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Ford Owner Advantage / Poor Customer Service

United States Review updated:
I bought a Ford one year ago, and was enrolled in this Owner Advantage program it seemed like a good program .I began to have problems with the dealership posting my repairs incorrectly I would call the dealer they would adjust my balance, if I didn't mention to them that I was in the Owner Advantage Program they would not post it to my account.After all of this I decided to contact their customer service dept. I spoke to someone named Claudia she told me they would be in contact with me, I waited nearly four days, I called customer service again, once again I spoke with Claudia the same response WE WILL RESEARCH THIS FOR YOU???? I finally asked to speak to her supervisor? a woman by the name of Yvonne, if this woman could resolve my problem as fast and confusing as she was talking I would have been a happy customer!!!I just want to end this by saying THE FORD OWNER ADVANTAGE PROGRAM SHOULD HIRE BETTER HELP!!!Claudia the customer service rep, did not seem to bright or very confident, she had a very squeaky, timid voice very annoying, Yvonne the supervisor must have dated "JUAN VALDEZ THE COFFEE GUY" because this woman was talking so fast and twisting the conversation I wanted to bring her a tranquilizer!!!she must have drank a pot of coffee and than some...I finally did resolve my issue a few days later, so to all of you Ford Owner Advantage members if you ever need help resolving a problem with the dealership go through the dealership or call their Corporate Headquarters, if you speak to (Yvonne /last name removed/) or (Claudia /last name removed/) you may be in for a long wait with giggles (removed) and squeaky (removed), Please Ford Motor Corp Good help is hard to find.P.S.One of their reps provided the last names.


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  20th of Dec, 2008
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Dealerships do not know how to use the owner adv program(ford/linc/merc-owner.com affiliated websites) and neither do the staff answering the phone at the 'corporate hq' . They send you a useless membership card that only when you loose it are they to tell you that it is not necessary and that its just for the phone numbers on the other side of it. The people you spoke to I know and I've never been to Dearborn, but I worked for Percepta in Melbourne, FL (the group that ford outsources their cust service to phone divisions located in NJ and 1320 S Babcock St in Melbourne, FL ). I knew both of the people that you spoke of and believe it or not the only problem they can help you with is registration not what is/isn't posted on your account. The dealerships call the Cust service center in Melbourne the dial-a-prayer hotline, which means when they are unwilling to help you with your repair bill etc.. they tell you it is a Ford problem and to call the cust assistance center knowing that the eventual decision is up to them anyway (Ford has to call the dlrshp and ask about your loyalty etc... they have a formula that is on your permanent record with Ford that is a number [score] that includes how much you make, how much you will make, age (lower-better), price of house [weird but it is tied to your address], etc.. Also never write an e-mail to Ford, a person in Manila, Philippines making less than $1/hr will be forced to respond to your e-mail and sign it with their made-up American names [most of the warranty prior approval and warranty assistance is about 95% Filipino, and Ford suggest that when signing an e-mail to use an American name], also unless it is the most basic of issues like where to get an owners guide, the result is always the same-call the Ford Cust Relationship Center. Another funny thing if you have ever talked to your 'regional manager' on the phone there is a very good chance he/she works in Melbourne, FL right next door to the giant call center, employees will always tell you they are in Dearborn and some even put up things like weather widgets with Dearborns weather to lie to their customer more with,
  13th of Jun, 2009
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I also had complaints about my owner advantage membership.When I called their customer service phone number, I spoke first with {Claudia /removed/} name from the above complaint.Since I thought it was not handled properly, I requested to speak to her supervisor {Yvonne /removed/}name also from the above complaint.This took almost two weeks to resolve.I will never buy a Ford again...Ford Motor Company needs better customer service if they ever plan on increasing their revenue
  14th of Jun, 2009
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This is the fault of the dealership and not Ford Motor.I work at a dealer and our customers love the program. The dealer is responsible for enteringthe amount of any repair or parts purchase into the system.And I can understand your frustration if the dealer personnel are not educated or that they are too lazy to enter this into the system everytime you make a purchase.Go to your dealer and ask to speak to the General Manager about this.The only way that they know is if someone brings it to their attention.The G.M. at the dealer I work for is also one of the owners .You know those stupid little comment cards that are attached to the service tags, he personally reads each and every single one that gets mailed in.You would not like to be in his office with me when he recieves one with negative comments.Best owner I have ever worked for.
  15th of Jun, 2009
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So who do I believe?one person works for Ford's customer service team, saying dealerships do not know how to use the Owner Advantage Program, and the other person suggests speaking to the General Manager at the dealer?What is the purpose of having a customer service phone number if I can resolve this through the dealership?So speaking to {Yvonne /removed/} and {Claudia /removed/} was not necessary?I wasted my time and went through all of this agravation for nothing.This just gives me more reason to not purchase a Ford product again.
  13th of Oct, 2009
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Here is a direct phone number to (Ford's Customer Service Department) through (Ford's Owner Advantage Program)that direct number is (1-866-860-1826).You will not need any prompts.
  2nd of Jul, 2012
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I too work at Percepta for ford motor company like the pathological liar above. What they wrote has extremely small fragments of truth to it. I imagine that's why they no longer work there. The gentleman that works at the dealership. Owner advantage rewards is a rewards program for our loyal customers but it is fully funded and maintained by your dealership. Ford built the infrastructure for dealers who want to step up for their customers. If you are having an issue with accuracy of your transactions you should speak with the GM or the service manager. They have both commited to this program and if they need help or training they can always reach out to their "regional managers" like me. I am sorry about your troubles at this dealership and the call center. Like any huge company sometime.es you will find a bad seed. I can tell you it is not indicative of Ford or all dealerships.
  20th of Jun, 2017
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I haven't been a member for long. There has been no coordination or accepting of responsibility in making sure service was recorded. Contacting a customer representative via the For Owner site resulted in my being redirected back to the dealership for proper entry of data for the Advantage Rewards program. Contact with the dealership resulted in a confirmation of the entry of the reward. The Ford Owner site does not want to support owners, and the dealership has nothing to do with the data once they've entered it. Pretty much a bush-league performance in spite of the claims made by Ford in regard to their after-sale support. No more Fords for me or my family.

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