Ford Motor Company2017 f-150

Bought new 2 months ago. Had bad oil leak and they found oil pan wasn't sealed properly at factory. They replaced the oil pan and thought the issue was fixed. Been driving for two weeks now and continue to smell oil burning. I opened hood to find mechanic never placed oil dipstick back in. Have oil sprayed all over my brand new $45, 000 truck. Could not possibly be more upset with. Alitalia Ford of Raleigh.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Wake Forest, NCContacted the service dept and they said they would " clean " my engine. Not happy with that but was willing to try. They said they would call me two days ago to schedule appt and have yet to hear back. Been a loyal ford truck owner for 20 years and a small business owner in the Construction industry. This gets addressed by Ford immediately or I talk to news and every other contract I know across the country.

May 06, 2017

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