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Brooklyn, NY, United States
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I am leasing a 2015 Ford Escape Titanium and my car has 21000 miles on it. Couple of days ago the car stopped in the middle of the road and would not start back. It says starting system fault. When I contacted the ford customer care they could not help me to get my car started ( I was stuck in Manhattan ). I was told that I need to get a tow truck so I did from Roadside assistance. The tow truck arrived after 4 hours and took it to Bay Ridge Ford Service then I was told that I have to wait almost a month to get my car fixed. They cannot provide me with any loaner car. So I left my car there and then got a rental hoping that Ford will cover my rental payments ( Keep in mind that the car is under warranty and it's their fault that the car is broken). When contacted Ford I was told that they will not cover any of my rental payment and I still have to pay my lease payments as well. It's been a week that I'm paying for rental out of my pocket and lease as well and I will not have my car at least for another 3 weeks. The service is horrible they do not understand that if a new car with 21k mileage fails to run it is their fault and they should be responsible for this. Again even the people that I talked to from Ford were horrible could not be any help whatsoever. I live in United States and this is the first time that I am paying for a car lease and I don't have a car to drive...

Jun 20, 2017

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