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Ford Motor Company / service

1 South Africa

Good day
To whom it may concern
I am an owner of a beautiful tangerine scream ford st. An absolutely gorgeous vehicle!!!
However, my service with this vehicle is totally up to zero!
I purchased my car on the 07/10/2016 which was a friday. I was notified before leaving lydenburg ford dealership that the vehicle had to be back on monday the 10/10/2016 for the vehicles annual service.
During the weekend I noticed that the keys battery was flat (As it came up on the screen multiple times) and that the driver’s side door panel light (The red one imbedded in the frame) was not working! I started the vehicle on monday morning (Day of service) and let her idle; as she was idling I noticed that there was an extremely strange sound coming out of the engine. When I dropped the car of at lydenburg ford for its service, I spoke to dannie, I informed him of the key battery and door light situation as well as the sound coming out of the engine!!! He told me that he would have the mechanics have a look at it!
That afternoon when I went to pick the car up, I was told the light in the door was a warranty issue and needed to get clearance before it could be fixed, and that the key had a new battery inserted and was fine. The noise coming from the engine, now that was another story all together. I was told that the vehicle would have to come back so that pictures could be taken of the vehicle and the pictures sent to their warranty division for clearance to fix whatever was making such a noise!! As they said that they suspect that the vehicle was tampered with. Do they not inspect the vehicle before placing it on the floor for sale???
I understood, and took the vehicle back to them for pictures, later I went and picked the vehicle up again and was told to wait for an answer! So I waited and waited and waited and waited!!!
I am still waiting!!! I am now going to pay the second instalment on my vehicle… and I do not drive it at all!!! Cause it seems the more it is driven the worse the sound becomes in the engine, it has also started to make a hissing sound!
I informed lydenburg ford on the monday my vehicle went in for its service that I am travelling down to cape town on the 09/12/2016. On which I was reassured that me vehicle would be in perfect shape to travel down in. And if not I would be able to travel with it as is!!! Are you kidding me??? I want to travel 1800 km for my holiday, what if my car decides to break down 900km from home??? What do I do??? Call my holiday quits?? Waste my saved holiday funds to fix a car that ford has had two months to just let me know what is happening with no answer to any question!!!
They told me my car had to come in again, which I did, for more photos apparently. My car is still in the same condition!!! I cannot get to work without a fight, because lydenburg ford rather gave courtesy vehicles to nelspruit clients than to me!
I am so disappointed in the service I have received from lydenburg ford; no one lets you know what is happening (My number, my brothers number and my girlfriends number was given to them!) also there is always an excuse of the person working with this or that is not there, or is on leave or something like that! Is there no one else that can help cover for someone if they are not there?? If my girlfriend or I do not phone to ask if there is any news, no one calls us!! I have received two phone calls from lydenburg ford this entire time!! I think it is quite pathetic!
Needless to say, I have worked my but off all year long to be able to go on holiday! I work my but off to have the car I really really desired! For what!!! Not to be able to drive in it! For it to stay parked in my garage! Too scared to drive with her!
Although (Listen to this logic) lydenburg ford, said that I can drive with the car nothing will go wrong, but in second breath tells me on wednesday the 23/11/2016 that my car will not be driveable!!!
I am utterly disgusted; there has been ample time to #, repair and give my car back to me!!!
At this moment, I am paying for a vehicle that I have driven a total of four days!!!
I would just like to know, is it too much to have expected to be able to drive down to cape town in my new sports car in december 2016???
If someone, or anyone could please be so kind as to contact me in regards to my car or my complaint… that would be great!!!

Fyi… I do not recommend ford lydenburg to anyone… the only part of the service that was great was them selling me the car. After that it was all downhill!!!

I am truly disgusted and disappointed!!!
Feel free to contact me in-between 16:00 and 17:00 hours, as I will still be working my but off to pay for my car (That I cannot drive)

Very disgusted client,

Quintean archer

Nov 24, 2016

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