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Falls Church, VA, United States

I recently purchased a 2015 Ford Taurus and the transmission failed. A bit disappointing considering I've only been driving the vehicle a little over a year. I can understand that mechanical parts fail, but I was expecting Ford or it's representatives to stand behind it's product.
1. The transmission was rebuilt as opposed to replacing it with a brand new one. This would've given me a greater reassurance in the vehicle's problem not returning.
2.Unless Ford is receiving it's parts from overseas, it's kinda difficult to understand why the parts took so long to get. A job which the customer service dept. rep believed should be done in a few days took almost a week. The transmission was broken down and failed parts identified, I would think the parts would be local enough to be overnighted and job completed as soon as possible.
3. During this period while the transmission was being rebuilt, there wasn't a loaner vehicle offered. Apparently Ford doesn't feel a brand new purchased vehicle is worth being temporarily replaced while failed parts are being replaced. Would've been nice to see Ford step up for an inconvenience to one of it's customer's. To be fair they did offer a shuttle service to where I needed to go after dropping off the vehicle.
4. Once the car was ready for me to pick it up and I successfully drove it home, I notice it was dirty to a degree that shows lack of customer service or appreciation. Something as simple as vacuming and a car wash. There were finger prints left by the mechanic inside as well as outside the vehicle.
As a previous Ford Taurus vehicle owner (2008), I believed in the vehicle and it's durability, so didn't have any doubts on purchasing another one. I'm not saying don't buy a Ford, but you may be disappointed in their customer service and a lack of customer support/appreciation.
FYI, still paying for the vehicle, so it makes this experience an unpleasant one. With so many vehicle options/choices I would think Ford would make their customers feel just a little bit more valued.

Thank you for taking time out to hear from me.

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Jun 11, 2017

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