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I purchased an External Fire wire drive at Fry's Electronics and was told at the checkout that there was a thirty dollar rebate. I mailed my rebate application, original rebate receipt from Fry's and the original UPC code from the box. I specifically remember feeling the cardboard of the UPC symbol in the envelope before I mailed it.About a month later I received a call from rebate department saying they didn't have the UPC code in their possession and could I please send it? I explained to them that I can't send them something I already sent them. They told me there's nothing they can do and finally concluded I wasn't going to get the rebate. While on the phone with them they disconnected me twice, unnecessarily transferred me to Tech Support twice, and transferred me to voicemail once for no apparent reason. When I called back and asked to speak with a manager I was told she wasn't available. I was been avoid all the time I tried to talk to them. This is what? I would say that it's a clear scam.

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