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Complaints & Reviews

poor quality product!

Bought new $23,000.00 Ford Ranger Sport in January 2007. Within one month and 3,000 miles, front tires completely "cupped out." I told "dealer," and was later referred to another dealer, which eventually "aligned" the truck, HOWEVER, my tires were already seriously damaged from massive cupping, and continue today (nine months later) to bounce and rumble when the truck is driven.

It is overwhelmingly disturbing to me now, especially since yesterday, when I had a "blow-out" going 65 mph in the front left tire (Good Year - Nitrogen filled tires). The nitrogen does not maintain consistent air-pressure and it costs money at a Dodge dealership to fill them.

I almost wrecked in the fast-lane on Interstate 17, between Wilmington, NC and Shallotte, NC (my home area). I got off the road and discovered a "blown out" tire.


I should have never been "stuck" with these cupped tires; FORD should have delivered an "aligned" truck to me, and after finally aligning the truck grates, the tires are irreparable and unacceptable for riding comfort, totally. I'm sick of it, and now, the blow-out. What's up with these tires?

ARE these Good Year tires defective. I HAVE TAKEN PICTURES OF THE BLOW-OUT and will have a lawsuit if it happens again; I have two teen-age children, and I cannot stand the "risk" any more.


I wonder if others have had similar problems.

Dr. Terry H. Johnson
Box 1648
Shallotte, NC 28459

  • St
    steve Sep 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi TERRY, I have a 2002 frod ranger 4x4 with firestone tires & i have the cupping problem too. I bought the tires new & had all new shocks, allignment done & they started cupping around 20, 000 miles. they have been rotated & balance every 3000 and the allignment checked a few times. I finally got a 2nd opinion & they said the factory bushing/spacers at the camber adjustment needed to be replaced to get set correctly. I have read alot of forums & there are alot of people with the same problem not just on rangers most ford trucks & suv. I am still in the process of finding the solution.This is a bunch of crap!!STEVE feel free to email [email protected]

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  • St
    Stabler Aug 16, 2010

    Hi, I have a Ford Ranger Sport 2007 and have just recently had noise problems in the front tires. I took it in to get checked out and the front tires were also cupped!
    There is an issue with these trucks!

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health insurance for retired employees

Ford Motor Company

My parents met in the early 1950's mom worked at a ford dealership, dad was a porter transferring cars from dealerships. Dad retired from rouge steel after dedicating most of his life to ford. He was diagnosed with asbestosis a direct result from working at fords. Now that he really needs his promised health benefits ford is cutting his benefits every time they turn around. Soon they will have no health insurance when they need it most. Fine thank you to a man who gave his best to a company. Shame on you ford motor. I have always driven ford products, but i will be rethinking my position as i watch my father die slowly with the prospect of no health benefits to ease his suffering.

  • Mi
    Michael Richards Oct 17, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You may want to check out a new web-based program called The Raymond Report. Viewers are invited to write in with their problems and he has a team of investigators who can help. You can search it on YouTube or go to theraymondreport.com

    I'd love to hear that they were able to help. Good luck!

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  • Ro
    Roger Levesque Nov 15, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My question is why ford has put me out of business it must be a joke to you but my life depended on this truck you have taken that away from me and my wife. I will go public , I will not leave this till some one in Ford ceo makes this mater write to me. I have dun nothing to Ford why should you destroy my life like this??? You have taking my Savings and some Why??? If I steel from some one I will pay for it that is the law you are not above it are you??? This letter will more likely go into trash..

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  • Jo
    John H. Carter Apr 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a proud owner of a Ford Focus 3 dr. zx3 hatch back. I bought it for my son who will be driving in another 1.5 years. I have no complaint about the running and quality of the body hardware. I have a complaint about the air bag light coming on and staying on. I can get into the car and go somewhere and the light will come on and stay on. Sometimes it does not come on at all. I have been told that I won't be able to have my car inspected and pass because of this problem. I feel that it is not right. I have been told that it cost 98.00 to have it turned off. Thats fine if it stays off. IT WON'T! Like I said it is a great little car, but my next move is to take the light out myself and then it will never come on again. I do realze that is no answer. I could cause a life. ...But what is one to do? I have seen on the internet that it is a very common problem. Ford needs to look into this problem and fix it pronto! People are going to start taking matters into their own hands and disconnecting the light... Then when someone dies because the airbag does not deploy, then ford will be facing a bigger problem than charging folks 100.00 everytime the stupid light comes on and cause the problem of not getting a passing grade during an inspection.

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  • Jo
    John Mitchell Apr 19, 2008

    My father worked at the Rouge Foundry for 20 years before retirement. My mom, his surviving spouse, was recently screwed out of her health insurance by Ford Motor Company as well. I have now spent six months trying to navigate through Medco, Humana, and a host of other ruthless insurance companies in an effort to make sure that her heart condition and glaucoma can be treated. I will never forgive Ford Motor Company for dumping the health benefits of those who built the company. It is disgusting, unwarranted and unethical. Every time I hear that Toyota is beating them and that their stocks are down I cheer!

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  • La
    la curtis Jul 09, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my dad worked for ford 40 years i 18 years i am78 years old thay took my good insurance and gave me blue cross i need dental work i pay 50 per cent my medical is out of hand my wife is a sick woman i nee my medical help

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  • Ha
    hawkskeeper57 Nov 08, 2019

    My husband put 41 years into Ford Motor Company. He was promised a good pension and retirement health benefits when he hired in and each time he transferred into a new department that "needed good employees" to support the new department. We just took a look at the 'promised retirement benefits'. It will take 30% of our income to finance the plan $560 per month and another 7, 200 deductible before anything is covered. We will not be eligible for medicare for 5 more years. I agree, shame on you Ford Motor Company...This is not the way to repay workers who stuck with you through thick and thin times, helping to keep the company running. I wish I could find an organization or someone willing to organize the retirees so that something could be done legislatively to prevent this from happening. My entire family, friends and co-workers are now Ford free-wont ever even look at another vehicle they make or service they offer.

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defective springs and sway bars!

I took my Taurus in for repair because the front end was shaking. I discovered that there is a recall on defective springs which were broken and replaced for free, however, after a $200 repair on defective sway bars. I was then informed that I have the exact same problem on both rear tires. Defective springs and sway bars that need replaced for $750. Ford would not cover the repair even though the repairman said it was common among all ford products and that I better have them fixed before they snap in half and puncture my tires. This had already happened to my Windstar at 65 mph. which almost cost the lives of five people.

I e-mailed Ford who sent a form letter of NO knowledge of defective rear springs and or any recall needed. I then canvassed five local dealerships and/or repair shops. They ALL agreed or had similar comments concerning Ford products in general. Ford springs, what a surprise, front, rear or all? one mechanic asked. I wouldn't sell that car in good conscience, one dealership said. You may want to have them replaced before selling it so nobody is seriously hurt, another dealership said.

The comments from experienced mechanics and factual history of Ford Taurus was all around me in a small town but Ford Motor Company will not yield. I wonder how big the problem really is?

  • Ki
    KIM MYERS Jan 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i brought a car from jd byrider dealership 2001 taurus please weare was it you brought your car god bless

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  • Nk
    nkuhn Sep 22, 2009

    I would guess this is a pretty common problem. The same thing happened to me. 2001 Ford Taurus with less than 70, 000 miles and the springs completely rotted out. The service station advised me that I shouldn't even drive the car home because the spring could puncture the tire. It cost $850 to replace the springs and the struts. Ford recalled the front but not the back. I will NEVER buy another Ford.

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auto part no longer being made by manufacturer

My friend took her 2001 Ford Windstar to the dealer to get her windshield wipers fixed. After three days the dealership realized that the fuse box was shorting out the fuse. (Please note has had problems with other fuses blowing out before this incident.) The dealership attempted send for a new fuse box through Ford, but they were told they (Ford) no longer made that fuse box for 2001 Windstar any longer and they wasn't a substitute part made to replace the old one. I was told that all auto makers must keep parts for their cars/trucks available for ten years after they have been manufacture or least know where you can buy the part elsewhere. Please advise. Is there such a law?

  • Jo
    John Coldwell Mar 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think that if the American government will allow a business to operate on domestic soil that it must abide the law including looking out for it's consumers throughout the entire duration of said usage of any and all products. This means that they have a back stock of all parts for a period of ten years especially those parts that typically defect. It's always the same, isn't it? The businesses want the dough but don't back up their products. The government just likes the tax money from the billions in revenue generated. Who's looking out for the little guy? No one.

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they dont care, so I wont care.

Hi everyone,

I have a horrible product called the "2002 Ford Escape". I paid a lot of money for this truck and take real good care of it. I follow all scheduled maintenance. But at 49K, the Transmission broke down. My repairman charged me 2,500 to repair the tranny. It was falling apart piece by piece. I am normal blue collar guy that can never afford large fixes like this but I had to.

I spoke with a Ford Customer Service guy and told him my entire story. His response was basically your on your own. He could/would not help me out. Simply ridiculous. I tried to go higher up in the food chain but found even more of a roadblock. Nobody seemed to care that their tranny's are failing and they wonder why the americans are going foreign. This is a horrible product and will encourage everyone I know to never by Ford.

They dont care, so I wont care.

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customer service is a misnomer with ford!

I have a 2004 Ford F250 with the 6 liter diesel engine. The truck has had a problem prior to 12k miles. It bucks and surges when going up a steep hill, making a noise that sounds like it's coming from the drivers side wheelwell. The truck has been into Bozeman Ford in Bozeman, MT 5 different times for this same problem. In addition, it has been into Broadway Ford in Idaho Falls, Id for the same thing. With these trucks once they go out of the 36k warranty, you have to pay a $100 deductible in order to get work done under the 100k engine warranty. I assumed this was a dealer charge and paid it in Idaho Falls at about 40K miles.

Subsequent to that, I've practically given up ever getting the truck repaired as nothing they have done has fixed the problem. One service writer at Bozeman Ford told me to wait awhile and hopefully, Ford would come up with a fix for the problem. I took the truck in there again on July 17th and this time, they took the turbo apart and cleaned the vanes. I was charged the $100 fee and protested. The service writer told me this was a Ford charge and not a dealer charge and I could call Ford's 800 number and get my money returned since it had been an ongoing problem.

Well, I called and got a woman who refused to refund my money saying there were too many miles between Idaho Falls and the last time the truck was in the shop. Notwithstanding it's all been for the same exact problem, I could not reason with her. What part of it's the same problem do they not understand. Anyway, I asked that a supervisor call me and today, he did, giving me the same answer that I had gotten from her.

Obviously, customer service is a misnomer with Ford and at this point, it's become a matter of principle with me. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Steven Summerhill

  • Jo
    Jon S. Dec 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My o4 F250 6.0L did the same thing, I took it to ford last week and they updated the computer and it fixed it. However fuel mileage went down so it is back in the shop. Once again they are trying to charge me the 100 deductable to fix an egr issue. They had it in the shop a week and a half ago.

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  • Fr
    fred espinosa Mar 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i also have a 2004 ford f250 4x4 lemon!im going through arbitration in a week, through the better business bearu .my truck stalls, gets really bad fuel mpg.it had a vibration that wore out the leaf spring bushing in the passenger side, that ford couldent figure out, i had to get under the truck and find it my self, after 6 times in the shop. i didn't notice that it was from a vibration until i took it up to about 85 miles an hour . and it would vibrate in a fluttering pattern.i also felt a serious loss of power, after 7 times in the shop for this problem, and having ford try to tell me that there is nothing wrong with it, i took it to a dynamometer tester here in camarillo ca. and proved my clam. it showed only 239 hp, and 398 fpt. at the best of seven pulls . where those #'s should of been 320hp, an about 600 fpt. ford knows that they shuffled a handful of bad motors into the heard, but they wont do any thing about it in less you get a lawyer or go through the BBB.

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their &e-payment system&

Don't get sucked into the FORD e-payment system. They send you one e-mail and no further reminders so if you trash that e-mail or it goes to your junk mailbox, you will end up with a late payment and they won't do anything about it.

Most companies notify you in the sign up screen with the option of receiving both notices (mail and e-mail). Ford doesn't. Their legal gibberish tells you they will only send you one notice.

This type practice clearly defines the company and tells me why I haven't owned another Ford product for the last twenty years, and won't again for the next twenty years.

This action caused the first late payment to show up on my credit report in the last 30 years.

lack of customer service and mistreatment of female customers

Fiesta Ford
78-990 Varner Road
Indio CA 92203

During the week of April 13 th 2007 I called Ford and spoke with the "Service Manager" regarding the cracked skin on the lift door of my 2002, Ford XLT 4x4. I was informed that Ford was well aware of this problem and it would be fixed at no cost to myself. This particular "Service Manager" was leaving for Mexico, but I should expect a call from a Ford service Rep. The call never came, so when I called, I was informed that this conversation was never relayed as the service manager had stated he would do, however a date was set up to bring the truck in for repair.

On April 16 th. my truck went in to have the life door repaired, oil changed plus I authorized a dent in the passenger door be repaired and painted and the front bumper required a bit of a touch up," of which I assumed full responsibility for payment"

Ford lost my keys/remote start during the week of April 23 rd. Rather than bring in an outside company and install a new system they continued to mess around trying to get remotes to work with the system that was in the truck. After being unsuccessful in this endeavor I was informed that they finally had to pull the "brain" of the alarm system from my truck and send it away. .

On May 19th after paying the bill, of $424.84 I found that my alarm didn't work right, the front bumper didn't get touched up as requested there was a NEW Dent in the door, and the back life door was still rattling which of course will cause the skin to crack again.

I went back to Ford on May 21st, 2007. I asked to speak directly to the Service Manager and by this time I was not known as a " Happy and Satisfied Customer". When he started to explain the " warranty work" deductible and "just couldn't remember our conversation" I informed him that I didn't want to hear his excuses.This so called "service manager" informed me that I was rude. . When I replied that He was the rude one, he gasped and asked his audience of other employee's "what did I say that was rude" and then told me to leave his office and the premises. Kicked Out Of Ford's, now that's a new one. I'm 58 years and never been kicked out of a business. Ford had the honor!

I filed a complaint with the CEO of Ford Motor Company followed up with a phone call to their Customer Service Dept. filed a complaint with the BBB, and spoke with my credit card company to dispute this bill.
I am so positive that this would have never ever gone this far had I been a man. I believe I was seen as a nuisance female and treated as such.

Ford dealer ship's should require their Managers to be schooled in Good Customer Service, fixing issues, accepting responsibility for their staff and above all knowing that Women have the same rights and should be treated the same as men in business transactions.

Ford had my truck and my life tied up for 34 days rather than the 2 days that I was initially told due to gross negligence on their part. So here I am out of pocket $424.00 for repairs that didn't take place, $138.00 for a rental car and I'm with a vehicle that I will now need to take to a body shop for repair
Will I ever go back to Ford? NEVER, Would I recommend Ford? NEVER, Do I see Ford as an Equal Rights Business? NO

Ford needs to own this problem and do what's right by their customers


  • Ri
    Rishamjit Gaba Jun 11, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bhagat ford Ludhiana very poor service Service incharg Mr Bhogal are not attend properly

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ford motor company is the worst company to work for!

I took the buyout after 15 years at Ford Motor Company. The management and HR department has been handling the layoffs and buyouts in the worst manner possible. So very cold, Ford has no concern for their workers. For the last year that I worked at Ford, they kept on saying, "Work Smarter, not harder" and other demeaning slogans. Working in Materials Engineering, we were under constant pressure from all groups to approve shoddy materials rather than push for better, more expensive materials. Doesn't long-term quality equate to long-term buyer loyalty?

  • Valerie Jun 03, 2016

    After I bought my Ford Mondeo 2 months ago it stopped me in the middle of the road 3 times.

    The first time I took it, I just did not know what's wrong with it, so I kept it there for two days after that they told me that it's a bad battery and we changed it (as the car is under warranty).

    After 19 KM the car just stopped again closing 2 lanes in a highway (Shaikh Zaid Road, Dubai, UAE) again I had to pull my car to the service again but this time they kept it for 3 days after that they told me that they have replaced the "Charging System" so I took my car but after "1WEEK" I gave it back to them for the same problem.

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  • St
    Steven Crews Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just tried to E-mail you my storey!d Now I am very pissed that I guess I wrote to much someone needs to call me as soon as possible on this problem... I will be contacting the GE Ford Credit people that keep on raising the interest on this account. Call Me Steven Crews @ 904-786-9664 after 3:30 P.M Mon- Friday.

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  • Ji
    Jim Reynolds Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a new 2002 Ford Exlorer in early 2002. I have had problems with it to this day- problems that were caused by Ford mistakes. The transmission, that constantly whines, has been replaced twice- it still whines.

    The back, outside panel below the tailgait window is split from top to bottom because it is made out of plastic and the sheer vibration of the vehicle has cause it to crack. It cannot be repaired and requires a $3oo replacement of the entire panel. Ford will do nothing about it. I would like to sue them, but that's impossible.


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very bad after sales service

I bought a Ford Ikon 1.8D in June 2005. Since the 1st day my car has never functioned properly. Within 6mths of the purchase most of the parts were changed in my car by the Company service center but all the problems still persist. Now Ford is least interested to do anything even after placing several complaints.

  • Dr
    Dr.sylvana Jul 03, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I brought my Ford Ikon(Flair) about 3ys back.it was running ok till about a year back. Then suddenly complaint started as intermittent starting trouble, I went to the Ford dealer in Calicut city(PVS Ford), about more than 6 times with the same complaint and I got the vehicle back telling that there is no trouble, but the complaint still remains. They even changed the battery for this trouble. One day when I went again they told that the rocam head is leaking and there is mixing of oil with coolend and now the head is also changed but the complaint remains the same (35000 kms used) and i spend lot of money on it. Now i don't know what to do with this car. I am very much disappointed.

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  • Si
    sid Nov 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ford is turning down on its own reputation or may be its the other way round that they intentionally need to fill up & make money from their service center setups.

    I have a Fiesta 1.6 cc Petrol .. since the onset of 3rd year in use, it faced a very irritating technical snag where the vehicle looses its acceleration with sudden jerks while running initially and then the vehicle in subsequent days shall start but soon as you leave the acceleration paddle to pick up in the 1st gear ..the car shall have a few jerks and there shall be an indication on the panel .. with no further usual acceleration possible. The car shall move at a pace giving way to all cyclists smiling at you.

    After sales is terrible, since most of the ground level teams would certainly have got frustrated dealing with the piece of junk which is eye pleasing but .. not at all your worth your hard earned money.

    Suggest anyone picking this brand may seriously consider the likes of Suzuki, Honda ..but certainly never a FORD.

    Sidharth Trehan
    New Delhi

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  • Ja
    jay3000bc Sep 24, 2009

    Ford Servicing is very very bad. They have taken full money, but after sales service is the worst I have ever seen in m entire life. I have all the bills with me. I wish to take this matter to the court.

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coil springs breaking!

I own a 2002 Taurus purchased in Nov 2001. It currently has 57,400 miles on it, is well maintained, and was never wrecked... HOWEVER, this past week we have had a front coil spring break on the roadway which ruptured a tire, tore a CV boot, and damaged the front struts. The following day after the FRONT suspension damage was repaired, a REAR spring broke while it was PARKED in the service garage. The noise was heard by two of the mechanics. Total cost for replacement of all 4 springs, front struts, CV boot, new tire, towing, labor etc. $1576.33.

FORD Motor Company refused to assume any responsibility. They had a recall for the 2001's for known spring failure but NOT the 2002's. Considering this car was manufactured in 2001, it no doubt has the SAME defective springs. TAURUS OWNER'S BEWARE!

  • Ka
    Kathy Harris Mar 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The right, front coil spring just broke on my 1996 Ford Taurus and punctured the tire in 4 places. Luckily it happened when my 16 yr old daughter was backing out of the drive with her foot on the brake still or she might've been seriously hurt in an accident that I'm sure this would've caused.. I called Ford because I know there was a recall on this for the '93, '99, and 2000 models, and they simply told me thanks for the info. However, the woman told me to save my receipts just in case there would be a recall in the future. I don't know how much it will all cost because we haven't had it repaired, yet. As far as I'm concerned, Ford should pay and they should issue a recall on ALL years of Ford Taurus' and check all of the coil springs. Obviously, it is a problem that is not limited to the years with the recalls.

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  • Ja
    Jay Dec 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also had a failure of the right front coil spring in my 2002 Taurus a few days ago, which punctured the right front tire. The car is having both front coil springs replaced as I type this. In doing a little research on the matter, Ford, tow truck drivers and mechanics are very much aware of this defect! However, they failed to act on this safety issue, saying the 2002 model has not been affected by the '99 - '01 recall. I believe this puts thousands of '02 Taurus owners at risk, and the '02 model should be added to the recall! As lifelong Ford owners, we are very disappointed with Fords inaction on this very important safety issue and will never purchase another Ford vehicle again.

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hard to start, and puffed white smoke out of the tail pipe after start up

I purchased a 2003, F350 Ford Super Duty , 7.3 ltr Deisel on Jan 22, 2006. I had some issues on the truck, one month after the purchase. 1. hard to start, and puffed white smoke out of the tail pipe after start up, immediately going away. The truck ran good otherwise.

I took the truck to Kearney Mesa Ford in San Diego on Feb. 21-2006 It is now Mar. 15, 2006 and no truck.
During this time I received 1 phone call advising me to come down and talk to them, Tony Bekum (service Writer). When I arrived they informed me that I needed a new engine, however the Ford warranty was denied by the Ford Representative. Reason, Because the truck had large tires, after market air filter, gage cluster on the left windshield post. (No Chip). I FEEL THAT THIS JUST A PLOY FORD HAS TOLD THE REPS. TO DO BECAUSE FORD IS IN A LITTLE FINANCIAL TROUBLE. This is not my first Ford I have an 87 Ford F250 4x4 that I bought new by an order, I own a 1999 Ford Explorer, and an 88 Ford Bronco II, That has an original 60 thousand miles, Its Premo for a Ford Bronco.

I am very upset at Ford for this decision and no one will let me talk to the Ford Rep who's name is Jacob Doff.

ford just not give a care about their consumers!

On December 13th. 2006, I wrote to Ford's help page. I have a 1990 E-350 super duty van, I needed to know the proper gear ratio for my rear end as it needed to be replaced, and the usual tag was missing on the rear end so they (Ford) had to look it up for me. They wrote me back stating that my request was be sent to their "Archives" and they would let me know. I wrote back a week later, their response was it could take 4-6 weeks fo an answer. I wrote to them weekly and every time got the same message back. It has now been over 7 weeks, still the same response from them. They will not give me a phone number or e-mail to wage a complaint, they just keep writing 4-6 weeks. Meanwhile my van is still broke down. I wonder, does Ford just not give a care about their consumers OR Can they not afford a COMPUTER to put their "ARCHIVE" files in. People, if you read this. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ASKING FOR THERE HELP, BUY A CHEVY!!!

  • An
    Andy Thacker Feb 27, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Don't be a fool, You will have the same problems with your chevy. Don't believe me? Go check out ANY manufactures complaints, they are all junk. I've owned them all and they have all been garbage. Maybe you can talk yourself into thinking the Japanese build a better product too. Good luck with that.

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  • Di
    disgusted in detroit Jun 14, 2009

    This piece of junk was 17 years old when posted.The manufacturers aren.t even required to make parts for it anymore.There are 16 years of files on top of yours

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  • Do
    Don't Start Jul 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The gear ratio is stamped on the pinion on Fords and if you knew it needs to be replaced than that means you had it apart. Plus, if you spin the driveshaft, count the revolutions of the driveshaft for one revolution of the wheel. That truck either came with 3.55, 3.73 or 4.10 ratio. Ford built a billion vehicles since that POS, yea, they got other things to do.

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beware! you can hurt yourself!

My truck was rolled over on it's passenger side while driving on the interstate. The reason for the accident was both passenger rear wheels had fallen off the truck due to all ten lug nut studs just snapping off flush with the face of the axle.in other words, I lost wheels, tires, lug studs and nuts all in one instance. Law enforcement did not citate me for the wreck because I was not at fault for anything. Just from talking to people who run these trucks with cranes and mechanic bodies such as my truck was equipped, a caterpillar dealer in louisiana had this problem happen on two occasions. I am just lucky that I was not hurt and that no one was close enough to my accident on the interstate to damage their vehicle or put anyone else at risk. I was wondering if someone could investigate this situation nationally so this problem does not hurt or kill anyone else.

ford refused its warranty!

My Ford F250 Super Duty Powerstroke had to have the complete engine replaced at a cost of $12000. Even though the truck was still in warranty and expiring in one month Ford refused to honor its warranty.

  • Gu
    Guy Morrison 90 Nov 16, 2010

    Having the same problem with Ford not honoring warranty.
    Purchased 2008 Ford Diesel Super Duty F-250 in Feb 2008. March 2009 brought vehicle into dealership because check engine light was on and truck was running rough (38, 000 miles ) truck was in the shop for approx week, dealership called said truck was fixed, I picked up vehicle from dealership, motor blew 15 miles after leaving service. Dealership replaced motor due to a coolant problem. It was taken to dealer MANY times for coolant problems, among other problems. July 2010 I took the truck to the dealership because white smoke was coming out to pipe, they had truck for a couple of days, called me a few days later saying there was nothing wrong with the truck, the diagnostics cost me $158. At 99, 000 (it has a 200, 000 mile warranty) it AGAIN was blowing white smoke (which they told me before that nothing was wrong)and dash lights did not show engine running hot. After getting home and unloading my equipment, I tried to start it with no luck. I had it towed to Auburn Ford, where I purchased vehicle. After about a week they asked me to authorize a new battery. I thought they had battery chargers. Later they called and authorized a rental for 20 days. Now they tell me it needs a new motor due to the radiator and the cost is on me. I have sent certified mail to Dearborn, MI (headquarters) Oct 27 and they maintain they do not have the letter. I can not reach anyone on the phone, nor find an address to send them all the info.

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front coil spring failure

Like Sean, Malcolm and the others, I too, own a 2002 Ford Taurus and also had front coil spring failure...

the worst business I have ever dealt with!

I have recently applied for a mortgage, and received a copy of my current credit report. Since I was a victim...