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In March of 2014, I bought a brand new (left over) 2013 F150 with 4 wheel drive. About 2 or 3 months after I bought it, I noticed a very intermittent humming sound coming from the drive train. I brought it to Langway Ford in Auburn MA (where I bought it, now called Prime Ford) and they said they could not replicate the sound. It happened again and they said they fixed it as there was a recall on the master cylinder and that was causing the problem. It did not fix the problem so I went back again and, once again, they said they could not replicate the problem. I finally caught it one day where the noise was happening but they said they did not have a technician who could look at it right away. As the 3 year new car warranty was about to expire, I went back again and told them that I wanted to create a record of the problem as it had been happening since the truck was brand new. Langway Ford said that it was noted; then, a few months later, the dealership was changed to Prime Ford and they said they do not have Langway's records. I have since written two letters to Ford Customer service ibn Dearborn MI and they basically told me I was out of luck as the 3 year warranty was up. Frustrated, I went to my local repair shop (Fuller Automotive in Auburn MA) and they replaced 2 hubs in the 4 wheel drive mechanism at a cost to me of $815 and the problem has been resolved.
I wrote another letter to Ford and, once again, they told me I was out of luck as the warranty was up and the repair was not done by Ford. Every time I brought the truck back to Ford, they told me that there was nothing wrong as the noise was not happening at the time. It amazes me that a local repair shop could diagnose and fix the problem when Ford could not.
While I understand the 3 year, 36K mile warranty, this is part of the drive train and has been happening since the truck was new. Too bad says Ford, rules are rules. They sent me a letter (Case # CAS-[protected]-C6X6L9) saying that they could not reimburse me but they thanked me for giving them the opportunity to review the situation with me (nice of them huh?).
So, in closing, I would strongly suggest you look elsewhere (other than Ford) if you are going to buy a truck as Ford will not stand by their products. I do NOT do anything heavy with the truck (plowing, any heavy work, etc.) so the drive train should not have any issues; I understand that parts can fail but I would expect the company (in this case Ford) to stand by there products.
So, buyer beware!

Dec 08, 2018

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