Ford winstarirresponse customer service, fraud

This is a very serius complaint. I requested 4 times (first on Dec 8 2008) a lien release
for a Minivan that I bought at Ford Credit company, I paid 17 dollars, and haven't gotten anything yet.
The Ford Credit division told me all lies. They said that they already mailed it to me, but my local
post office didn't get nothing from them, also they said that they faxed it to me, but that was another lie, my company
didn't get nothing from them.
The said they will work on Dec 24, today, and that was also not true.
I want to know what is behind this problem?, why they did want to send me the lienrelease?. Who
else is involved in this case?. There is Court Order to tranfer that Minivan to someone else, since they do not
want to give the lien release, I will not be able to comply with the Superior Court.
I will contact my attorney on Friday to see what else I can do, I hope Ford knows what they are doing.
Besides all technical problems you can see in almost all complaints in this board, we also have as you see fraud and
serious unethical bussines.
With regards
Jose Banda-Schulz

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