Ford The Glenn / ford fiesta

Johannesburg, ZA

I bought a demo car there in September 2016 on 30 000 km it's December and there are still problems with the car.

A week after buying the car there was a engine light showing, second week I realised the tyres were old, third week one of the speakers stopped working meaning I can't make calls and the brakes are suddenly finished. Their excuse is that the car was last serviced at 20 000km. I should wait for next service.

Next service just before 40 000 I took to another Ford dealer and a few days after the car signals that it needs to be serviced and a portrait warning lamp comes out.

I have no trust in the car and I feel like I was sold a car that was not even below 40 000.

And the sales manager thinks everything is fine because it's still under warranty. The problem is every 2 weeks I have to drive to a Ford dealer. And I am not satisfied.

Dec 06, 2016

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