Ford Motor Companypurchased ford edge 2017


This is my first experience with Ford, and I have to say two days after not pleasure. I purchased used Ford Edge 2017 Saturday 102/01/2018 around 2:00pm.This morning on way to work my wife realize there is chip(crack) on windshield on bottom on her side (passenger) .I said don't worry I will contact them today to get it fix.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Cypress, CAI texted my sales person Feras Awad from Norm Reeves saying thanks for helping me last Saturday but there is slight issue... windshield was cracked and I included picture in text. His replay was "That wasn't there brother".
This is really showing how much he appreciate me as customer almost saying I am liar which I am not ..even if I lied this is not way to treat a customer.
Is there anything you can do and let me know what I should do?
My email address is [protected] my phone # [protected]
sincerely unhappy customer Zack

Dec 03, 2018

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