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Phone: 800-8388853

I have had a terrible experience and have still not yet received my flowers. We needed the flowers to arrive the day before Thanksgiving, I even paid extra for same day delivery. I was contacted late in the day and told they would not arrive same day. I spoke to John, a customer service rep, and told him I wanted to cancel my order. He apologized and offered me an upgrade as well as a $10 gift card which would be sent via email. I told him that would be wonderful and that they could resend the flowers Saturday. Well Saturday has come and almost gone and we still have not yet received the flowers or the $10 gift card via email. My husband and I both called to complain and again spoke to John and were told that the flowers show delivered and there is nothing he can do until Monday. He also informed us that if a neighbor of ours received and kept the flowers there is also nothing they can do, and we would not be able to receive any kind of refund. I am very angry at the fact that the person who was supposed to receive the flowers has come and gone empty handed. I am angry at the fact that this company who posts reviews from CNBC as being "Best overall Quality and Price" yet is so lousy in customer service. I am not trying to cheat anyone out of anything. I was trying to do something thoughtful for a loved one and ended up with a lot of aggravation and as, of now, a hole in my account due to a non-refund. We even spoke to a manager and were only offered apologies and again, nothing they can do. A company who doesn't go out of their way to look out for the customers who keep them in business will not have my business. I caution anyone who chooses to order flowers through this company!

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