Ford Motor Companypoor service of malaysia dealer, sime darby auto connexion

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Firstly i have to apologize because i can't have my satisfied respond in my country, though I hope Ford U.S can put more attention and pressure on this matter because Ford customer in my country have suffer a lot and a lot of unwanted trouble regarding the very poor after sales service.

My incident is, I am a Fiesta ecoboost customer, I bought my vehicle almost 3 years ago, everything is fine and I am appreciate that. One day i broke my car front skirt due to unwanted accident and I am decided to order a replacement . Waited for almost 1 month and finally I have my skirt in one of service center, they ask me to drop my car there for like 2 days for installation, I am agree with that. After 2 days i went to collect my car, and i found they order a wrong version of skirt! and the worst part is they just installed it without my concern! I am angry !They pass the unfitted LED DRL to me and said this can't be installed because it doesn't fit! Firstly i have to claim that before they place my order, they ask me to drive my car to them for checking, and for your information, Fiesta ecoboost Malaysia version have a very nice LED DRL front bumper skirt, they double check my car and place the order, but after all they order a wrong version skirt, which is Fiesta 1.5L version skirt and installed on my car ! I question them, why are you did not check the skirt when it arrived?How come you just installed it anyhow? If you know this is a wrong version skirt you should contact me but not installed it anyhow! They just said it can't be wrong because we have you chassis number! After that they promised to place another order for me and this happen a month ago, every week i have to call them asking for the order status, and i place my complaint to the headquarter in Malaysia Ford dealer Headquarter, which is Sime Darby Auto Connexion, they also can't give a satisfying solution, all they do are just asking customer to wait until they call, and actually we don't know whether they have follow the case or not! This whole incident just proven their poor and unreliable service quality, there are lot of people starting to lose confident with Ford already due to poor service quality!

My car number plate is JQQ 2208, I have no way to complaint, except Ford U.S

Aug 08, 2017
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  • Bo
      Aug 10, 2017

    I too had complaints on Ford service in Malaysia, especially sime darby auto connexion and the stupid warranty claim procedures. In my case it is the car battery.

    Below is the sequence of events (also sent to sime darby auto connexion today 10-Aug-2017) regarding my Ford Fiesta Ecoboost, no plate JQP3744 of 2 and half years, concerning my battery change.

    For the last time, I want to make you aware of this car battery issue, the problem of which is really totally unnecessary. Here it goes:

    1) The Ford Fiesta car battery I had is under warranty, as I have checked with your website. That is why I wanted to make a claim.

    2) the battery has not been charged or changed for more than 2 years during services.

    3) On [protected] I took the car to Auto-Lumina for the 5th service, and requested a test on the battery power. The test ended with printout suggesting REPLACE Battey (see attached1).

    4) But the Service Dept refuse to replace and insisted of wanting me to leave the car at the service center for 6 hrs to go through 3 recharging tests. If these 3 tests fail to charge, then they will change the battery. This was insane!!

    5) I refused, arguing that who will want to use a battery which is more than 2 and half years old, even if it could be charged. Our weather here would not permit a car battery to last more than 2 years! Also I did not want to spent 6 hours in the service center doing nothing.

    6) So I told the service center I will come to change the battery at my own cost in a week or so, and they could have the battery to charge however long they wanted to.

    7) 2 days before I intended to bring the car to the service center to changed the car battery at my own cost, the battery died in the car park in the evening. I had to call a taxi to go home etc. This was 27-Jul-2017.

    8) On 28-Jul-2017 morning, I went to the car park by taxi and paid a battery shop to help me jumped start the car. It started OK, and I drove the car to Auto-Lumina in Bukit Indah to change to a new battery at my own cost (see attached2)

    9) I left the 2 years plus battery for them to charge, knowing that they will fail to charge it becos the net had prompted me the probability of failure.

    10) For almost 3 working days, the tests showed the battery could not be re-charged.

    11) Auto-Lumina called me on 31-Jul-2017 and asked me to come around to claim my battery, and they said they have stock.

    12) I went to the service center on 1-Aug-2017 at 4.30pm to claim my battery which they said they had stock.

    13) The 1st new battery to replaced the one I had paid was too long and would not fit into the car compartment. So they changed for the second time to a shorter one that could fit. But it had a lower voltage and worse, they check with Sime KL and the answer was that shorter battery would not be claimable.

    14) So they changed again, to put back the battery I had paid for, and re-programmed the car. All of these took 1 and half hour of waiting which came to nothing.

    15) If I had left the car for 6 hours to get it recharged, and ended as above, it would be disastrous for me, because, the service center called me on 9th Aug 2017 that my new replacement battery had arrived. I agree to go to claim it this coming Saturday 12-Aug-2016.

    I am taking this trouble to list out the messy procedures Sime had on battery replacement issues. Lets admit, no car owners in Malaysia will want to run their car with a 2.5 years used battery, even if it can be charged. I am sure you your good self would not take this risk of your car dies on instant death anywhere.

    It would be a better idea to offer half price for a new battery during the 5 year warranty period. Car owners are aware that without a battery, they do not have a car!

    So, given the saga above, could you suggest to me what am I going to do with 2 new car batteries for one car? Can I sell it back to Sime? I spent RM514 for a battery which I do not need in the first place. What a drag.

    Thanks for reading this far, I know it is Hollywood stuff but not viewers, becos it is common saga in this part of the world!!

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  • Ts
      Oct 09, 2018

    @bobby chew Just go to the consumer court. They cannot send any lawyers and their managers will have to sit in the court to face your charges. Most of the time, the consumer will win.

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  • Ja
      Aug 10, 2017

    You both (JQQ2208 & JQP3744) have yourself to blame for buying a Ford in Malaysia. Next time, just stick to a Perodua or Proton would you?

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  • Fg
      Jan 10, 2018

    Im a Ford Kuga owner for the past 3 years. I do my services in Jalan Ros Merah Johor Bahru. My car battery finally died yesterday in Ulu Tiram and i called the service center for a replacement of battery, i was surprised they asked me to tow the car to them instead. They do not provide outside service. Its a middle range car and this is how they service their customers? Im truly disappointed.

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  • Cp
      Mar 18, 2018

    I do agree that Malaysia Ford customer service is the worst especially Bukit Indah Ford Service Centre in Johor!

    I was sending my car “Ecosport” for half-yearly regular servicing at Bukit Indah on 16th March 2018. I have informed the customer service officer that my car was having serious jerky issue and request them to perform a check on my car. Initially, they reply me the overall time spent is around 1 hour. But, I was waiting at the service center for about 2 hours!

    Finally, the customer service officer “Akmal” called me and I attended to the counter. When I just sit down, his phone ring and he just went off and left me alone there. I noticed that the rest of the 2 officers were free and their supervisor “Hafiz” just standing there and the other Malay lady was happily eating her snack and just ignored me. I was requested can anyone of them came and serve me as I have been waiting for 2 hours here and I need to attend for an important appointment later! Then the supervisor “Hafiz” came to me and he just point on the service report and ask me to sign on it without any explanation. I had requested him to explain to me regarding the jerky issue and his phone ring also. Great! Both Hafiz and Akmal just busy talking to their phone and left me alone again.

    It was annoying and I felt their service is really poor! After they finish their call and Akmal was leading me to my car and I had requested him to explain to me my car condition and return my service book. He just impatiently shouts at me the service book was inside my car and ask me to go and check for myself and then just left off. The worst thing is they do not even update my car service system! My car was prompting the message and ask me to change my engine oil as my car service is due! Now, I have to travel from Kulai to Bukit Indah just for the system update!
    It was annoying and this was really a bad experience! As a Ford loyal customer, I really cannot accept this kind of services provided by the Ford customer service officer!

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  • Vi
      Mar 18, 2018

    I owned a Ford Fiesta and recently I have problem with the rear door, it cannot be closed. Its seem the lock cannot grip. So I went to the service centre at Johor Jaya and this is what the receptionist told me. "This is a common problem with most Ford vehicles. They are going to change the whole set of the door knob and the charges is RM700++ with GST . 'is there any warranty as you have mentioned it is a common problem' - I asked. Oh because for the past 6 months you did not come back for the service so we have to charge you. This is a procedure by our insurance company. 'I did not come back is because you guys cannot solve the problem of the vibration which I told you last year and even complained to your company (Century Legion) but no one advised me to come back for the service'. Oh, that problem (the vibration) is also common in most Ford vehicles but as for your car, you still have warranty until next year, so you may bring back the car and let it stay overnight for us to monitor it. "

    What kind of service is this? They are like pulling your nose, everything is expensive and if you ever use outside service and go back to them later, they will ridicule you. Actually he keep asking me, did you service your car outside..

    Why I am complaining here is, how come they know the problems which exist in most FORD vehicles and did not raise it up to Ford? They should helped the consumers to claim from FORD as this is product defect instead we have to paid through our nose for this problem. During my visit to this service centre, there is another car owner approached me and told me that he also have the same problem. In a day and half hour apart, there are already two complaints, so I hope FORD HQ (Sime Darby) can do something about this. If too many consumers complained and with social media nowadays, you would lose more customers which you may not know WHY.

    Please clarify whether I can claim for the door problem. You may contact me through [protected]

    P/S - Other car owners, please do not reply to my comment of buying FORD, as I noticed Jamilah saying we have to blame ourselves. I had experienced with local assembled car, the problem is worst and this make me buying imported cars. This is merely our disappointment with the service centre.

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  • Di
      Jun 28, 2018


    I really need help from HQ, I'm from Malaysia with plate number WA9352P ford fiesta EcoBoost. I send for warranty and until now didn't get any feedback from FORD Malaysia. Very poor customer services. Please email me so I can explain in details. [protected]


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  • Fo
      Jul 10, 2018

    I will sue Ford later.. Just now wait and see their "game" with my car...Almost 2 weeks they passing my car here and there!!!

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  • Fo
      Aug 23, 2018

    Well, not surprise if another one (me) complain about Ford SDAC Malaysia here. Left hand side mirror sometimes auto fold working sometimes not. Sent in to Trio Mantap Cheras SC since two months ago and yet until now did not receive feedback from them. The day when I sent in they mentioned will order a spare part and when i asked roughly how long it would take and they said maybe one month or more. Two months should be enough even using ship courier. Car is good but after sales service deserve zero star. Sucks.

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  • In
      Sep 26, 2018

    Dear Sir,
    Person In Charge

    I bought a new Ford Ranger 2.2XLT 4WD from Malacca, Malaysia Branch Seong Hoe Motors sdn Bhd on dated 28.2.2018 as per owner certificate. After few months’ time there is a symbol of “SPANNER” at my dashboard screen.
    I went to Branch Seong Hoe Motors sdn Bhd your authorized dealer for FORD dealer for maintenance and services purposes and told them the problem and they also listen to my problem and taken some action by changing “6R80 Transmission Main Control” but still the problem has not been settled till today but other than there is no other problem in my ford ranger.
    I had also sent my Ranger to FORD HQ Malaysia at Shah Alam there a week, while I’m away for holiday at India. They told me that might be due to “Spark Plug” matter and that change it but no problem can be settled.
    I’m in a construction Industry and depend on my Ford Ranger to do my business travelling all around country. Every time the symbol show I need to stop the vehicle at highway to clear the symbol of “SPANNER” otherwise if not stop my ranger lack of power. It has “disturbed my mind and I’m so worried” about the vehicle that don’t know where and when it will stop itself.
    Dear Sir, please do something to settle this problem. You can check my regular service accordingly as per attachments and at detail information from their database report from Ford Malacca, Malaysia.
    As I know my knowledge this is your “FORD manufacturing faults” not my fault as a customer. Now my mileage is 94, 000km already. You can email me at [protected] or [protected] I can’t wait further so please do something Dear sir. Thanks.

    With Regards,
    M.Paneer Selvam

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