for customer service 7 times and have not gotten one return phone call. We finally got an automated email saying the flowers would not be delivered at all and we would eventually get a refund. THIS IS BY FAR ONE OF THE WORST RUN COMPANIES I HAVE EVER HAD THE DISPLEASURE OF DEALING WITH AND I WILL BE FILING A COMPLAINT WITH BBB.
  16th of Feb, 2014
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I ordered flowers on Feb 5th to be delivered on the 14th for Valentines day. No flowers were delivered and many attempts to contact the florist were ignored! I called both the 800-770-7404 and the local number 617 349-0031 and all I get was their answering service and they promised to send a message to the florist to call me back. NO CALL BACK! So I am now using the internet to tell people what HORRIBLE service this company uses. I also contacted FTD themselves and filed a complaint and asked that this company FTD license be revoked. I am sure FTD does not want to be associated with such poor excuse for service.

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