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Brooksville, FL, United States
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I want to Autonation Ford Brooksville I had a 2015 Hiondi with 11.000 miles I wanted to tired of a truck they informed me they couldn't I was to up side down so I was leaving the manager said wait show hem the Fusion I looked at it the check engine light was on don't worry its a pre-certification with a warranty thay talked me in than I started having problems started with not starting after falling the gas tank than the vibration with still have it took the service department 4 times to find the full problem the trunk has been changed out it pulls to the left I worked with the service department and Dealership I tired I tired get out of the Fusion So I am not happy with the car Dealership I am stupid for baying the Fusion I will not bay a Ford or go to a Ford Dealership again lm stuck with it I want to the Dealership on Friday February 3 thay did not even call to say could not help me

Feb 6, 2017

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