Ford Motor Company / recalls/won't return calls/ etc.

I had called on Monday to see about having a recall fixed on my vehicle 2011Ford escape limited. Told could drop off on Wednesday. I asked if the part(s) were there alreasy. I was assured the recall part was here. Dropped off vehicle. Several hours later get a call that there is a loud noise under my hood. I hadnt recalled hearing a noise. I explained that I did stall out on Monday at a stop sign. I asked if they could check the throttle (as it had been replaced recently from a previous recall). They said that they would check it. I said if the current recall was near the Fuel filter would they check it also. They said ok. I get call back the stalling out is because I need Spark plugs & a gasket. Manual states 100, 000 miles re place. I'm at 86, 000 it starts no problem gas, mileage is great, no loss of power to my knowledge excluding stalling out on Monday. Anyway they tell me for plugs and gasket estimate $450.00. I'm like in shock labor is 109/110 an hour. I tell them go ahead and fix it. Then next morning I decidedn to expensive to fix., i call them back then they are like why, i explained to high with labor. They say we are a dealership we are going to be high. I said like 80.00 an hour is high but more reasonable. They said well it will actually cost 400.00. I said that's still high
They said I can do 390.00. I told them, in think about and get. Back with them. I call back speak to another service guy. I tell him to go ahead so it for 390.00. He said okay I"ll tell'em to start. Well according to his other workers he never gave the message. my vehicle hasnt been touched since Tuesday it's now Friday. My problem is i told them, not to do anything to it except fix the recall.I mean DUH, that's why its there originally. Between calling for updates and being told They call me back. Only to wait 2-3hours and calling back myself to get no answers. The guys would say I don't know I'll have to ask. I've been inside this dealership and the service department. Its not that big nor is it rocket science to look at my invoice, and or ask another member there where can I get information down this customer. They also can't keep staff at this dealer ship on Douglas GA. Which I've understood is a sign the management isn't good. Which reflects back to you guys in corporate.
What I have learned is this is my last Ford product, will only return to this dealership for recalls, while I own this vehicle. I will have my service work done elsewhere.
Btw: a co-worker called back to check progress on my vehicle for me in the parts department. According to him the parts hadn't come in as of yet.

Nov 17, 2017

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