Ford Rustenburg / service and bad workmanship

I drive an ford focus gdi sport 2011 model. Whilst i was driving my radio just went off, i thought it could just be a fuse but im not an expert on cars so i decided to take my car to the experts (Ford Rustenburg) They took my radio out of my car telling me that the radio is faulty and that they have to send it away to do the repair on the radio. I had no problem paying for the radio and to wait the two weeks that i was told to get my radio installed again. But after two months i only received my radio and got it installed again. i did not even complain for the two month waiting period. My biggest problem was that when they finished installing my radio it dot not work. I asked the service adviser what is the problem with my radio that dose not work and his reply to me was ( I don't know ) I feel this is very poor service from a company as big as ford. They asked me why don't i just get a new car . I told them if i get a new car it wont be at ford. It costs a lot of money to fix a car at the original dealership and they are supposed to be the experts. This is vary disappointing to me as i'm a huge ford fan.

Mar 04, 2016

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