Ford Motor Company / wrong model sent for recalled defective airbag for 2014 mustang

Temecula, CA, United States

I have been waiting for over a year (since July 2015) to send my 2014 Mustang to Ford so that they can replace the defective airbag which, according to the recall letter they sent out over a year ago, can cause severe injury or death. At first the company was proactive in communicating with me when my part would be ready for replacement. I went to the dealership on July 2016, and after waiting between 30 min - 1 hr, they claimed that they had the part for the wrong model, 2005/2006. I had to wait several months more for my part and stopped receiving communication from them as to when the part would be ready. When I called earlier this year and asked what the delay was, they said that they had received defective airbags and had to send them back. Therefore, they would probably receive the correct parts this past March or April. The rep did not sound confident at all about this ETA. It is May and I still have not received any communication from the dealership about when I can bring my car in for the replacement. I am very unhappy with this service - I even went in to have them look at my seemingly electrical problem because my car would not start at random times. They said that they were able to start my car no problem and returned my car to me. The car kept this issue up so I took it to a mechanic who actually took the time to inspect my vehicle and told me that I needed a new starter - he even showed me my old starter and I saw the places where it was burnt off. But my car still wouldn't start on some days. So he ran the diagnostics again, and suggested I change my key, because it seemed that maybe my key had a chip that was not being recognized by my car. I switched my key for the spare one I had, and I have not had any issues since then. Ford never took the time to evaluate my car and tell me this. Probably because it was under warranty at the time.

May 6, 2017

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