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Complaints & Reviews

counterfeit ink cartridges

In my opinio0n, Fry's is selling counterfeit HP inkjets cartridges, but when they don't work, they refuse to take them back, claiming you are stealing from them One of the top insiders just went to jail for defrauding Fry's and these counterfeit cartridges are a part of that internal scam.

In my opinion, Fry's steals from the public. do not buy at fry's. You will get screwed.

avoid going there

This is the first review I have ever written in my life. Let's just say my experience at Fry's electronics inspired me. I always thought Fry's was a good alternative to Best Buy. I liked it since they play classic rock there, on occasion I can find a descent CD, and they have a pretty good selection of DVDs. However after my experience at Fry's a couple days ago, I have vowed never to return. It all started when I went to meet a friend that was returning a computer that apparently didn't work as anticipated. I figured we would be there maybe 15-20 minutes and then catch lunch before I had to go to work. WRONG! We waited in line for almost an hour before anyone would help us. Only 2 people were in front of us being helped and one guest was being helped by multiple associates. There were a plethora of associates but apparently none that could help us. Idiot Waste of Space employee # 65 was sitting in a chair staring at us like we were freaks at a side show. Another waste of space was texting on his iphone. We didn't get any help until my friend complained about the most recent customer that was brought by an associate to cut in line ahead of us. Then we finally get an associate to inspect (very slowly) the computer we are returning. He send us to someone else. A customer asks an associate where the customer service department is so she can make a complaint. I ask if we can make one too. Then after more waiting in line we are notified there will be a 15% restocking fee. My friend explains to the associate the computer, monitor, and keyboard did not work. After going back and forth, the customer service manager comes out and says they will put it all together to show us it works. We go back again to where we were before. An associate hooks everything up together. It doesn't work. He fiddles around. We continue to wait. Then the associate takes out anotherkeyboard with a another mouse. Then it finally works and he points to the screen and says "See it works." Yeah it works with a totally differentkeyboard and mouse than it was purchased with! He offers to register it and my friend tells him there is no need because he doesnt want it. They tell him there will be a 15 % restocking fee. He tells them he will not pay because the associate assured him that the computer, monitor, andkeyboard were all compatible and never said anything about having to use an alternative keyboard and mouse. The associate and the Customer Service Manager seam very hard up for there 15% restocking fee and seam to be unworried about all what my friend has gone through. He drove 45 minutes to Fry's and 45 minutes back to spend 2 hours trying to hook up a computer the sales associate assured was compatible, then drove 45 minutes to wait in line for an hour and spend another hour bickering with rude, arrogant, and DOGMATIC employees and now he is expected to drive all the way back home with the chance that it will not work again???? Then the Manger is called out, we talk to him about 5 minutes. He trys to fight it a bit and then admits that it should have never have come to this and the original sales associate should have told him the correct information and he tells us that of course we should not have to pay a restocking fee. He says he wants to keep our business but these words ring hollow since if they really wanted our business they should never have hired such atrocious employees and created such dogmatic policies. I leave to go to work with no time for lunch since I had been there going on two hours. I vow to never come back to this aggravating nightmare ***. P.S. The Customer Service Manager should be working at a DMV with her atrocious customer service skills

  • La
    Larik Feb 22, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Insurance does not provide a loan. My lenovo g530 has been with fry's since 12/31/2017. Each time I called the tech tells that the person working on my lap discovered the problem and then reads to me the same notes that were written the day I dropped off the laptop. I called to weeks later I am read the same information, but now they have to order the part. A week later they can not order the part but must return it to the manufacture. The next week it is still somewhere and a fry's employee tells me that am eligible for a loaner. This week I called to confirm and was informed that the fry's employee was in error. The laptop will need prayer to be released.

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I can safely assume that this store is run by thieves

Shopping at Fry's today reminded me why I never shop there, even though it is the only electronics store around. Why should I shop at a store that automatically assumes I am a thief? I pay for an item why do I have to show the looser at the door what I bought? It is mine now not the stores.

Never never never again. Thieves automatically assume every one else is a thief. I can safely assume that this store is run by thieves.

worst store ever

Worst store ever they havnt gave me my laptop once i took it for repair since dec 12 o9 to this day march12, 10 i still have no news.

  • Bb
    B.B.Bu Feb 15, 2012

    I had the worst experience with Fry's also they had the worst customer service no one seems to answer my questions or direct me to the right department. No one knows had to reach customer relations so I could file a complaint and they give me false information on my payments. I would never go back to the store again and advise others to go to Fry's Wikipedia and click on criticism and see for yourself what this company is really about.

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for getting a &good deal& I got a lemon

I bought a laptop at Frys about 6 months ago or less, hardrive went bad? they told me it was not the original that it was swaped before since it was an open box item. For getting a "good deal" i got a lemon! After waiting for more than a month I keep calling frys and they dont know why toshiba hasn't fix it?? I called about 5 times already different people tell me different stories... last time i buy a computer from there, and i dont recommend it even if it's a great deal. NOT WORTH IT!!

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No one can tell me where my printer is, the status, etc.

I should have learned by now after prior negative experiences with Frys. Hey, I figured getting the extended warranty would have my back. Guess again... Bought a color laser printer with the extended warranty in April. It died the end of September. With the replacement printer, after the cartridges are gone and I complain, I'm told it's like a loaner car -- you have to buy the gas. Yeah, but I at least get a full tank of gas and it doesn't set me back several hundred bucks to fill it!

After numerous instore visits to get the status because a phone call doesn't get you anywhere, no one can tell me where my printer is, the status, etc. I was promised an email, not seen it yet. Court of law the next stop???

they did not honor the rebates and extended warranties

I bought a lap top and I was told in the counter that if get the fry's credit card I will not have to pay interest for 12 months, then I got the card, when I received the first statement it did not say anything about that promotion, so I call them (first electronic bank ) and they say that they did not know about this promotion... the interest is over 22% so I pay in full. in the past I have experience that sometimes they did not honor the rebates and extended warranties.

  • Co
    Consumerist Dec 03, 2011

    Never buy an extended warranty, they are high commission and not
    worth the paper they are written on. They are designed to never really
    provide any REAL service. LEARN.

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warranty not honored

I bought a complete car audio package from frys electronics a year ago. I paid for a warranty on the subwoofer and amp which lasts 2 years. My subwoofer blew so I took it in to get it replaced.

They told me that it falls under the categorey of misuse and they would not replace it. They did agree to prorate the money I paid for the warranty and would give it back. After waiting another 20 minutes they said it costs 35 dollars to cancel a warranty with them and therefore I would need to buy a new speaker.

Don't shop with these guys unless you like getting ripped off or you are Oprah rich.

  • Qu
    Quinton Floyd Jun 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Extended warrantees are for idiots. Products seldom go out on their own, so the profit margin on the extended warranty is often more than on the product itself.
    Besides, you know you were bumpin it!

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  • Th
    TheWayItIs Jul 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Biggest mistake consumers make is being sucked in by sweet talk of a sales person. Worst mistake you can make is not to ask the right questions and referred to the specific part of the written plan where the answer lies. Problem is that the "fine print" can also be confusing for the informed. The "large" print is all marketing hype.
    Imagine a world without extended warranties - retailers might actually gain customers and compete on honesty, integrity and service alone. The entire retail extended warranty industry is one big hoax on the consumer.

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defective/returned products

I've always really enjoyed shopping at Fry's. The stores have an amazing selection of neat gadget...

hp printer

I purchased a new HP 2840 Printer at Frys Electronic and paid over $900.00, not including an extended...

Service Contract

Typical of Fry's Electronics service contract and service department as I have come to find out, they took my nonworking laptop, and did nothing for 7 weeks, then called me and said it didn't work because of water damage, and charge me another 70.00 for the diagnoses. The computer has never been around water or had anything spilled on it. It's not a coincidence that after 8 weeks, if they can't fix the item, they have to replace it. Here's a way, which I did, to screw Fry's right back. Take their loner computer, cancel the credit card you used to set up the repair, and keep the loner. I decided to force them to honor their contract myself. Now they are stuck with a computer that doesn't work, and don't have a valid credit card to charge a dime on. They have to take me to small claims and fight it out if they want any money out of me.

you'll end up with a headache, being treated like a leper and little else

First time shopping w/Fry's will be the last. April 15, I ordered a Samsung LCD online. I checked w/the store and was told they did not have it, but a location in Webster, Tx did. Jason, the "supervisor" would order one. It would be in in 3 days. I called in 3 days was told Jason was on vacation, the Webster store did not have any in stock and that it was against store policy to ship discontinued items. The TV was not discontinued from Fry's when I ordered it. The sales associate informs me this TV has been discontinued for months. Even though Fry's still offered it in April of 09. I was then told by Greg, a "supervisor", that an email had actually been sent to Arlington. That store had the TVs in stock. It would take 11 days. The Arlington facility only sends a truck once a week. Today, April 29 was the 11th day. I called and spoke to Greg again. The TV is not coming and they had no way of knowing that beforehand. Apparently, the Arlington store continued selling the TVs until the minute before the truck left for Houston and now they are sold out. What a coincidence! In the end, I realize the mantra for Fry's is... it's discontinued. There is no communication between stores. I had called a couple of times to see if the email had been sent, if there was any reply, if the tv was in fact coming. I was told it should be here on Thursday. So, what I am left with is... the Arlington store has none, the Southwest Houston store has none and won't be getting any. Why? You guessed it.. it's discontinued. At one point, I can hear a sales associate and Greg arguing over the phone because neither one wants to talk to me. I was never rude, confrontational or even angry. I was just frustrated and tried to explain that I was just trying to figure out how the system broke down. Basically, they couldn't have cared less, had no option to rectify this situation and couldn't wait to wash their hands of a customer who was spending thousands of dollars. I now understand all the frustration in dealing with a company that doesn't care about customer service. From now on... I"m shopping at BH. Even if the cost is more, I don't trust Fry's at all. I am an avid consumer as are many of my friends, I'm sending out the warning now. Don't fall for it.. like I did. You'll end up with a headache, being treated like a leper and little else.

protection plan

I purchased an expensive 30 inch Gateway monitor years ago after being talked out of purchasing a 30 inch...

rude customer service

I was standing in line to buy a product that was limited one per customer (for resale). The sales lady looked extremely disappointed when my family and I arrived at the counter.It was like she didn't want to be there. We had four DVD SPINDLES and was told that she would have to make four separate transactions (since it was one per customer and there was four of us). Once my brother paid for the first item she began to ring up the other item. when it was time to pay for the second item she said that i had to pay (but i said that my brother will pay for me - we where paying in cash for all transactions). She said that was not possible only someone other than my brother can pay (since he already bought the first item). At this point i was like "are you kidding me?" She was extremely dumb and didn't have the mental capacity to understand what i was saying (who cares who pays for it? it was in cash.) After she talked to the Supervisor she said "never mind' and continued to ring up all the items and we left.
When we reached outside we came back and tried to buy another four DVD SPINDLES. (At this time the sales lady was at another place.) As soon as I arrived at the counter (this time by myself to buy just one item) she imedietly call the Sales women I was with and said "don't give him another of the item cause he already bought one". I was like "so what?, I'm a customer' and this sales lady was complaining to the supervisor. So i was told i can't take anymore just one a day (even though i was told earlier by the manager that you take more that one item a day as long as I keep getting back in line with the one item) {so for example if i wanted to buy three items then i have to wait in line with the one item, ring it up and go get the next item and repeat the process} But what i can't understand is why a Sales Lady was so interested in making me look like i was stealing fro them? I am paying for the item.

My advice is to stay away from fry's electronics and Vanee Albert (sales lady). She needs to check her attitude or could use a different job - perhaps some where in the back where there isn't much human contact.

  • Ju
    Justinnnn Feb 03, 2010

    You are the exact reason why they run out of sale (one per customer items) so damn fast. Buy ONE you greedy ###!

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  • I0
    i'm me Feb 17, 2010

    what location is this so i can avoid it lol i don't understand why the hell it would matter how many you buy as long as they make money off of them right? i guess not

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  • Cb
    cb940 May 21, 2010

    They don't make money on one-per-customer items is the thing. Those items are called "loss-leader items" and they are sold below market value in order to bring customers in to the store to pick up one, along with some other things they might hopefully need in the store, and that's where fry's makes its profit (with the other stuff they might happen to need). Supermarkets do that all the time with soda.

    Fry's has that one-per-customer rule so people can't go in there (be the first one in line), buy 500 of something (that's priced at a loss for the store to bring in foot traffic) and then resell them at a 50% markup and make a few thousand bucks.

    The policy is kind of bulky and annoying (get in line again and hopefully you get another cashier), but it's the best they can do to slow down the people who do this so that other customers (like Justinnn above for example) can hopefully buy one before this guy makes his 10th trip through the line with his family to finish emptying the shelf of those one-per-customer items.

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  • Cb
    cb940 May 21, 2010

    The thing is that Fry's doesn't make money off it. Those items are called "Loss-Leader items", meaning they advertise and sell them on a certain day at or below market value in order to get customers to go in and buy ONE and hopefully buy something else at the same time that's marked at a normal price (so Fry's can still make a profit).

    Without that one-per-customer rule, one single customer can be the first in line and then go in and buy all 500 on the pallet (and resell them at a 50% markup on eBay), leaving a slew of pissed off customers who also waited in line and never got one. People still get around the rule by bringing their family's, paying in cash, and getting in line over and over, but the rule helps to slow down the resellers by making them get back in line (so hopefully other customers like Justinnnn can grab one before "pissed off customer" makes his 14 trip through the line with his family to clean out the isle.

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  • Su
    surfacematter Jul 28, 2011

    Really? Do you think you are entitled to more than one just because you have the money? There are rules set in place for reasons, not just to be annoying. I bet you dont use your signal light either because its your road and others should just get out of your way? I agree with that sales woman, and the fact that you had to add her NAME is disrespectful as she is only doing her job to keep bozo's like you from ruining all the fun for everyone else. Most "one item per customer" even goes so far as to say "per day" or "per location".

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customer service/billing

I purchased 3 Canon Rebel cameras through and only received 1, which incidentally, was delivered a week late despite paying extra for expedited shipping. Upset with lack of action in either reshipping or refunding my order, I returned the camera I received and wished to shop elsewhere.
They credited my card for the camera I returned but have yet to credit me for the remaining balance of $1623.15

It has now been over 2 months, and I filed a dispute with my credit card company for the remainder. Only now has contacted me, and they treated me horribly. Their representative interrogated me, pressed me for personal information FAR beyond the scope of this transaction (where I work, who I purchased the items for, what equipment I currently use, etc.) and overtly implied that I was a liar, thief and cheat and that I would be prosecuted for fraud.

I have never felt so violated in my life.

I have been extremely polite and patient for 2 months, waiting for this to be resolved (after all, things can and do happen. Yelling is never going to help anything), getting nothing but automated email replies and the general runaround. The first genuine response I get is a voice on the phone trying to bully me for being foolish enough to shop with in the first place. All I have to show for doing business with them is a $1623.15 charge and some company goon threatening me on a national holiday (MLK day) no less.

I'm not sure that you can help at all with my situation, but if anyone reads this, please PLEASE save yourself the trouble and shop anywhere other than Frys.

motherboard — customer service

If you ever bought a motherboard from Fry's, wish you best of luck. After you installed the CPU and found the motherboard is not working, you're be in horrible shape, they won't exchange or refund you, because once you installed the CPU in the slot, there is some markings there, then they said the board is damage by you and void the warranty. I got this %#%%$# experience and have to throw away a &%@#[email protected] brand new damage board.

possible help for wronged customers


Hello. I have had a similar experience with Fry's, and I may be able to help you.

Write a letter to John Fry, 600 East Brokaw Road, San Jose, CA 95112. Explain your situation step-by-step and "respectfully request" a refund. Use that phrase (NOT IN QUOTES) and be very friendly, not angry. Also, point out that requiring you to pay for the repairs after you had bought an additional warranty is a "deceptive practice". They are scared to death of that phrase, so use it. Mail it by certified mail, return receipt requested. This worked for me and may work for you. Don't put off doing this; time is of the essence.

Good luck. Please add to your post and let us know the result.

Sincerely yours,

the old "out of stock" story

Is it just me, or has anyone else out there noticed how always manages to have really good sale prices on items that are conveniently "out of stock"? When shopping for a blu-ray player a few months ago, they had on on sale, but it was suddenly " out of stock' when I tried to place an order. now I'm shopping for a Bissell carpet shampooer for a Christmas present which has on sale at a very good price, and guess what! That's right, it's "out of stock"! This leads me to believe that this is just a sales gimmick that Frys uses to get you to their website or into their store on the hopes that you'll just give up and buy a different product that they can make more money on. This is called the old "bait and switch" tactic.

wasted time and money

If I can take a full page newspaper ad to tell everyone to not waste their monies with Frys warranty, I would do it in a heart beat.

I took a laptop to Frys that I bought 4 months ago with a 2 year warranty. They first told that my damage was not covered by warranty. Then a new guy came along and told me that he would do this as a "favor" but I would have to leave the computer with him. I then point out that per my warranty if my computer is not fixed within a day, they have to give me a loaner. He reluctantly agrees and then informs me that he doesnt have the same computer in this store but asked me to go to another store.

So, I drive to the other store and they start me with the same story. I have now spent 90 minutes on this problem. Finally he agrees to get me a loaner but he wont let me swap drives. That is against policy. He doesnt show any policy statement that indicated this. So, I am left with getting a loaner on which I have to load all my backups, my software before I can take the loaner. I asked him how this was possible and he told for a fee he would do it.

So, essentially their warranty will give you a loaner but you are on your own -- you have to backup the data and load new programs on the new laptop. They will keep the laptop 8-12 weeks and then tell you if they are able to fix it.

In my opinion, this is a huge scam. Most people will just give up while Frys amasses millions by not honoring any of the warranties. I asked them to show me how to complain, and within seconds he produced this complaint slip and gave me his card and told me I was free to complain. They just dont care.

I would love to hear what can be done to stop this scam. Seems plain wrong, especially in a down economy. If there was a lawyer willing to do a class action suit on this warranty scam, I am sure there will be a huge number of disgruntled customers willing to sign up. Their executives have been living it up -- one of their executives was spending millions at Vegas and is being indicted.

I have bought laptops at BestBuy, Staples with warranties -- at Staples, it took exactly one hour and I got a replacement with my drive.

Avoid Frys -- they are a low price leader and also a low ethics leader.

  • Da
    dalepa Mar 10, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a warantee from frys on my Lenovo y560. I took it in for repair and was told that the hinge was not covered and I was charged $78. However is this clearly a Manufacturer defect. Many people are having the exact same issue with the Y560

    How can i get this resolved?

    Here are just a few people with the same problem.

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restocking fee too high

I was in Fry's in Plano, TX yesterday and purchased a Lenovo computer for $219.00. After I got it home and opened it, I immediately took it back to exchange it. When I got in the line to return it, the associate told me I had to take it back to the guy at the door so he could write it up and then I had to take it to the Service Dept. to do a check and write it up before I brought it back to him.

I was waiting in the line to see a service person for about 10 minutes while one service person was helping customers and the others were not. My friend went to get a manager to see if the process could be shortened since we had just purchased the item and were exchanging it. The assistant manager was not very pleasant to my friend and when he did find time to come around the corner, he talked to a service person and the service person then asked if he could help. That process took another 10 minutes.

By the time we got back to the line to exchange the item, we were informed it would be a 15% restocking fee. I asked why because I had just purchased the item and was exchanging it. The assistant manager informed me that was the policy and I could check anywhere and would see it was a common practice. I told him I thought it was unfair because we had just bought the computer and brought it back immediately to exchange it. He said something about how much work it was to make sure it was in the original condition. I said that I had just opened and then boxed it back up when I figured out it wasn't what I wanted to bring it back and exchange it.

The assistant manager was less than friendly and I couldn't understand why I was paying $33.00 and they were only reducing the price by $11.00. What was the other $22.00 for, resealing the box? I know for a fact that box tape is only $5.00 a roll at Wal-Mart.

I found a good deal at Best Buy, purchased the extended maintenance plan spending a total of $627.00. That amount would have been spent at Fry's had the manager not been so unwilling to work with a valued customer regarding $33.00. Best Buy does NOT have any restocking fees for returned items! I found this interesting since the manager assured me that everyone has the same policy.

I don't plan to ever go back to Fry's if I can avoid it because of the nature of their viewpoint towards customers. I have been going to Fry's for my every electronic need for the past five years, Garland and now Plano. They lost a valuable customer who shopped there frequently and can no longer recommend them with peace of mind.

  • Th
    thatguythere Nov 29, 2009

    You try selling somebody a used computer. They are often sold hundreds of dollars below cost because they're toxic assets.

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  • Co
    coolcat11 Nov 27, 2010

    Best Buy DOES have restocking fees! They are the same as FRYS.

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