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Complaints & Reviews

misleading advertising and not sorry

I bought a Sony STR-DG520 on it birthday that was advertised as having "Auto-Calibration", both on the tag and on Fry's website. I opened it up and discovered that it did not have this feature. I was furious because that was THE differentiationg feature and the main reason I picked it over the competitors. I went back to the store but they would only offer me my money back. I filed a complaint with the BBB but the manager at Fry's, Scott Shapiro, played dumb and took weeks to respond. I went back to the store and saw the tag was still incorrect and took a picture of it. After being confronted with that, Scott offered a Yamaha stereo for the "current advertised price" of the Sony, which he claimed was $199. The actual price of the Sony was $149, the price I had originally paid. Scott obviously thought I was unhappy because I hadn't spent enough money. He claimed it was a typo but store managers don't make big mistakes like that. Now, months later, their website is STILL INCORRECT and grossly misleading! I got my money back and took it to Best Buy where the salesman was honest and straightforward.

Do not shop at Fry's. They will lie to you and then try to get even more money from you.

  • Ge
    Gene Beley May 31, 2009

    You're lucky you got your money back. Tonight they refused to give me my money back on a new Sharp 6100 BTU air conditioner I purchased just 8 days ago for our 28' Bayliner boat. The air conditioner was just a half inch too wide. We never even removed the AC unit from the box before my boat technician and I discovered my error. Because we live 50 miles from the Sacramento store, I couldn't get back any sooner, and thought I had 30 days. The first line in the Fry's return policy states 30 days, but when I tried to return it, they showed me, much farther down, they have a "get out of jail free" clause for window air conditioners that had them offering me a compromise of only a gift card. Like you, I do not want to ever buy another Fry's Electronics product again, since they do not understand how to treat customers. In the current Depression when no company is immune to major turn downs, it would be a real hoot to see this company go belly up. What goes around eventually comes around back to these type of companies. I hope to live to see them croak and enjoy the largest party in America from the millions of people they will have screwed out of billions of dollars. I urge everyone to write the attorney general of your state with your customer complaints and your legislators to create new laws, if necessary, to throttle back Fry's Electronics outrageous return policies and way of treating customers. Having been a former newspaper publisher in Morgan Hill, where billionaire John Fry lives, I recall how he built the largest golf course in America on his private property there without any permits. This type of arrogance seems to be filtering down through the ranks. Perhaps their personnel gets big Arrogance Bonuses!
    -Gene Beley, Stockton, CA

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warranty repair/replacement

Purchased a refurbished HP Pavilion laptop at 8:30pm, went to my car and checked out the laptop and noticed a...

Sent empty box

I placed an order for a bluetooth headset, about a week later I received an empty box, just 2 packing pillow...

fraud and scam

I purchased two Viewsonic VX2935WM LCD 20' monitors in Dec 2006 from Fry's in Arlington Texas with...

won't honor warranty

I've bought many things at Fry's over the years and have been moderately dissatisfied with the...

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cheats & scam

I admit I missed the tremendously low price on the 52LG70 LCD TV by 15 minuets as the last unit rolled out...

scam and cheating

We purchased a brand new Apple G5 Power iMac on January 8, 2006. Or so we thought. It was a demo and it didn't work so we took it back. On January 9, 2006, they gave us a brand-spanking new machine. We went home and registered it. On January 3, 2007, realizing the one year warranty was about to expire, we bought an Apple Care Plan through Apple. After receiving it, we tried to register it. No go! Apple told me that this iMac had already previously been registered on December 23, 2005! I contacted Frys who told me that resetting the purchase date was a simple matter. It took him two weeks to tell me that there was nothing they could do. They were not able to reset the date and Apple would not budge. I contacted Apple who told me the machine had been registered TO ME on December 23, 2005 and that they would not honor the Apple Care Plan. I faxed copies of all receipts showing the purchase date to Frys being January 8, 2007. They refused. What they did tell me was that this particular machine *should* have been sold with a Limited Warranty AND that if an Apple Care Plan was going to be purchased, it MUST BE PURCHASED AT THE TIME OF THE ORIGINAL SALE! In other words, they sold us a used machine, backdated their records to register it to a date several weeks before we actually purchased it, and failed to disclose to us the rules Apple imposed on purchasing an Apple Care plan for this machine. We were just stunned. We won't be buying any more Apple machines from Frys. But I will be pursuing them about this fraudulent and deceptive practice. Old habits die hard, and what haunted this company years ago has come home to roost. Shame on you Frys. I'll take this as far as possible.

  • Ja
    jacob daniel mcnabb Nov 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    frys campbell is as dirty as their store manager!
    two faced store + two faced manager = 4 faced business.
    do not shop here! they will lie to you just to make money

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  • Jo
    jose9211 Oct 11, 2009

    I bought a GQ Zx-5580 in fry’s and in 5 months had to take it for repair I have a year extended guaranty on it
    They gave me a loaner, after 2 months went to pick it up was with me for less than a month took it to fry’s they gave me a loaner again 3 months they called me went to get it had it with me for a week took it back gave me a loaner again this time was like 1 month when they call me to pick it up had it for a wile took it to the store for repair a month later went to pick it up this time I try it in the store did not work so I was going to live it in they told me the warranty expire that for the good of him he was going to fix it but I will not get a loaner that is when I realize what was happening and I question too many times been in the shop I was told the day I bought it that 3 times repair and you get a new one, this time this guy tells me that the 3 times repair has to be the same thing and they had to replace the mother board only 2 times when I had it back still did not work so after that I decided to open the computer an fix it my self I will never buy the extended warranty at fry’s I feel they rip me off they kept me quiet with the loaner because I did not think that extended warranty was going to expire I will not buy a off brand computer with this guys maybe not a computer any more.

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  • Ju
    Juan hely Jul 30, 2018

    I love Frys company because i received my products and it's new original products!!! Thanks alot Mr Sisk

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  • St
    Steven Gourley Feb 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just got a "phishing" call from "Visa" about charges supposedly made at Frys. I found absolutely no way to get hold of Fry's. Their general number [not toll free] is busy, and they have no emergency number or any number dedicated to credit card fraud, information or any other way to contact them about possible fraud.

    What kind of place is this?

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pathetic service

Last Christmas I ordered product from Frys, They ship via DHL, well the package got misdelivered by DHL and DHL admitted fault and stated they contact them for a claim.

Well instead of being a model company and reshipping the lost items, They kept dragging their feet about it. So I contacted Chase and initiated a credit card chargeback.

A Henry Everson contacted me via home phone and told me I stole the product from Frys and He refused to reship the product and told me I was facing criminal charges, What a crock.

Anyways months went by and I finally responded via a formal letter and was conatcted by their loss prevention that the matter was resolved and I would hear no further action on the subject.

So I tried to place an order with them the other day and was told via a phone call by the same Henry Everson that Frys no longer wanted me as a customer unless I paid the money back I supposedly owe them????

Good News, is .50 cheaper than their items so I have since gone that route and I am advising people to be leary of their shipping practices as DHL signs for packages and leaves them where ever and you are responsible for them. Unfortunately Henry, I don't live in California and the laws are a little different here.

  • Pa
    pat the bat Sep 21, 2009

    why would you place another order with them if your not satisfied!!!

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  • Ol
    OldGrouch48 Feb 06, 2010

    I have to agree with pat the bat. Why on earth would you want to ever spend another red cent with those idiots after all that b.s.?

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they are not honoring their raincheck

On Memorial Day weekend, I went to Frys to look at Samsung ln52a750 TV. It was on sale for 2500. It was a great price, but they were out of stock so I asked for a raincheck. The sales person creates one for me and wrote down the number for me on his card. I asked if I should get a copy and they said there is no need.

1 week later, I call Frys to see if they had the TV in stock and they said no. I asked if my raincheck was still in the system and they said yes. I continue to call week after week to see if TV was in stock and if my raincheck was in system. Each time I was told that it's not in stock yet, but the raincheck was there.

5 weeks later, they said it was in stock so I rushed down to the store. When I get there, all the sales people were busy so I asked someone standing at the central desk they had in the TV section if he could help me. Turned out that he was the manager of that area. I asked if the TV was still in stock and he said yes and it's selling for 2899. I then told him I had a raincheck and gave him the number.

He looks in the system and tells me I don't have a rain check. I asked him to check again since I have called every week for 5 week and was assured that it was there. After pounding on the keyboard for a while, he pulls it up and says the rain check was for 2899. I looked at the computer screen and noticed that the create date for the raincheck was today's date as opposed to Memorial's date. At this point I asked for another person to help me. He went and found the original sales person that gave me the raincheck.

As they were walking back, I see the manager whisper something to the sales person. When the sales person gets back to the computer, I ask him to pull up the raincheck. He said his manager did that and it's for the same price. I told him the one he pulled up had today's date on it and ask him to try again. He refused even though I asked multiple times. He also said if I had a rain check they would have printed me a receipt. The sales person pretty much refused to do anything except saying there was nothing he can do.

I left the store and felt like Frys purposely didn't want to pull up the raincheck because they figured that the TV was a hot item and they were selling like hot cakes at without the discounted price. There is no way that after calling every week for 5 weeks, suddenly the raincheck was not there.

  • Je
    jean davis Dec 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Rebate forms unobtainable from website. Multiple phone calls with extremely long waiting period with NO result.
    Please do not buy from Fry's Electronics, they are scamming people with fake mail-in rebates. Also, extremely poor service.

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  • Ra
    Rafael1972 Nov 18, 2012

    This store doesn't seem to know what they are doing! I pre orderd a product and it is not until the very day of the release that they realize they didn't order enough of the product to fulfill the orders that were placed two months in advance! Your lack of seriousness and costumer commitment completely sucks!!

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  • Ss
    SS100 Jan 17, 2015

    I had similar situation where they did not honor the rain check for a tv. When I went there, I found customer service to be very unfriendly who routed me to cashier, cashier sent me back to customer service, which sent me to AV department. AV department send me back to customer service.
    Very dissatisfied with Frys, will never buy anything from them again.

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  • Th
    thundergarza Jan 24, 2015

    Same here ordered TV online got a confirmation for pickup when went the next day for pickup they could not find my TV. The store was 25 miles from home as it was the only store with the item in stock. They gave me a rain check but till today they will always say the TV is not in stock even though their online stock checker shows it is in stock. No more Fry's just wasted my time and gas. And they don't sell anything at a good price either you can buy any computer parts from for atleast 10-20% less.

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no warranty repair

Purchased a HP 20" screen laptop on Dec 17, 2007 at the Fry’s store in Fountain Valley, California, with an extended Fry's warranty... I submitted the laptop for repairs under my extended service warranty on March 5, 2008 to the Fry’s service repair in Fountain Valley, California.

It is now June 12, 2008 over 90 days has passed. I have not been able to get back my laptop repaired or not been able to be given a credit to purchase another laptop. I have been going to the service department asking for the status...each time they have an excuse why it has not been repaired. Last excuse was since early June, the Buyer at corporate since May 9, 2008 has not followed up on the replacement laptop, nor issued me a credit to purchase another laptop. I asked the service coordinator to return my money in form of a credit. She said the store manager who could make that decision is on vacation and the assistant manager has irregular hours (she was not there today). Also repair coordinator could not get the senior service manager Mr. Browning to return her phone calls.

I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and a complaint to "Randy" the President of Fry's Electronics in San Jose, California.

  • Du
    Duane Kois Jul 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same problem with FRY. They have had my GPS Unit since 21MAY and keep telling me that they can not do anything to make the repair go faster and I just have to wait . I have the FRY PG that I paid for but they claim it is no good for this issue???. I would like to file my complaint with the General ATTY office in IL for consumer Faud!
    They sell you the goods but they do not fix them and lead you to beleive that they do. These guys should go out of biz. I hope others out there will see this and join up to get FRY to do the right thing. FIX or replace the product within a time frame that is real!!!

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  • Ki
    Kimberly Aug 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My dad purchased a laptop for me 3 years ago and bought a 5 year warranty for 500 dollars. My laptop had a problem, so I took it to the fry's electonic store in San Jose, Califonia on April 27, 2008.

    As a student, I still have not yet received my laptop. Everytime I call the service to check on the stutus of my computer, they always give me the same excuse "it is still shipping to the store." I believe that I have called more than ten times for the status of my laptop, and as usual, they gave me the same "reason" why my laptop is not finished.

    It is now August 4, 2008 and i have once again called for a stutus on my laptop. Their excuse was the same. So I asked for the manager and for a slit second, they said that the manager is busy and is not available. So I called customer relationship, the headquaters of the office, to file a complaint. However, the man said that I had to talk to the store manager and file a complaint with that person. As mentioned earlier, the manager that I wanted to talk to was "busy."

    So who do I talk to and what do I do about this problem? Since the customer relationship, and the manager refuses to talk to me, I would have to go to the news reporters and the the L.A. Times, the O.C. register, or the city hall to file a consumer affair complaint or anywhere, so that other customers, like ourselves, do not have the same problem.

    This wait has been to long and I have to go to school soon without a laptop. I believe if I just wait and sit around doing nothing about this problem, then I still wouln't have my laptop. It's time to take control over the "customer service" and show them what REAL customer service is.

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  • Re
    Relic Nov 02, 2009

    OK, so I've been to Fry's. I don't know many people who haven't at this point. At first, I thought a cheap place to get electronics would be great. I even went so far as to buy a computer there. And as I'm not much of a tech person, I bought the 5 year warranty. That was less then two years ago now, and I've had to have it in no less then six times for service and repair. Up until this last time, they "allowed" the warranty to cover the issue. Now however, they claim I have to pay them a seventy dollar "fee" for looking at the machine.
    When they called me to let me know it was ready, the person that I spoke to, "mike" told me that it would be $59.99 to reset it to factory conditions, I explained I could in fact manage that myself. He then tells me, well in that case we'll have to charge you $69.99 for looking at it. Not happy with this turn of events, I hung up, and called "mike's" manager. He told me he would look into this matter, and call me back. 72 hours later, I call him back. He's called "Tuck". He tells me he's "super" busy, and that he'll call me back in thirty minutes. Which he then doesn't do. So, after an hour and fifteen minutes, of waiting, I call him back. He tells me, " We don't have a choice in charging you the $69.99, it's policy." Really? Policy to screw over your customers who actually paid the exorbitant fee for warranty? Let me guess...the interest rate on your fry's card starts at 45%?? That's the mentality this manager seemed to have. Anything to screw over a customer.
    Horrible service I can deal with...but blatant fraud? Really?
    How does this company keep a business license in any state with this level of fraud and deceit?

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  • Su
    sucrdbyfry Mar 23, 2010

    I had the sames experience with my laptop...after about 5 trips to frys and about a total of 8 months in sent out repairs...I decided to never shop there again (this was after cursing out about 3 different managers). The return department is also a joke

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  • Ti
    tinkerbell231 Jul 28, 2011

    i have the sames experience with my laptop Ive took my laptop so many times to the frys to fix like 5 times told of 6 months just to tell me that they gave me a ues laptop.the manager gave me my money back .i bought a new laptop at bestbuy and with this laptop i do not have any problem at all .

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  • Pe
    perryy Mar 01, 2014


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fry's make $15 problems at $700 cost

On 5/21/08, my computer's power was suddenly off. I brought my computer to Fry's repair center for...

the worst black friday and customer service

I would like you to know one thing first. To me, officially Fry's has the worst costumer service I have...

I will never order from fry's again

It is a simple thing - I ordered a cable that was essential to retrieving data I needed for work and specifically asked for Saturday delivery (I was working all weekend). They failed to deliver and frankly, appeared to could have cared less.

They did refund the money (once it returns of course...never mind they cost me a ton of work and simply failed on a very simple thing...).

I should have ordered from Amazon or anywhere else- they've never failed to deliver when needed. I simply cannot believe such a simple thing as Saturday delivery gets screwed up... I will never order from Fry's again.

cannot get off the email list

Hi, I cannot get off the FRYS ( email list, they keep sending me spam even though I have email, and called them in person requesting that they take me off this list. I would never buy from them again, yet they keep emailing me spam. My advice is to never, never, give them an email address and not deal with FRYS ( Thanks, Ed Smith.

very rude customer service

The customer service in Fry's is very rude and uncalled for. Once I was looking into a product; the box...

refused to repair my monitor stand

Hoping anyone could offer me any advice on this problem that has me so upset and I don’t know who to turn to for help.

I purchased a Samsung Monitor on November 27 2005 at the Fry’s store in San Marco and bought the extended warranty, total amount was, $680.60

On January 5, 2007 I brought the monitor to the store for repair of the stand, the monitor can swivel to vertical on its stand, and can be adjusted to higher position. I was provided with a loaner according to my contract and I was told it would take 4 to 6 weeks, the worse 8 week. I called many time at the beginning of March and finally on March 08-2007, I was told they would try to find out where the monitor was and call back, I never got that call back, I had to call back many time before I was able to talked to Lucia in repairs, she told me I would have to talk to the service manager, she said the company had talked to him about it, she transfer my call and the manager that told me the company had ship the wrong monitor and would not be sending mine till Fry's return the wrong one, it should be back in 5 days, a week later I call back and I ask to talk to the store manager name Milam Williams, he said he would check and call back, he DID call back told me the exact same thing I was told the week before, about the company sending the wrong one, etc. he told me he would have one of his tech check into it and call me back, I never did get a call, I called on 19, and left a message to Milan William, later that day I receive a call from a lady calling on his behalf, she said the company had send the wrong monitor and would not send mine till they get it back (familiar), she couldn't not give me any more information, that's what she had been told to tell me by the manager. On 3-28, AM, I took the loaner monitor to the store with me wanting to get my monitor or one like it as stated in the warranty contract, the Lady in charge could not help me, she walked me to the service department, I was told by the repair man the Monitor was in San Jose, I told the repair man I would not leave without my monitor or one similar that I waited long enough, he walked me to Milam William office, he said he didn’t know anything about my monitor, he did said he would check and call me back that day, RIGHT, I did not get a call that day. On Friday March 30, he call he said he had check and the monitor should be at the store later afternoon that he would call me back when it get there, I never got that call. I got a call from him on 4-6 he’s telling me the monitor is there but not fix and they would not fix it, that the warranty don’t cover the stand, that is was not part of the monitor, It took 3 months and one day, with me having to call time after time, and lied to many time, giving me the run around just to tell me they will not fix it. I contacted the Better Business Bureau, I received and email they had send the complain to Fry’s company. I’ve made call to the company in San Jose, I send letter to the owner of Fry’s, never had a reply.

This has been the worst experience I ever had dealing with a company, and I will never buy anything there again.

  • De
    Dennis Jun 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I’m not sure who to bring this serious issue to as it is clear that the customer service people at store # 20 in on Thunderbird Road in Phoenix are only dedicated towards preserving their own self interest and are not at all customer service oriented. I would like to hope that there is someone within the Fry’s Electronics Corporate system actually cares about their customers but I’ve not yet found one. As such, it is with regret that I and my associates will never be shopping at Fry’s Electronics for computer components ever again. Any potential savings on such purchases is simply not worth the loss of dignity experienced for what should have been a simple merchandise return.
    I tried to return 2 items on 6-11-08 that I had purchased on 6-10-08 and from the moment I was received by the customer service staff, the entire experience turned negative going from questionable to completely inappropriate for anyone dealing with customers. I know that this is only my word against someone else’s but I have no reason to fabricate or embellish the facts here as this is not my way I am a very busy person who does not have time to be dealing with defective computer components.
    The events are as follows: (It should be noted for the record that I’ve been building personal computers for approximately 8 years and am very seasoned in such matters so the following hardware issues that transpired are not a result of any wrongdoing on my part.)
    On 6-8-08 I picked out a computer box from store # 20 in Phoenix and asked the sales staff in that part of the store to help me with picking an appropriate compatible motherboard, CPU, fan with heat sink and memory. The gentlemen who picked all these components for me was very polite and extremely helpful in providing me with the needed components. That evening, I successfully installed the CPU chip to the motherboard, locked it down and installed the fan /heat sink to the CPU chip. The following morning when I proceeded to install the motherboard into the computer box, I discovered that the motherboard with the installed CPU and fan would not fit into the box because the fan was too large and would not clear the PC box’s power supply. The more I examined this, the more I realized the incompatibilities were beyond my control with the components that had been picked out for me by the Fry’s sales staff.
    Since I wanted to keep the particular PC Box (for spatial reasons), I decided to return the motherboard, CPU and fan and start over by purchasing more compatible components for it. This should have been simple enough when I reached the service counter at the store but it became clear right away that the staff was going to be resistant to that and their behavior towards me and their conduct regarding the matter was completely inappropriate. The entire time I was at the service desk I was kept in the dark as to what was going on while the staff was talking about me right in front of me while I was within hearing distance.
    The store employee personally took the chip off of the mother board right in front of me without properly releasing it from the board. The release mechanism had never been used when she pulled the CPU chip off of the board. She then proceeded to claim that they would not accept the chip back because of bent pins on the chip. I properly installed that CPU chip the night before without incident or complication. I could see where this was going as I was being set up to not be able to return merchandise that I had not damaged to begin with. I would have had a hard time believing that something like this could really happen to a customer if it had not been happening to me on this occasion.
    At this point, my concern level rose as they also refused to accept the motherboard back on a ridiculous technicality because of a so called missing I/O plate. When I had opened the box at home the night before, the only items in that box were a motherboard, a documentation manual, a chipset support DVD, some IDE cables and a couple of SATA cables. As far as I was concerned, that was everything that was supposed to be in the box and I did not know any different. When I told them that the box did not have an I/O plate in it when I opened it, they only further protected their self interest by opening another motherboard box to show me it’s contents. The only thing this proves is that the box they opened had an I/O plate and they were further setting me up to not be able to return the merchandise. At this point, I realized that insulting the customer is standard operating procedure at this store and that they avoid servicing the customer at all cost in such matters.
    When I demanded to see the store manager, things only got worse as the only thing he did was to back up his employee in the matter and tell me that I had signed a legal binding contract indicating that everything was intact and undamaged upon purchase the night before. This is ridiculous as no such inspection takes place at the check stand when the clerk presents customers with a multipage document to sign indicating that nothing was damaged at the time of purchase. The motherboard box is sealed and tied shut at the time of purchase and the customer would not be in a position to examine it till they get it home and open it. The fact that it was missing an I/O plate when I got home is not something that I would have caught and the store’s refusal to take the product back on the basis of that plate means that your return policy is not worth the paper you force your customers to sign when they make a purchase.
    As such, I’ve been fleeced for $85.00 for a processor chip that one of your customer service employees most likely damaged as a result of her incorrect de-installation and $74.99 for a motherboard simply because it never had an I/O plate to begin with. As a consumer, I am appalled that I was treated so rudely and inappropriately by the customer service staff. When I originally made the purchases, the sales clerk was clear about telling me that I had so many days time to return the merchandise. That is the most that is explained to Fry’s customers by the sales clerks. However, I had no clue that Fry’s plays such games with its customers to avoid product returns. I will not make the mistake of throwing away hard earned money at Fry’s Electronics ever again. This extremely negative experience has taught me that the store’s staff at this location is interested only in preserving their personal self interests over the needs of the customer no matter what the cost to the companies’ integrity.

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  • Di
    dirtblack Apr 23, 2009

    I don't shop at Fry's much for obvious reasons. When I see a good deal on things that are most likely to have not been returned or simple things such as fans and screws, wires, network cables or dvd's. Once in awhile I'll get a bad fan or find something a week later at a better price. I send in my girlfriend to the store to take care of my dirty work. She's a real Bit** and anyone crosses her path doing a return will wish they never met her. She's already mad at waiting so if they give her any flack she's on them instantly. It's fun to stand off to the side and watch the little monkeys dance around her, they try to win but after a few minutes they know to just give her what she wants.

    I buy quite a bit of computer parts and also work on others computers. To be honest you can always find a better deal online even with shipping costs. Most large online stores have great return policies and stick behind what they sell. I always have good luck online.

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Fry's Campbell, CA &greedy& manager

My husband woke up early today to go to Fry's Campbell, CA and see if this store has a Nintendo Wii available. He was there before the store opened at 10 am. When the doors opened, he headed straight to their games department and saw a sales associate ringing the last Wii console they have. My husband asked if it was available and the sales associate said, "No, this one is for the manager. He bought it already."

I didn't know Fry's has a policy that their managers and employees get priority over its customers for high-demand, limited shipment merchandise. They already have an easy advantage over hapless customers on the Wii consoles - they know when these are going to get shipped to them, how many and at what price. They could inform their family and friends about them and yes, buy them for themselves at an employee-discounted price before everyone else could see them on the store's shelves. So I guess I'm not at all surprised that this greedy manager, who is supposed to give priority to his or her store's customers, got the last Wii without thought of his responsibility as a manager (but then again, who am I kidding? retail employees in the US all have the mentality - "I don't care, I only look out for myself").

What irked me the most is that, this manager didn't even have the "emotional intelligence" to buy the console before the store opens and take it off the shelf before customers come in and see it. They even choose to have it displayed on the shelf for everyone to see and ask about it, giving them false hope. What arrogance!!!

  • Ma
    mayumi Jul 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That is insane. I mean they should had taken it off shelves! I would have never go back in that store again because of that.

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  • Ja
    jacob daniel mcnabb Nov 16, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    frys electronics campbell is very scandalous store.
    their manager seemed like a big ### to me.with his unibrow and two faced attitude.
    i dont think i will ever go back to this location ever again. although the san jose location seems more friendly

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  • 58
    583586 Oct 31, 2010

    yeah but that is kind of funny though...kind of like giving just the wii box to a kid for christmas and to see his heart break as he discovers that there is no wii inside hahahaha

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terrible online ordering system!

I am so surprised with the cancellation of this order. I had spoken on Phone to the Outpost's rep on Sunday Oct 15, 2006 for refunding the shipping fees as the order was supposed to be shipped free. At that time not only she had removed the shipping fee but also she had confirmed the availability of product and confirmed that it was in stock and available and will be shipped out on Monday (Oct 16, 2006). I am surprised to see this order cancellation notice and that makes me think if the services from are any reliable or is it like try your luck order may get shipped.

Its so funny that a company which is top notch in selling electronics & computers has such a terrible online Ordering system which can't even track the quantity it has in the stock...!!! your reliability is under such a big Question, I am not even sure if I place next order will it ever come...? How much can I rely on Outpost after placing the order...!!!


  • Un
    Unhappy Frys Customer Dec 14, 2006
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yea - you aren't the only one with that problem - not only did they do the exact same thing to me, they swore that since the order had not been shipped that my card had not been charged, but I called my bank and found out that it was charged! I am still on hold now as I am typing this message trying to get in touch with Fry's over their customer service line. I stayed on hold for 45 minutes and my call was either dropped or the agent got the call and hung up immediately. This is my 3rd call to them now and I have been on hold for 20 minutes. All I want is my money back. Fry's customer service is horrible and so is their online store - I will never buy anything from them again online or in person. Microcenter is their competitor here in Dallas so I am going to give my business to them from now on.

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  • Al
    Al Swift Feb 08, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer cancels orders at a whim and lies that your information is somehow incorrect, though they will never tell you exactly what information it is. I would never order from them again or shop in their stores after this nonsense. Companies that treat customers as if they are idiots deserve to lose out to companies who try to do well by the people making it possible for them to exist.

    See you Fry's. No doubt you won't be around long if you keep this attitude toward you customers.

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  • De
    Dennis Newlon Dec 04, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On Black Friday 2007 I placed an order for 3 items items 2 were sale items and 1 was at retail price. I printed the completed sales order when it was displayed and everything was on it, all items, sales order#, pricing and shipping. Two days later I get an acknowledgment with the two sale items canceled and I received the retail priced item 2 days after that. I called and 11/30/07 they reinstated the sale items on a new sales order. On 12/3/07 I receive a notice that they again have canceled my sale items. This is the second time they have canceled sale item orders from me, the last time was 8 months ago. Their excuses range from "while supplies last" to "our computer could not keep up". They can easily put in a reserve buffer of a given quantity for their computer to quit receiving orders but they want to sell as many full retail items as they can and to H*LL to the fools that get stuck. I have issued complaints to California's BBB and states attorney's office and my states attorneys office as well. I am looking for other state and federal entities to issue a complaint to as well. I understand a loss leader to get people to buy other items but as far as I am concerned it is illegal to do what they have done to me. I am not through fighting them yet.

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  • De
    Dennis Newlon Dec 06, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hats off to thr Better Business Bureau of California. They addressed my grivance with Fry's Electronics and surprisingly they have upgraded the items they cacelled to better quipment. If the original were unavailable I know there are other brands of same specification they could have substituted but I did prefer the same manufacturer and I amappreciative of the fact they finally did come through. After spending a great deal of time on the phone with them and my letters of complaint to the above mentioned entities, it is only right to now give Fry's a positive comment for resolving this issue.

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  • Cc
    ccrider2 Nov 03, 2008

    I Agree, Fry's has a terrible on-line store. They have no secure checkout that works. You'd think a business that does the amount and type of transactions they do, could find it within themselves to write a decent checkout page. Or find someone who can. Sad situation.

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  • Jo
    john4705 Oct 23, 2009

    Fry's didn't ship my order (per FedEx). They did charge me. I emailed. They asked which I wanted, a refund or the merchandise. I said the merchandise. After a respectable time I asked what the order status was. They were "investigating." After more than two months I asked for a refund. They said no problem. After another month they still said that they were "investigating." I contacted the credit card accounts resolution dept. They called Fry's and were told that "Henry" would call to settle the problem. A week later I called Fry's and they said that "Henry" would call to settle the problem.

    They will have had my money for over six months before the credit card co. can reverse the bill. I didn't mean to loan them money and I won't do it again. The word "kiting" comes to mind. Nice business model if you're crooked.

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  • Co
    coolbhatt Jun 18, 2019

    Worst customer service.
    Takes half an hour to talk to a half awakened rep who is barely able to help.

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